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The song: Gogol Bordello, “60 Revolutions”
The episode: “Driving Miss Dalia” (110)
The hook: The band’s Gypsy punk stomper was a hilarious inclusion during an Eastern Promises-style steam room fight over — of all things — country club admission. After non-club member George was kicked out of the steam room, he relied on Noah for sponsorship. Noah’s subsequent slacking inspired George to launch an escalating campaign of retaliation, including but not limited to using Noah’s shampoo and his deodorant. George finally stormed into the steam room fully clothed and spat at Noah that his shampoo “robbed my hair of body and stripped it of shine.” Not to be insulted, Noah called George a “G-bag.” Cue the altercation, where the “60 Revolutions” in question were the men going ’round and ’round in the least manly fight ever while at least two other naked dudes looked on.
Watch it! George gets all steamed up at 12:15 on Suburgatory‘s Hulu.


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The song: Black Veil Brides, “The Legacy”
The episode: “Clean Sweep” (810)
The hook: Direct hit! The Hollywood glam metal bangers’ rip-roarer was a delightfully on-the-nose sonic slam underneath a mixed martial arts fight at the beginning of the episode. If you’re going to have to hear the thud of bodies and the crunch of bones take place in the brutal MMA ring, what better soundtrack that a song about “chrome and battle scars”?
Watch it! Fight night begins right at the top of the hour on CSI: NY‘s official site.


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The song: Gary Clark Jr., “When My Train Pulls In (Live)”
The episode: “Hell on Heels” (202)
The hook: The Staten Island “socialites” got off to a tray-throwing, blood-drawing start this season when Renee’s “Celebration of Life” party was quickly dominated by shrieks of “I’m gonna f***in’ kill you!” The day after the bust-up, rivals Karen, Drita, and Ramona were hungover from the brawling and liquor, singing a more understated tune. Producers set the uncharacteristically introspective montage to Clark’s acoustic piece: “Everyday nothing seems to change. Everywhere I go I keep seeing the same old thing, and I, I can’t take it no more. Oh, I would this town but I ain’t got no where else to go.” Staten Island is just that — and island — and these broads are stuck with each other.
Watch it! VH1 hasn’t posted the full episode of Mob Wives online yet, but you can listen to “When My Train Pulls In” on Gary Clark Jr.’s official site.


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The song: Wale, “Triumph”
The episode: “The Truth Pact” (502)
The hook: Baby mama drama! Hubbies and hopeful parents Derwin and Melanie picked right back up where they left off last season, grappling with the bombshell revelation that Melanie once had an abortion. Derwin was beginning to make peace with the lost baby (and the fact that it was his rival Trey’s, not his) as Bon Iver’s meandering “Lost in the Woods” played in the background of a birthday party. Melanie sent Derwin outside to fetch a present, he came face to face with Trey, and things took a dramatic turn. Derwin knocked a brother out. It was as surprising to us as to Trey. Cue Wale’s horn-hollerin’, drum-bangin’ bumper as the MC rhymed, “Ladies and gentleman, I ain’t tryna be politically correct. I won’t rest ’til I’m given my respect.” From Bon Iver to BAM! in the kisser. It was a powerful music set-up for the conflicts that will play out this season.
Watch it!
BET hasn’t posted The Game online yet, but you can hear “Triumph” on Wale’s YouTube.


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The song: Sonic Youth, “Kool Thing”
The episode: “Desperate Souls” (108)
The hook: Distortion was the name of the game on last week’s Once as Emma struggled with her own integrity amid a Storybrooke election that was complicated to say the least. After a conflict with the town’s authoritative mayor Regina Mills that cost Emma her sheriff’s badge, Emma appropriately turned to the garble and grunge of Sonic Youth’s 1990 breakout single. Sometimes a girl just needs to drown her sorrows in booze and noise rock.
Watch it!
Emma’s bender begins at 7:38 on Once‘s Hulu. You can find out what became of her badge by show’s end with Hillary Busis’s recap.

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