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ABBA, the Stooges, Genesis join Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010

Mamma Mia! Can you feel the Raw Power, Fernando? Or is it just an Invisible Touch?

The Phil Collins-fronted prog-to-pop rockers Genesis, Swedish superstars ABBA, and Iggy Pop’s lust-for-lifers the Stooges lead the pack in this upcoming year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Reggae great Jimmy Cliff and ’60s Brit-rock pioneers the Hollies will also be honored.

Each band (including the seven-times-rejected Stooges) is scheduled to perform at the ceremony, which takes place March 15, 2010 in New York City and will air live on Fuse; ABBA, however, have not appeared live together since late 1982, and have famously turned down all previous reunion enticements (including a now-legendary offer of $1 billion in 2000).

The group’s Benny Andersson says the odds are “99 to 1″ they’ll be there. “It’s very tricky because Agnetha [Fältskog] is not flying,” he told Rolling Stone. “The people who are really fond of ABBA for what we did, I think we are doing them a favor by not going out.”

Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks, says he’s working on getting the long-departed Peter Gabriel to participate in the show, though it’s not guaranteed: “Peter is a bit elusive, but I’ll probably talk to him soon and see if he has any concept of what he wants to do. I don’t feel a great need to play. I’m happy just to drink.”

What do you think of this year’s winners, readers, and the likelihood/promise of their reunion performances? And what about the the ones who failed to make the cut—among them, Kiss, LL Cool J, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Donna Summer?

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mtvU Woodie Awards: College students vote their favorite artists (Kings of Leon! Matt and Kim!) of 2009

The 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards penetrate dorm-room televisions this Friday night. Now, mtvU is a campus-only cable network, so this awards show is targeted to those seeking higher education: i.e., it is something kids watch before leaving their rooms, finding a party and making some questionable decisions.

So if you wanna know what your missing,  here it is: Woodies are golden logs given to musicians based upon student votes from across the country. According to MTV, the Woodies give us the pulse of the trend-setting campus crowd. Some of the featured artists at the ’09 Woodies are indeed of the up-and-coming variety—Passion Pit, Never Shout Never—and some were alt-music standbys present, like Death Cab for Cutie, Jack White and Clipse. But there was one thing I know for certain: You should question the indie cred of any show that provides two separate bottles of hair product on every sink in the bathroom.

All questions of “alternative-ness” aside, however, the performances were top notch. The show’s fantastic kickoff featured moving cameras following the Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim as they biked through the heart of Manhattan (in real time) and into the Roseland Ballroom, where they hopped off their bikes and jumped right into singing their college-radio hit “Lessons Learned” as audiences cheered along.

You might remember that song from its infamous music video—the indie twosome walk through Times Square shedding layers of clothing until they are completely nekkid in front of droves of gawking tourists. But in case you forgot:


Whitney Houston's Grammy shut-out: Was she robbed?

Of many unexpected admissions and omissions in last night’s Grammy nominee announcement, few are as surprising as the total absence of Whitney Houston on the ballot. Granted, her August release I Look to You was not her finest hour, and it yielded few commercial singles; her often uneven performances to promote it didn’t help.

But she’s also the stuff these shows are made of (26-time Grammy nominee, seven-time winner); her label even moved the release of her album up a day to make sure it was eligible, and Look‘s redemption tales seemed calibrated to hit Academy voters right in the solar plexus—and the voting-finger.  And yet, not a single nod for the chest-thumping title track or slinky “Million Dollar Bill,” penned by Grammy darling Alicia Keys. So is it the notes Houston hit (or didn’t) that kept her out?

Clearly, what was once one of the greatest natural instruments in pop music is not what it was. But no one ever said that Bob Dylan or Tom Waits sounded like a flock of baby songbirds at sunrise, and artists like Billie Holiday made transcendant art of the quirks and crags inherent in their traditionally “imperfect” voices.

Maybe if Houston had chosen material more like Dylan’s or Holiday’s—something deliberately rougher and more intimate, less reliant on modern R&B polish—Grammy voters would be throwing her a ticker-tape parade today. Or maybe Look‘s material just wasn’t good to stand amongst nominees in the R&B fields like Beyonce, Maxwell, or India.Arie (and Pleasure P, Jamie Foxx, Melanie Fiona, Trey Songz…) Give us your theories below.

