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Head Over Heart's 'No Sleep' video will creep you out -- exclusive

Tuscon, Arizona duo Head Over Heart claim that they aren’t “trying to make something weird or different for the sake of being weird or different,” but with the video for their new single “No Sleep” they’ve succeeded nonetheless. The clip’s contrasts the song’s New Wave-inspired electro sound and anxious energy with an even more retro look based around an archaic educational technology and a creepily voyeuristic theme.

Director Alex Italics says, “I was immediately struck by the beautiful nervous paranoia of the lyrics, which lent themselves very well to a trip to a psychoanalyst’s couch. To compliment the band’s unique modern take on vintage synth pop, I chose to resurrect and repurpose the long-forgotten educational filmstrip, an archaic blip in technological history that went the way of the dodo as soon as VCRs became economically feasible for public schools in the 1980s.” The end result should leave you intriguingly unsettled.


Grunge-poppers Dirty Dishes get dreamy on 'Guilty' -- exclusive

On their new album Guilty, L.A.-via-Boston duo Dirty Dishes revive a very specific ’90s alt-rock sound by blasting bubblegum hooks headfirst into a mountain of speaker-shredding fuzz. It would be easy to compare the results to Veruca Salt, but really what they’re doing is locating the overlap between the densely sludgy sound of first-wave Seattle grunge and the more  British shoegazers who were conducting similar experiments in radical guitar distortion at around the same time. The balance between heaviness and dreaminess comes through clearly in the churning psychedelic sonics of the title track.

Guilty is out Jan. 27 on vinyl and digital through the Exploding In Sound label as well as a cassette edition on Seagreen Records.


In Tall Buildings shares the delicately funky new single 'Unmistakable' -- exclusive

Driver, the second album by Chicago’s In Tall Buildings, sustains such a steady mood—a hushed intimacy touched with the subtlest edge of melancholy—that it can be easy overlook the ambitious stylistic hopscotch happening behind it. Erik Hall, a home recording enthusiast and the project’s sole member, is best known for playing with Afrofunk revivalists NOMO and the dream-pop outfit Wild Belle, and you can hear the influence of both in his own work alongside psych-folk, contemporary synthesizer music, Peter Gabriel’s ’80s electronic pop experiments, and more.

The second single from the album, “Unmistakable,” manages to incorporate all of the above, producing a delicately funky amalgam that sounds a little like Elliott Smith’s Either/Or filtered through Gabriel’s So. Driver will be released Feb. 17 on Western Vinyl.


Get into a reverb-drenched groove with Twin Wave's 'Feel You' -- exclusive

The easygoing, hypnotic groove of Twin Wave’s new single “Feel You” comes on gently, lulling a listener into such a blissed-out state that you might not realize at first how much it has going on. But there’s actually a lot happening behind its mellow vibe. READ FULL STORY

MisterWives' 'Our Own House' is epic, emotional disco-pop -- exclusive

Depending on your perspective, New York’s MisterWives is either an indie band with the sonic sensibilities of a top-tier pop act or a radio-ready pop group with a more bohemian bent than the average Top 40 aspirant. Either way, they’ve racked up over 27 million spins on Spotify over their short career, and so far without the benefit of a breakthrough hit. But the band is likely to have one with its upcoming debut LP Our Own House, out Feb. 24 on Photo Finish/Republic Records—and its title track, which pairs a thumping disco beat with a soaring, emotional melody from lead singer Mandy Lee that combines the best parts of Lorde and The Gossip.

“We built our own house,” the group writes in an email, “from building a musical family filled with the people who care as much about music as we do, to writing the music ourselves, to recording our vision from the ground up, and sharing the most incredible memories along the way. We have given you all we got and we hope you like it, relate to it, dance to it, cry to it. Thank you for being a part of our family.”


Hear the raw new EP from Chicago's Meat Wave

Like all the best rock bands, Chicago’s Meat Wave—no, not that Chicago meatwave—sounds destined for hazy nights spent drinking cheap beer. The lo-fi garage group shares some DNA with current no-frills acts like Japandroids and Cloud Nothings, but singer Chris Sutter’s distinctive sneer sets it apart. Together with the Windy City trio’s power chord squall, Sutter’s voice recalls vintage alt singers like Perry Farrell and Black Francis. It’s completely badass.

Next week, Meat Wave releases its Brother EP, the follow-up to its 2012 self-titled debut. At a breezy 17 minutes, the seven-track EP flies by—but it bites harder than a polar vortex gust tearing down Michigan Avenue. Meat Wave describes Brother as an “odds and ends collection” featuring old leftovers and newly penned tracks. It bodes well for their next full-length, which the band expects out later this year. READ FULL STORY

Pat Lok and Desiree Dawson give soulful house a pop spin on 'All in My Head' -- exclusive

Producer Pat Lok discovered vocalist Desiree Dawson while she was busking on the streets of Vancouver, but the humble origins of their collaboration are nowhere to be seen on their new single “All in My Head.” Instead, the combination of Lok’s glossy beat and Dawson’s club-diva vocals can inspire flashbacks to the early ’90s, when soulful house and club culture in general were synonymous with high-end couture runway shows.

UK label Love & Other will release “All in My Head” on Feb. 9 with remixes by Australian band Gold Fields, L&O signees Howson’s Groove, and fellow Canadian producer Cyclists and SYRE.

Put your hands in the air for this stream of Vassy's 'We Are Young' LP

Australian singer Vassy has established herself as a star in the EDM world as the voice of two finely tuned club smashes, Crazibiza and Dave Audé’s “Hustlin'” and David Guetta and Showtek’s “Bad.” Now she’s got crossover pop success in her sights with her new album, We Are Young, which comes out tomorrow. READ FULL STORY

Chris Farren wishes you a slacker-pop Christmas with 'Like a Gift From God or Whatever' -- exclusive

Chris Farren, front man for Fake Problems and Antarctigo Vespucci, likes to refer to himself as a “punk celebrity,” but on the title track from his new collection of Christmas originals, Like a Gift from God or Whatever, he channels more of a chill-bro slacker pop vibe, with an assist from Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs. For the endearingly goofy video, director Kevin Slack uses well-out-of-date VHS technology whose grainy, glitchy texture should bring back memories of childhood Christmases for anyone who grew up in the pre-digital age.

A portion of the profits from the album’s sales will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Tricky collaborator Francesca Belmonte steps out on her own in 'Stole' video -- exclusive

Trip-hop pioneer Tricky’s best known for his kinky beats and raspy croak of a voice, but he’s also got a pretty serious reputation for scouting talent, especially when it comes to recruiting female singers. For his past two albums he’s made use of London singer Francesca Belmonte, who’s got a voice that’s both ethereal and earthy, with a surfeit of the eroticism that Tricky requires from a vocal partner.

Belmonte’s stepping out with her debut solo album on Tricky’s False Idols label sometime next year, and if the advance single “Stole” is any indication, it’s worth looking out for. It’s an intriguingly glitchy contemporary update of the slow-burning trip-hop sound that Tricky’s made his trademark, and now it has a video that plays up Belmonte’s sonic resemblance to the dance-music-loving soul divas of the ’80s and ’90s with moody lighting, a range of fashionable costume choices, and a camera that can’t seem to take its eye off her.


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