TV Jukebox: 'Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23,' 'Magic City,' 'Girls,' and more music-on-TV moments


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GLEE (Fox)
The song: “Boogie Shoes,” originally by KC & The Sunshine Band
The episode: “Saturday Night Glee-ver” (316)
The hook: Though it’s hard to resist Darren Criss and Matt Bomer’s double dip of vocaliciousness on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” for sheer… well… glee, this week’s disco-stravaganza took the cake. All due respect to Vocal Adrenaline coach Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff), but there was no stopping transgender disco diva Unique (Glee Project contestant Alex Newell in his debut) as she belted out the 1975 dancer. A certain plotting McKinley staffer (ahem, Sue Sylvester) may have thought they were setting up Unique (né Wade Adams) for a fall, but she ended up shooting herself in the foot. Boy, girl, or a little bit of both — none of it mattered when Unique took the stage. “Boogie Shoes” blew the roof off at Regionals and was easily the best, most joyful performance of the night.
Watch it! No need to cool your heels until the “Glee-ver” uploads next Wednesday because the clip is available on Glee‘s official YouTube. See what other songs Erin Strecker had a (disco) ball listening to in her recap.


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The song: Kathleen Edwards, “A Soft Place To Land”
The episode: “Bachelorettes & Bullets” (116)
The hook: After George (Scott Porter) witnessed his fiancée Lemon (Jaime King) kissing town mayor Lavon (Cress Williams) last week, everything came to a head this Monday when Lemon confessed she’d had an affair. Edwards’ piano lullaby played over the heartbreaking scene as Lemon tried unsuccessfully to explain her reasons for cheating. Edwards sang, “Callin’ it quits, you think this is easy?” And it wasn’t. George left Lemon sobbing in the woods (where he was having a hunting-themed bachelor party) and “lookin’ for a soft place to land — the forest floor, the palms of your hands.”
Watch it! Things turn sour for Lemon at 33:15 on Dixie‘s official site.


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The song: The Fray, “Be Still”
The episode: “The Company” (720)
The hook: It’s been a strong season for Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore), and the April 11 episode reached a peak as Morgan had to come clean about lies he had told his family. Morgan, who told his sister that his cousin Cindi (Shanola Hampton) had died, ultimately rescued Cindi from an S&M slavery cartel. Despite the dishonesty, Morgan’s family forgave him and was at last reunited. In a long-awaited, soul-affirming moment, the words “If you forget the way to go and lose where you came from, if no one is standing beside you, be still and know I am” expressed how Morgan had been looking out for his cousin all along. Even after many wrong turns, the family was able to come together again — this time appreciating each other all the more for the time when they were apart.
Watch it! Morgan brings it home at 41:21 on Criminal Mindsofficial site.


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The song: Paddy Casey, “Everybody Wants”
The episode: “Ways To Be Wicked” (308)
The hook: “Everybody wants to feel needed sometimes.” It’s a simple sentiment that Cougar Town‘s Ellie (Christa Miller) struggled to accept in the face of her dysfunctional, bordering-on-abusive relationship with her critical mother (Susan Blakely). Dublin troubadour Casey’s lilting meditation was a soothing accompaniment as Ellie made peace with her flawed mother and realized family is more than blood. Her mom might always be distant, and dismissive but Ellie was needed — by her best friend Jules (Courtney Cox)… not to mention Big Carl. That wine won’t drink itself!
Watch it! The song kicks in at 17:46 on Cougar Town‘s Hulu, though Ellie sorts out her mommy issues closer to 19:02. Breia Brissey can fill you in on the rest of the gang’s comings and goings in her recap.

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