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What did we leave off our list of Best Songs by 'American Idol' graduates?

This just in from the Department of American Idol Blasphemy: Earlier today, I posted a gallery of 28 of the best songs ever recorded by the show’s alumni, and my omission of not just one, but two Idol champs, as well as three Idol runners-up, resulted in the launching of many strongly worded emails and Tweets in my general direction. “You included LaKisha Jones but not **a*a *e*a***?” “How could you leave off *a*ha**ne ***hee?” “Where the heck is **be* S****a**?”  some of you demanded to know. And, to my shock, I even managed to offend myself by overlooking season 8’s tragically early evictee Deanna Brown and her bluesy little number “Sometime Ago,” from her recent indie release Traveler. (I’ve tried to make amends by embedding it below.) But hey, that’s how it goes when it comes to the graduates of American Idol U: There are former contestants out there making a whole lotta music, and when a definitive list of some sort or other gets compiled, there are gonna be inadvertent (and, yes, overt) omissions. Click here to check out our randomly ordered playlist, then head on down to the comments section below to tell us which songs and artists you think should’ve made the cut. (Yelling at your humble listmaker is both allowed and encouraged, as long as you follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak!)

Elliott Yamin's 'Fight For Love' video: Don't try to hide your mullet, man. We can still see it.

Ah, mullets. That mystical hair-style that dare not speak its name. Kanye West had been sporting an angry-looking one in recent months, and it is with great sadness, dear readers, that I am writing to inform you of the music world’s latest victim: Elliott Yamin. In his just-released "Fight For Love" video — off his album of the same name that’s due May 5 — the American Idol castoff has a hot mess on top of his head, and it is all kinds of unfortunate. Watch the video below and you’ll notice we never even get a decent look at it, almost like the video’s director purposely tried to spare us. A mullet mercy kill, if you will. The worst part is it’s not even a full mullet. It’s obviously quite kempt and styled. If you’re gonna rock the mullet, go all the way. Like Rod Stewart, or Joe Dirt. Yamin’s looks too A.C. Slater-ish.

Anyway, I’d be remiss not to mention the song, which is actually pretty good. Yamin’s a great singer, and the innocuous "Fight For Love" has a catchy-enough chorus. But. That. Hair. It bothers me. You too, Mixers? Who are some people you think can actually pull off a mullet? Do people like that even exist?

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