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The song: The Elected, “Time Is Coming”
The episode: “Tailgate” (713)
The hook: As new year forced Marshall and Lily to reconcile their pasts with their future together, the strum of “Time Is Coming” and its conciliatory lyrics (“Time is coming to heal our wounds… time is coming to get through”) was an appropriate backdrop. When Marshall’s graveside memorial for his father turned into a full-out tailgate party, Marshall was angry and frustrated. Only after a friend of the family mistakenly called Marshall his father’s name did Marshall realize he should embrace his father’s spirit and enjoy the celebration. Elsewhere, Marshall’s wife Lily saw her father reappear in her life unexpectedly to deliver her a teddy bear for her unborn baby and a congratulations that covered many events he’d missed throughout her life. Long-held wounds healed, Marshall and Lily were finally ready to prepare for parenthood in earnest.
Watch it! The amends-making starts at 19:21 on the show’s official site, and you can see what else happened with Barney, Robin, and Ted in Joseph Brannigan Lynch’s recap.


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The song: Snow Patrol, “New York”
The episode: “Suddenly” (810)
The hook: By all accounts, it’s was soul-crushing couple of days for Seattle Grace as Grey’s kicked off its spring episodes, so it’s fitting that the climactic song reminded us, “If our hearts are never broken, well there’s no joy in the mending.” After 39 hours on call, Meredith was fading as she waited for the pizza guy. When the doorbell rang, she opened it to find the surprise of her life — and a light at the end of the tunnel. Janet the adoption agent was giving Meredith and Derek back baby Zola for good. Who better to call on than perennial Grey’s favorites Snow Patrol, who proved once again flawless at evoking smiles through tears as Gary Lightbody sang, “There is no where else that I belong. Come on, come out, come here, come here.”
Watch it! Sob while smiling at 41:35 on Grey’s Hulu, then take it all in again with Tanner Stransky’s recap.


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The song:
Patty Griffin, “Forgiveness”
The episode:
“Friendly Fire” (1012)
The hook:
Sunday’s episode — about cancer-stricken tech developer Matthew Stone, who staged his own murder to expose a high-stakes weapons cover-up — was chockablock with twists and turns, but the final scenes were as clear as Griffin’s stunning voice. The song played over a video Stone had recorded shortly before his death, and Griffin’s piercing soprano provided an aural analog for the message of the video: Forgiveness. “We make choices every day,” Stone philosophized, “Some we’re conscious of, others we’re not. These choices, they affect others, not just ourselves, and not always in good ways.” Stone sought his own vindication for his part in the weapons conspiracy, but his words resonated with Wolfe as he looked back at Samantha, especially as Stone noted, “I know I’m not perfect… but then none of us are.” Meaningful glances were exchanged all around as Griffin soared, “Let’s take a walk on the bridge right over this mess… Everybody needs a little forgiveness.” Concluded Stone, “Your time is now.”
Watch it! Stone starts his sermon at 40:26 on the show’s official site.


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The song:
The Boxer Rebellion, “Caught By the Light”
The episode: “Pale Fire” (211)
The hook: A season full of conflict between Nikita and former protégé Alex finally moved toward resolution Jan. 6. Amid disheartening revelations about Alex’s parents (that her mother may never have loved her), the spy-in-training had to realize that sometimes family is the people who have your back, not the ones with whom you share DNA. The London-based indie outfit’s atmospheric tune played as Alex sought maternal comfort in Nikita. Singer Nathan Nicholson’s may have insisted plaintively that “Time leaves you alone, lone, lone, lone,” but, for now, Alex isn’t alone.
Watch it! Alex begins her path to reconcilation at 40:20 on Nikita‘s CW page.

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