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Green Day's 'American Idiot' is coming to Broadway: Will you buy a ticket?

After months of speculation, it has been officially announced that American Idiot, the musical based on Green Day’s 2004 CD, will make its Broadway debut on April 20 at the St. James Theatre. (Previews will start on March 24.)

The show enjoyed a record-breaking run at Berkeley Rep’s Roda Theatre in the fall and, given that success, it does not come as a huge surprise that American Idiot is hitting the Great White Way. But when I spoke to the show’s director Michael Mayer last April he sounded far from convinced that the land of Wicked, Billy Elliot and The Phantom of the Opera would turn out to be its natural home. “I’m not sure that Broadway is where we’re going to end up,” mused Mayer, who won a Tony for directing Spring Awakening. “The people will tell us where this wants to be.”

The people, it seems, have spoken. But are there enough of them to sustain a lengthy Broadway run? Will fans of Mamma Mia! line up to see it? Will you? And would it make any difference if they put an exclamation mark at the end of the title? Tell us what you think!

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Like Green Day AND 'Glee'? Then get ready to love this version of '21 Guns' from the 'American Idiot' musical

It seems like a long time ago ago that I was chatting with Billie Joe Armstrong about the stage adaptation of Green Day’s American Idiot CD. The musical actually opened at the Berkeley Repertory Theater a couple of months back, and Spinner is now streaming a version of the song “21 Guns”—which is actually from the trio’s recent 21st Century Breakdown opus— by the cast and Billie Joe Armstrong.

The new take sounds an awful lot like it’s been retooled by the kids of Glee, much to the delight of 99% of my co-workers (I’m rarely able to see the show myself, as it clashes with whatever else happens to be on. Hey, we don’t all have to like it.).

Anyhoo, do you agree that there is something very Glee-ful about the this  version of “21 Guns”? And how do you think it compares with the original (the video for which is below)?

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Green Day's new '21 Guns' video: Watch it here

Green Day's "Know Your Enemy" was a perfectly fine — if unadventurous and slightly repetitive — lead-off single to 21st Century Breakdown, but prospects are already looking brighter for the group's melancholic follow-up, "21 Guns." Why? Well, It's a much better song, with its melodic hook and soaring guitars. (Billie Joe hitting that high note on "gun" is perfection, too.)

The band's brand-new video for the tune also trumps "Know Your Enemy" in the visual department. In the clip, the guys and a young couple face a siege of gunshots in a disheveled motel room. While nothing particularly earth-shattering, the nicely-shot video does the song justice. What do you think, Mixers? Are you enjoying "21 Guns" more than "Know Your Enemy" too? Watch the video below and decide.

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Eminem trounces the competition in a crowded week, scoring the year's biggest chart debut

Eminem_lThe real Slim Shady just stood up in a major way, debuting at the top of the latest Billboard 200 albums chart with 608,000 copies sold of his Relapse, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s this year’s biggest opening number by a healthy margin, leaving U2’s 484,000 bow in March far behind. Let this serve as a reality check for anyone who’s been questioning Eminem’s continued relevance in 2009: The man remains a massive force at the nation’s cash registers.

If anything, it appears the five-year wait between studio albums while Em sorted out his personal life might have actually been a good thing for Relapse‘s sales. Best Buy manager Jonathan Hart tells the Music Mix that the delay has helped bring "a lot of customers" into the Manhattan store where he works. "People weren’t sure if this guy was ever going to be back," Hart tells the Music Mix. "It’s generated hype because of that." Fuse TV vice president David Weier echoes this thought: "I often criticize the record business for rushing records out too soon. You’ve got to let people miss you. That’s exactly what he did this time: He stepped out of the light, away from the media, away from the attention, [and] let people wonder."

Then again, does Marshall Mathers even give a proverbial bleep how many CDs he sells at this point in his career? "I know for a fact that he’s not doing it for the money," Eminem’s touring DJ, the Alchemist, recently told me. "The guy’s made a lot in his life." That he has — and I’m sure the highers-up at Interscope are nonetheless very pleased that he’s just made a bunch more. Read on after the jump for sales results on the rest of this week’s bumper crop of new releases.


Green Day dominates the albums chart with a single weekend's sales

Greendaygrammys2009_lGreen Day took the top spot in this week’s Billboard 200 chart, selling 215,000 copies of 21st Century Breakdown, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Bear in mind that Breakdown dropped last Friday, instead of the traditional record-release day of Tuesday, so that figure only covers one weekend’s sales — and many bands would be elated to move 215,000 units over an entire week. Well done, Green Day, you aging punks, you. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see you again near the top of the next chart once your first full sales week rolls to a close.

