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Sir Elton John on Madonna: 'She looks like a f-king fairground stripper'

As sure as water is wet and as sure as there will always be an England, Elton John will always hate Madonna.

The two stars’ longtime feud was revived last night when John appeared in an interview with Australia’s Channel 7, where he proceeded to lob a bevy of nasty insults at his rival.

“She’s such a nightmare” John said of Madge. “Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger c—.”

But you better believe Sir Elton wasn’t done there: “And she looks like a f—ing fairground stripper.” Hey-O! Music Mix has never been to a fairground that had strippers, but we’ll go ahead and assume that that was an insult.

If you’re wondering why John’s letting loose on Madonna, he did drop a big hint: “She’s been so horrible to Gaga,” he said, referring of course to Lady Gaga — his son Zachary’s godmother.


Elton John says he 'wasted' too much of his life on drugs

Not only did Elton John’s new book Love Is the Cure: On Life, Loss and the End of AIDS hit shelves today, but the Sir himself also hit the Today show this morning.

In the first half of his two-part interview with Matt Lauer (the other portion will air on tomorrow’s program), the 65-year-old musician admitted that he’s made a number of regrettable decisions in his time, many of which took place during the AIDS epidemic.

“I wasted such a big part of my life, when this epidemic was beginning to happen in the early 1980s and I was a drug addict and self-absorbed,” John told Lauer from his home. “You know, I was having people die right, left, and center around me — friends. And yet I didn’t stop the life that I had, which is the terrible thing about addiction. It’s that bad of a disease.”


Celebrate 4th of July with Katy Perry, Will Smith, and more in our Spotify holiday playlist

Even though it awkwardly sits in the middle of the week this year, the Fourth of July remains the most ideal holiday: There’s no psychological trauma surrounding giving the right gift, you usually don’t have to travel to fully enjoy it, and there’s no somber occasion that makes you feel guilty about getting a day off from work. It’s simply an excuse to go outside, put meat on fire, and watch colorful things explode.

Of course, it’s also important to crank up some music as loud as humanly possible in order to fully enjoy the Fourth of July. That’s why EW has put together a special Spotify playlist for Independence Day, which features 29 killer songs sure to upgrade your backyard barbecue. There are odes to the summer months (Will Smith’s “Summertime,” Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime,” Flaming Lips “It’s Summertime”), hat tips to the home of the brave (Neil Young’s “Keep On Rockin’ in the Free World,” Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom), and some actual songs called “4th of July” by the likes of Aimee Mann, X, and Bruce Springsteen.

You’ll also find a handful of tracks about partying, one or two shout-outs to the backyard, and Sweet’s “Fox On the Run” (because you can’t have a party without “Fox On the Run”).

Check out the playlist below, and please remember to handle your fireworks carefully. Happy Fourth! READ FULL STORY

Elton John 'better' after health scare, excited to play for the Queen

Elton John is feeling much better, just days after he had to be hospitalized with a “serious respiratory infection.” “It’s nothing more than a chest infection — you rest and it’s better,” his spokesperson said, according to the BBC. “Everything that’s planned is still happening.”

What’s happening is a lot. John’s European tour kicks off Friday, and he also will perform at Buckingham Palace on Monday to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. According to the singer’s website, he’s resting at his home in England and is very excited about Monday’s event.

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Elton John falls ill, cancels Las Vegas shows

Elton John canceled three weekend Las Vegas performances after being hospitalized with a serious respiratory infection. The singer originally developed the illness while performing at Caesar’s Palace last Sunday, but his condition worsened, forcing him to check in to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles yesterday morning for tests. Doctors recommended he rest and not perform for seven days, forcing him to cancel tonight’s Million Dollar Piano show, as well as Saturday and Sunday’s planned performances.

“It feels strange not to be able to perform these Million Dollar Piano concerts at The Colosseum,” said John, in a statement. “I love performing this show and I will be thrilled when we return to The Colosseum in October to complete the 11 concerts soon to be scheduled. All I can say to the fans is sorry I can’t be with you. I hope to see you soon at this wonderful theatre at Caesars Palace.”

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Elton John on Levon Helm: 'A part of my life that was magical'


Elton John was among the many musicians influenced by Levon Helm and The Band. That impact is memorialized in the song “Levon,” which John and writing partner Bernie Taupin named after the rock legend. Thursday, John spoke with EW and shared some of his favorite memories about Helm:

“When I heard The Band’s Music from Big Pink, their music changed my life. And Levon was a big part of that band. Nigel Olson, my drummer, will tell you that every drummer that heard him was influenced by him. He was the greatest drummer and a wonderful singer and just a part of my life that was magical. They once flew down to see me in Philadelphia and I couldn’t believe it. They were one of the greatest bands of all time. They really changed the face of music when their records came out. I had no idea he was sick so I’m very dismayed and shocked that he died so quickly. But now my son [Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John] has his name.”

