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Pete Seeger's all-star 90th birthday concert: Springsteen, Baez, Matthews, and many more salute an American hero

Peteseegerconcert_lYesterday was Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday, an occasion that meant a lot to a lot of people, myself included. As a kid I attended a summer day camp whose direction he helped guide, and every year we’d go to upstate New York to help the legendary folk singer, peace activist, and environmentalist clear the Hudson River of weeds and debris before joining him in a spirited singalong. Seeger has made many friends over the decades with that inclusive spirit of his. A few dozen of the most famous ones turned out last night to honor Seeger with a birthday concert at Madison Square Garden — which, in typical Pete fashion, was also a fundraiser for his green education ship, the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. As you can see above, there were some very big names crowded next to Pete on to the stage, which had been designed to resemble the Clearwater’s magnificent mast and sails. Bruce Springsteen. Tom Morello. Joan Baez. Dave Matthews…

Last night wasn’t really about star power, though. It was about all of us, there in Madison Square Garden and across the globe, and if you think that sounds corny, you don’t understand Pete Seeger. "I’ve been asked to remind you that this music is your music," Tim Robbins told the crowd early on. "Nothing would make Pete happier on this 90th birthday than to hear your voices rise up in their collective beauty, filling the Garden with a celebration of song." How could we say no to that? Read on after the jump for more on an amazing night.


Happy Birthday, D'arcy Wretzky of the Smashing Pumpkins! Where the heck are you?

Smashingpumpkinsdarcy_lToday marks the 41st birthday of D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky: erstwhile Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Michigan native, exalted ’90s alt-chick. (Also, a very happy glad-you-were-born to Tim McGraw, Mary Lou Lord, and Ghostbusters theme-king Ray Parker Jr.; but this post is not about you guys, sorry).

So, D’arcy, have you joined some sort of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Witness Protection Program?? Lord knows Billy Corgan stays busy; Jimmy Chamberlain sounds happy about his side project, and James Iha has moved on with mini-supergroup Tinted Windows. But wherefore la Wretzky?

More than five years ago, Corgan, who once called her “the moral conscious of the band,” posted on his LiveJournal that she was fired back in 1999 “for being a mean-spirited drug addict who refused to get help”; she was replaced by Hole’s Mellisa Auf der Maur, whose stint was short-lived, as the band broke up soon after.

In the interim, however, we’ve heard n’ary a peep from D’arcy, and news-Google searches over the past half-decade reveal naught but the birthday date, a lawsuit she filed against Virgin Records for unlawfully selling Pumpkins ringtones, and this godawful photo from a plastic surgery site.

What other once-revered rockers have fallen clear off the planet, Music Mixers? I know you’ve got a list…

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