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Grammy noms for Best Album: Will the ladies take it?

The Dave Matthews Band can raise a glass of Big Whiskey to their Groo Grux honor, and the Black Eyed Peas do have members who are not Fergie (, dude with weird hair, other dude with weird hair). But the real battle for Album of the Year is clearly between three powerhouse female nominees: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce (watch the Grammys live on CBS on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010 at 8 p.m. ET/PT).

If this were a numbers game, Beyonce would take it—she’s got 10 nominations total to Taylor’s eight and Gaga’s five. It’s also, arguably, the pinnacle achievement of her recording career. But (Imma not even finish this tired-ass meme) we’ve all seen how a certain country-pop kewpie managed to grab Beowulf’s seemingly sure thing once before; voters and consumers alike seem hypnotized by Taylor’s ringleted everygirl charms.

And Gaga? She sort of owned the pop-culture conversation in 2009; her currency here shouldn’t be underestimated, though her strenuously outre style may turn off the Academy’s notoriously stodgy voters (remember these?). What’s also interesting is who’s not on the list: Green Day and U2 (who took the prize in 2006) got multiple noms in Rock categories, but were shut out of the top honor. (Bono: you’re fiRED!)

And there are also no showings for the sort of indie powerhouse—Radiohead last year, Gnarls Barkley in 2007, the White Stripes in 2004—that gives the race at least a little frisson of cool. Then again, no grey-ponytail party either (Plant & Krauss last year, Herbie Hancock the one before that); typical geezer catnip like the Clapton/Winwood live CD will have to settle for its Rock nods.

What do you think, readers—any horrible injustices here, or is it all just about right? And out of the final five, whose ballot box would you be checking? No bluffin’ with your muffin allowed.

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Grammy Nominations Special: The Best and Worst Performances

There was a time when the Grammy nominations were announced at an untelevised, clothes optional ceremony conducted by the side of Frank Sinatra’s pool. Actually, that’s almost certainly not true. But there’s no doubt the nominations announcement has become a bigger and bigger deal. Earlier this evening, the countdown to the Grammy Awards—which can be seen live on CBS on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010 at 8 p.m. ET/PT—began with a TV special featuring performances by host LL Cool J, Nick Jonas, the Black Eyed Peas, Sugarland, and Maxwell. But who deserved a trophy for their efforts? And who required considerable effort just to keep watching?


Good heavens, Jennifer Nettles has got a big voice—every glorious, country-bluesy inch of which was on display during the band’s rendition of “Coming Home.” One quibble? It was probably a mistake to have the backing choir wander on halfway through. I can’t have been the only one who initially assumed they were lost guests who had taken a wrong turn on the way back from the restrooms.

The resurgent R&B star paid tribute to Michael Jackson by performing the Thriller ballad “The Lady in My Life.” Though his voice wavered at times, I wouldn’t overly disagree with presenter Smokey Robinson’s later declaration that he did a “good job.” (Frankly, who am I to disagree with Smokey Robinson about anything?) And the performance did seem a fitting tip of the hat to the late Grammy favorite. The trailer I saw during an ad break for the forthcoming Jackson brothers reality TV show? Not so much.

Nick Jonas and the Administration
It seems like only yesterday that young Nick Jonas was hanging out with his brothers. But actually, it was today! Kevin and Joe were on hand to introduce their bro, who performed “Who I Am” with competence, confidence, and the look of someone suffering from extreme constipation. That’s right: John Mayer should be worried.


Grammy nominations: We're shocked! Six huge surprises

It happens nearly every year: The Recording Academy voters, for reasons known only to themselves, give a Grammy nod to an album or song so random, no one could possibly have expected it — or neglect to include something so well-regarded, everybody expected it. Here are the six most surprising things about this year’s Grammy nominations. (And to be clear, we’re not saying any of these are bad things necessarily. Just things we wouldn’t have predicted.)

1. Dave Matthews Band, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King (Album of the Year): It’s a solid album and all, but it hasn’t made close to the cultural dent left by the other nominees in this category (Beyoncé, the Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga). And we would have thought U2’s No Line on the Horizon or Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown would have been a surer bet for the “consensus rock album” spot here.

