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Eminem, Arcade Fire, Lil Wayne, The Black Keys and more confirmed to rock Bonnaroo's 2011 festival

Nashville, Tennessee is the country capital  as far as music’s concerned. But this June some of hip-hop’s elite, as well as talents from other genres, will bring their skills just south to a 700 acre farm in Manchester. The Bonnaroo festival, celebrating its tenth birthday, announced its lineup today. Though they didn’t reveal the entire slate, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Mumford & Sons, and Neil Young all are confirmed acts.


Bonnaroo '10 Sunday: What the sun heats up, the Dave Matthews Band cools down

dave-matthewsImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek for EW.comIt was hot at Bonnaroo yesterday. (How hot was it?) It was so hot, I could have poached an organic free-range egg in my Nalgene bottle. It was so hot, the mice crawled out of Jamey Johnson’s beard, hoping to catch a breeze. It was so hot, They Might Be Giants only got halfway through “Particle Man” before he evaporated. I’ve got a million of ‘em, folks. Try the veal.

It was so very hot, in fact, that your brave festival correspondent, namely me, decided to forgo the photo pits — always a good 30 degrees or so worse than the temperature outside — and just see as much music as I could. At a music festival! It was a crazy decision, and one that paid off. Between 2 and 8 p.m., I saw a grand total of 14 bands, and time-coded my notes as I went to give you a minute-by-minute recap of my travels leading up to the Dave Matthews Band and their big closing set on the mainstage. Oh, how I was looking forward to “Ants Marching”! All day, as I walked under the oppressive sun, that was my thought: Just a few more hours, and you get to hear “Ants Marching”! Keep going! You can do it! Almost there!

After the jump: Jamey Johnson, Regina Spektor, Against Me(!), Fogerty, Ween, They Might Be Giants, Miranda Lambert, Phoenix, and yet another lesson in why the secret to life is low expectations…


Bonnaroo '10 Saturday: Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z bring in the noise and also the funk

jay-zImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek for EW.comBonnaroo is frequently a land where time has no meaning, where an hour can pass in a blink or an eternity depending on what you’re listening to and the quality of your footwear. While Friday’s 14-hour marathon was an experience I’d not trade — until you’ve watched an entire Kings of Leon set while standing in mud so thick you have to move your rain boots every couple of songs to be sure they don’t get stuck, I believe you have not yet lived — it’s possible that my compact, musically-mindblowing Saturday is the day of this year’s ‘Roo I’ll remember most.

Though I only saw six artists, there were moments in each set that lifted me out of my post-apocalyptic surroundings, transporting me on a cloud of endorphins to a happy place where puppies and kittens roamed, and beer was non-caloric and free. The blisters on my feet stopped screaming. The pain in my back subsided. The worker bee who lives in my head and is constantly telling me to keep moving keep working you’re not doing enough they’re gonna yell at you was silenced, and I was able to enjoy every one of the six acts as a straight-up fan of music who felt very lucky to be standing in her rain boots in that Tennessee field in that humid moment.

After the jump: The soaring emotion of Mumford & Sons; the thunder of the Dead Weather; the songwriting royalty of John Prine; the spazzy joy of Weezer; the uplifting mastery of Stevie Wonder. And then there was the massive mainstream hip-hop headliner who not only started on time — we here at Bonnaroo are skittish about such things, *cough*Kanye*cough* — but proceeded to absolutely rap our faces off. I understand self-aggrandizement is par for the course in his genre, but as far as I’m concerned, Jay-Z is welcome to refer to himself as “the best rapper alive” as often as he’d like from now on. Jigga what? Jigga yes. HIT ME!


Bonnaroo ’10 Friday: Kings of Leon come home

kings-of-leon-1Image Credit: Whitney Pastorek for EW.comIt was 6 a.m. when my head finally hit the pillow this morning, after an epic day in the Bonnaroo fields that started with a standup comedian in exile, peaked with the Tennessee homecoming of a suddenly-giant rock band, and ended with a New York City dance act in mourning. After fourteen straight hours of music, my ears were ringing, my blisters were burning, and my back had taken a brief sabbatical from operating in a fully upright and locked position. It was difficult to remember which foot to place forward first. I may or may not have briefly wept sometime around 3:45 a.m. It’s hard to remember that long ago.