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Elton John wants Justin Timberlake to play him in a 'surreal' biopic? We second that

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Elton John talked about the status of a number of projects he plans to work on in 2012, including a new album.

But perhaps the most exciting deal on the horizon is his forthcoming biopic, which John describes as “a surreal look at my life, and not just a factual look at my life, more in the manner of a Moulin Rouge.” There’s a script (penned by Billy Elliot scribe Lee Hall), and a director and star will both be chosen in the next few months.

So who is John’s number top choice to play him in the film? “I’ve got a wish list of people. No. 1 on my wish list is Justin Timberlake,” he told the paper.

There is one key reason why that casting choice wouldn’t work: Timberlake and John don’t look anything like one another, even considering what Elton looked like when he was 30 (the age Timberlake is now).

However, there are so many reasons why this would be an awesome casting choice that we hope that Elton didn’t jinx it by saying Timberlake’s name out loud. (In this way, JT is like Candyman or Beetlejuice.)

If we ignore In Time (and based on box office receipts, most of you did), Timberlake has the acting chops to inhabit John’s whirlwind persona the same way he gave life to Sean Parker in The Social Network. We know he can sing, and he can certainly tickle the ivories.

We don’t even have to worry about Timberlake carrying a full-length movie, if indeed it’s not a straightforward biography (in our minds, it looks a lot like Across the Universe) — all JT would have to do is strap a series of music videos on his back.

Most importantly, Timberlake has already played the role, pretty exquisitely: READ FULL STORY

Bill Clinton's favorite music -- check out his presidential playlist

Was Bill Clinton the most musical president in the history of the United States? He’s an accomplished jazz saxophonist, openly embraced MTV during his campaign (back when the “M” still stood for “Music”), spent plenty of quality time with rock stars (it was Bono’s beginning as a White House regular), and he even has two Grammys (admittedly, both for Best Spoken Word performances on audiobooks).

This Saturday night, some of the biggest stars in music — Bono and the Edge, Lady Gaga, Usher, Kenny Chesney among them — are going to tip their hats back to Clinton at the “A Decade of Difference” concert at the Hollywood Bowl in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the William J. Clinton Foundation. As a lead-up to the show, Clinton opened up his iPod and let Yahoo take a look at his 20 favorite songs of all time.

The full list is here, and a handful of things stand out. Of course, there’s plenty of jazz on there, as well as an expected number of rock names from the ’60s and ’70s, like Van Morrison, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, and Carly Simon.

The newest song on there is Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” which suggests that Clinton either has a weakness for trilling Canadians or simply can’t get that ASPCA commercial that makes everybody cry out of his mind.

Interestingly, there are parallels to current president Barack Obama’s playlist, mostly the shout-out to Miles Davis. Perhaps they’ll both find his recent Live Europe 1967: The Bootleg series Vol. 1 under the Christmas tree this year (EW gave it an A, Commanders!)

Disappointingly, Clinton didn’t make any nods to hip-hop the way Obama did when he shouted out Jay-Z and Lil Wayne in his Rolling Stone interview. If Bill would like a little rap education, we have a suggestion where he should start.

What do you think of Clinton’s picks? Let us know in the comments.

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Age Before Beauty: 'Forbes' releases 2011 top earners list

As expected, Gaga was golden when Forbes released its 2011 World’s Highest-Paid Musicians List this past Wednesday. Yet, despite banking $90 million, Gaga found on herself on “The Edge of Glory” as she landed in fourth place. She probably could have secured a higher position if she had been more conservative in spending for her stage show. Then again, girl loves a concept costume and a flaming piano… Plus, the words “Gaga” and “conservative” really should never inhabit the same sentence, right?

So who scored the top slot? READ FULL STORY

Elton John premieres Cameron Crowe-directed music doc starring himself and Leon Russell, plays the hits at Tribeca Film Festival

Surrounded by the after-hours glow of Lower Manhattan skyscrapers and buffeted by winds rolling in off of New York Harbor, Elton John wrapped up the opening night of the tenth annual Tribeca Film Festival with performances of such evergreen Elton classics as “Tiny Dancer,” “Rocket Man” and “Your Song.”

His solo piano performance followed the world premiere of Cameron Crowe’s The Union, a music documentary that followed Sir John and legendary rock pianist Leon Russell as the two Rock Hall of Famers recorded an album together last year.

The Union turned out to be a pleasantly affecting surprise. What could have merely been a music doc about two aging rockers recording a late-career album was instead a heartfelt, decades-belated love letter from Elton John to his early career idol and one of his greatest influences, Leon Russell. Plus, it was fun to watch the flick sitting behind a group that included the uncommonly talented actors Anna Kendrick (Twilight, Up in the Air), Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood), and Zoe Kazan (It’s Complicated). Kendrick’s eyes were glued to the screen while Dano and Kazan were smoochily glued to each other—that’s what the PortaPotties are there for, you crazy kids!) READ FULL STORY

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