2. No Kanye: Well, not quite none. Kanye West and Young Jeezy’s “Amazing” was nominated for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, and West got five more nods for work he did on others’ records. But his own album 808s & Heartbreak came out well within the eligibility window, and it didn’t get so much as mentioned in any of the album categories — quite a contrast with the copious Grammys love each of his three previous albums received. Could VMAs backlash have hurt him with the Recording Academy?


Rihanna's AMAs comeback performance: How did she do?

The latest stop on Rihanna’s publicity tour just took her to the American Music Awards stage. She began her performance strapped to an uncomfortable-looking gurney in front of a pile of staticky TVs, going on to perform a medley of “Wait Your Turn” and “Hard,” both from her new album, Rated R (out tomorrow).

Was it the kind of outstanding performance that will have viewers buzzing at the water cooler tomorrow morning? Not quite, I’d say. Rihanna was in decent vocal shape, but those two songs just aren’t necessarily the strongest selections from Rated R, for one thing. Still, awards show performances are all about spectacle, and she had the eye-catching factor nailed — from the aforementioned gurney set, to the “RATED R” tattoo-like writing on her chest, to the fake-gun-toting backup dancers. Overall it felt like another well-played step in her promotional plan, if not a resounding triumph.

Or do you disagree? What did you think of Rihanna’s performance? The comments section awaits below.

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Lady Gaga brings a can't-miss performance to the American Music Awards. (We saw rehearsal.)

This is not a picture of Lady Gaga rehearsing for the American Music Awards. Her rehearsal was closed to the public, and was allowed to remain and report on the proceedings only after much pleading and cajoling, and also some hiding. But at this point — after the Where-The-Wild-Flaming-Boob-Things-Are headtrip of her “Bad Romance” video — do you really need photographic evidence of the Lady’s abilities to know you should probably tune in? Ever since she first whacked us over the head with a disco stick, it seems even the most pop-averse among us are unable to resist her weirdo charms. At least she’s never boring. (And for the record? If even I think she deserves that Best New Artist Grammy, she probably deserves it. I’m cynical about everything.)

Gaga’s AMA performance appears to be her most far-reaching live effort yet, as though she took a look at that bizarre gyroscope dress-to-piano transition she rather botched on Saturday Night Live and said, “Yeah, but what if we made it even harder for me to get to the keyboard?” READ FULL STORY

Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood, Janet Jackson, Keith Urban and more rock Friday's AMA rehearsals

After Thursday’s Glambert explosion on the American Music Awards rehearsal stage — you can read my interviews with the Idol star here — Friday’s run-throughs were going to have a lot of catching up to do. Turned out to be just your average day of superstars showing up to soundcheck their massive hits: Carrie Underwood kicked off the morning with a hot-pants-free, chair-intensive take on “Cowboy Casanova,” followed by Janet Jackson in a closed rehearsal that observers called pretty damn awesome — look for Ms. If-You’re-Nasty to open the show with one new song and a medley of old favorites. (When I asked if “Miss You Much” would be included in said medley, reps for the show didn’t say yes… but they didn’t say no. OMG OMG OMG.)


American Music Awards: We live-blogged it!

Editor’s note: What a night! The live blog has ended, but you can relive every spiky shoulderpadded moment of this year’s AMAs by clicking PLAY in the widget below (careful, West Coasters, spoilers abound!). Want more AMA coverage? Check back in a few hours to see photo galleries of the night’s best and worst performances and red carpet fashions.

One doesn’t so much watch the American Music Awards to see who wins. Instead, we watch to drown our sorrows in the vast spectacle of everything that’s hot in popular music coming together on one giant light-up stage, reminding us that life is in fact worth living, so long as we are moving our hips like yeah. (Our thoughts are with you and your touring family, Miley. xoxo)

Janet Jackson will be opening the show and, most likely, picking up several of her late brother’s awards over the course of the night (he’s up for five Stabby Trophies of Death™). Adam Lambert, who many people seem to enjoy, will be closing things out (for your entertainment). And we’re here for the duration, blogging on it all live, in conjunction with our pals at

Your live blog hosts: Michele Romero and Chad Schlegel of EW and Melissa Liebling-Goldberg of are riffing on the telecast, and they’ll be joined by Whitney Pastorek of EW from backstage at the Nokia Theater in L.A. It’s so on; let’s go!

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