But there’s no rest for the weary at America’s most endurance-based music festival. Bonnaroo demands, and almost always deserves, a herculean effort. To stand inside those walls, surrounded by light and sound and flesh, is to experience a peculiar pull to cover every inch of its currently-muddy soil and consume whatever it cares to offer. I promise I will not write this whole blog post like some sort of epic poem, but seriously, Mixers, yesterday was long.

After the jump, we begin with a little Conan O’Brien, then party with the Gossip, harmonize with Dr. Dog, meet cute with She & Him, raise a glass to the National, raise a sausage to Tenacious D, meditate with Tori Amos, sit at the feet of Steve Martin while he plays the banjo, check out new songs from Kings of Leon, almost get killed in the Flaming Lips photo pit, bliss out to the Black Keys, and finally, finally put the night to rest alongside LCD Soundsystem. Won’t you come along? READ FULL STORY

Bonnaroo ’10 Thursday: The xx are a glum, glum band

the-xxImage Credit: Whitney Pastorek for“BONNAROOOOOOOO!”

It was about 11 p.m. on Thursday night when I had my first run-in with a random screamer, a pretty blond coed in a hippie headband who got right in my face while I was taking notes on the white-boy soul of Mayer Hawthorne and the County, because I suppose I looked insufficiently engaged in my surroundings. But trust me, Mixers, from the galoshes on my feet to the humidity-matted hair on my head, I knew exactly which field was playing host to me and thousands of others this weekend. It is Bonnaroo. It is tie-dyed. And it is unmistakable.

Thursday is always a bit of a warmup day, as campers sit in traffic on the highway for hours and newbies try to get their bearings. The festival organizers did a nice job programming the half-day with bands you don’t necessarily have to know to enjoy: Here We Go Magic, Local Natives, Miike Snow, Neon Indian, The Temper Trap, and the aforementioned xx (note: “glum” [pictured] is not necessarily a bad thing) all have devoted followings, but they also work extremely well as ambient noise. Follow me after the jump for those acts and more on Day One of Tennessee’s Extreme Festival Experience. READ FULL STORY

Bonnaroo 2010 lineup finalized: Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, and Stevie Wonder to headline

Attention, Mixers! The lineup for Bonnaroo 2010 was disseminated in an agonizingly slow process over at the Tennessee festival’s MySpace page all day today. (Every six minutes, an animated cuckoo clock went off, and another artist was spit out into a floating cloud.) That lineup is now final, and can be seen, along with my increasingly nutso updates, after the jump.

Who’s going? Who’s excited? And which of your dream acts got left off the list?


Bonnaroo '09 Sunday: Springsteen goes Phishing

It’s about 8 p.m. on Sunday night, and I am waiting to shoot Phish again, taking this opportunity to start my final Bonnaroo post (unless I get ambitious and do a wrap-up later). Your festival correspondent is very tired, and if given the choice would prefer not to stay up all night, what with real life resuming tomorrow. For the thousands of filthy, sunburned, exhausted people about to leave the Oz of these gates, I suspect the culture shock is not gonna be fun.

Thanks to Band of Horses, though, we’ve come down a bit. Like methadone to the Bonnaroo heroin, their set at sunset tonight was the perfect way to take the edge off, with unassuming yet highly motivated tunes ringing across the fading field. After the jump, not all that many pictures or words from a day that included Andrew Bird, Okkervil River, Merle Haggard, and more Phish. It does not include much of anything about “Hip-Hop Time” All-Stars Erykah Badu and Snoop Dogg, both of whom lollygagged in getting to the mainstage, throwing a wrench into my carefully calculated scheduling plans. And as we learned last year with Kanye, “Festival Time” and “Hip-Hop Time” are not good friends.