Cam’Ron’s Crime Pays  opened a couple of spots from the top with 43,000 copies sold. That’s a substantial comedown from the numbers he used to put up a few years back, but it was still enough to crack the Top 3. The next-highest new album this week came from Paul Wall, whose Fast Life made it to No. 15 with 22,000; four spots below was Steve Earle, with 18,000 of Townes. And those were the only debuts in the latest Top 20. Any disappointments or pleasant discoveries for you in those numbers?

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Chrisette Michele edges out Ciara on the albums chart

Bob Dylan tops the albums chart in a slow week

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Green Day plans MySpace show

Greenday_lHey, have you heard? Green Day is about to put out a new album. The latest stop on their 21st Century Breakdown promotional blitz is an intimate concert they’re planning for MySpace Music’s The List. Details on the show will be announced later today, but the Music Mix can reveal that it will take place at New York City’s Webster Hall on May 19. About 300 fans will get free tickets through MySpace, and a small number of additional tickets will go on sale via traditional means this Saturday, May 9. Check out MySpace Music’s The List at noon Pacific time today for further instructions.

Anyone looking forward to trying to score tickets to this show? If you miss out on seeing Green Day in person, you can always watch it when the show gets streamed on MySpace later on. And if that’s still not enough Green Day for you today, you can stream six full tracks from 21st Century Breakdown over at the band’s official site.

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New videos from Green Day, Kanye, Ne-Yo and Prince: Pick your favorite

It’s been a busy week in music videos, culminating in MTV’s much-hyped premiere of Green Day’s "Know Your Enemy" video. Our thoughts? The song is alright (if as familiar as every other Green Day song), but the performance-based video doesn’t really light our fire. (Pun intended! Watch and you’ll see.) As 21st Century Breakdown’s May 15 release inches closer, expect the media blitz to only increase from here.

Elsewhere, check out an onslaught of new videos from Kanye West ("Amazing"), Ne-Yo ("Part of the List") and Prince (his "Crimson & Clover" remake) after the jump. My favorite? Kanye’s. Sure, most of the travelogue-esque clip looks straight out of Google Earth, but hey, it’s purdy. Just don’t expect anything, well, amazing. (Bad pun #2!)


Green Day announces 2009 tour dates

While American Idiot gets its theatrical makeover, Green Day will be on the road promoting their upcoming album 21st Century Breakdown. From July 3-August 25, the Grammy-winning pop-punk trio will be touring the U.S. (the band’s official website boasts a world tour soon) and while no venues have been announced, it’s safe to assume that amphitheaters and stadiums will be on their itinerary. While the album is due out May 21st, the band has already released the first single "Know Your Enemy" (embedded below.) So, Music Mixers, you be buying tickets for the Green Day show in your town? Or did your love affair with Billy Joe and gang stop after Dookie?

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Green Day's new song: Hear it here!

The first track from Green Day’s upcoming new album, 21st Century Breakdown, has hit the web. Given how amazing the debut single off their last album was, expectations for "Know Your Enemy" are extremely high. So how does it rate? Listen below and let us know. (Personally, I’m a little disappointed. So monotonous!)

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Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong: The Music Mix Interview

Billiejoearmstrong_lIn an exclusive interview, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tells EW that the band’s new CD, 21st Century Breakdown, "stands on the shoulders of American Idiot."

"We had the opportunity to be more creative than ever before," he continues, "[because] we have a lot more listeners out there." He’s right about that. The punk-rock trio’s politically-minded 2004 concept album has sold 12 million copies around the world, and earlier this week it was announced that American Idiot is being turned into a musical by Tony-winning Spring Awakening director Michael Mayer. EW spoke to Armstrong about Breakdown, out May 15, the upcoming musical, and why he doesn’t get mad if you compare his band to Yes.

Entertainment Weekly: Were you surprised when Michael Mayer approached you about turning American Idiot into a musical?
Billie Joe Armstrong: Well, I didn’t know I was writing a musical when we were doing it. But the idea of it becoming one was just so crazy that it could work! I always liked records they could make a film out of, like Quadrophenia. Theatrical records. I loved Ziggy Stardust. They were some of the influences when we were writing American Idiot, and I did listen to a little bit from West Side Story and Hair and stuff like that, just to think outside of the box.

Are you much of a theater-goer?
No, not really. I used to hear show tunes a lot when I was a kid, and I used to sing them. Annie Get Your Gun, stuff like that. And I guess some of that has been an influence on me. But I never thought that we would end up actually doing a musical out of our record.

What is the musical going to be about?
It’s about coming of age in a really politically-drivenclimate.It’s pretty chaotic, and it’s not by any means a conventional way of [doing] a musical. And that’s why I liked Michael Mayer so much because of what he did with Spring Awakening. When I saw that for the first time I was like, this is not your grandparents’ musical. He’s going for it. He has a sense of anarchy in the way he approaches his craft.

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