UPDATE, 11:30 PM: When you get to the end of this post, you will learn that Springsteen sat in with Phish on three songs this evening. I encourage you to read on!



Bonnaroo '09 Saturday: Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!

Unfortunate announcement for all bands who played Bonnaroo on June 13, 2009: No matter how good you think you were yesterday, Bruce Springsteen was better. It’s just a fact. Bon Iver, your songs gave me the chills; Springsteen was better. Elvis Costello, I’d walk to the ends of the earth to hear your voice; Springsteen was better. Trent Reznor, I know last night was your final show in the U.S. as Nine Inch Nails; Springsteen was… well, okay, Trent Reznor. I’m gonna put you in your own category, “Legends Who Are Going Out Of Business Maybe,” and call it even. But there is a very good chance that Springsteen was still better.

After the jump, a day that saw lots of band-hopping (Bon Iver and Elvis Perkins! Jenny Lewis and Elvis Costello! NIN and Dillinger Escape Plan!), Pete Townshend-style guitar windmills (from Elvis and Bruce), and intense singalongs, none bigger than when a certain Jersey devil decided to celebrate Christmas in June. Come along, won’t you? I’ve got a spare pair of hemp-rope sandals you can borrow and everything!


Bonnaroo '09 Friday: Al Green would like to give you a rose. (Oh, and also: Phish!)

“There is no tape. There is no iPod. This is live music, y’all,” said Ad-Rock after an instrument breakdown caused the Beastie Boys’ climactic rendition of “Sabotage” to come crashing down on night two of Bonnaroo, and it’s an apt enough phrase to describe a day that showcased the best of all possible sonic worlds. Slogging through the mud bogs of Manchester — where the rain held off yesterday, though just barely — I marveled at the diversity on display. There were avant-garde horn solos, there was modern dance, there were hip-hop legends preserved in amber. There was Al Green (pictured), whose church service in the dinner hour left no doubt about the good reverend’s God-certified mission to entertain. And there was the return of Phish, who emerged to a grateful roar from the crowd and took full advantage of their home field advantage, while still leaving something in the tank for Sunday night’s festival-closing set.

After the jump, pictures and words about St. Vincent, Grace Potter, Galactic, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Al Green, TV on the Radio, Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Phish, and — Flay-vor Flaaaaav! — Public Enemy.


Bonnaroo '09 Thursday: Janelle Monae and dance rock in the rain

Remember that one time when I thought because I bought rain boots today it wasn’t going to rain at Bonnaroo? Yeah. Good times. It rained at Bonnaroo today, Mixers, and then it absolutely let loose for about ten minutes in the 10 o’clock hour, nearly drowning out poor The Low Anthem. They were minding their own business, shambolically folking about in That Tent with their harmonicas and their zithers… and then they were straining to be heard over the gallons of water drumming on the roof. Worse, I don’t think today’s rain is anything compared to what the festival gods have in store for us this weekend. I think that was just a tease for the big show. I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

But if weather can serve as a metaphor — and by god, I think it can! — Thursday at the ‘Roo was really just a tease for the deluge to come. Mud aside, the scene is the same as it’s been my last two years in these Tennessee hills, and thanks to the absence of the Delta Spirit (scratched due to travel disaster), I got the chance to do some early meandering, greeting the ferris wheel and the Silent Disco and the 47 batik-print sundress stands and the giant fountain like old friends. A companion commented on the kids in attendance, and how fresh-faced they all seemed compared to the kids he’s used to seeing at European rock festivals; I reminded him this was day one, and we’ve quite a long way to go. Fresh-faced on day one can just as easily mean passed-out-under-a-recyling-bin by day three. And if it keeps raining, anyone who passes out is probably going to need a snorkel.

After the jump: Pictures and words about Hockey, Portugal. The Man, The Knux, The Low Anthem, Passion Pit, Zac Brown Band, and Thursday’s all-star, Janelle Monae (above)…


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