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Bahamas unveils a video for the viral hit 'All the Time' (aka that song from the James Franco smartphone ad)

Canadian auteur Afie Jurvanen released his first album under his nom de rock Bahamas back in 2009, has shared bills with Wilco and Jack Johnson, and was nominated for his home country’s top musical awards multiple times, but it took a smartphone commercial for him to finally break through in the States. You’ve probably seen it–it’s the one where James Franco turns falling off a building into a typically Franco-esque exercise in irritatingly competent multitasking to an impeccably chill soundtrack of lilting falsetto vocals and a fuzzed-out staccato bass line.

That song, “All the Time” (from the new Bahamas album Bahamas is Afie) is finally getting its own Franco-free full-length visual. While it’s a low-key, no-frills affair, the buoyant slow-mo and unfussy aesthetic suit the song nicely. And if you only know “All the Time” from the Droid commercial, the full version’s expertly deployed vocal harmonies and guitar leads–which sound like lost moments from a late-era Beatles album–are a revelation.


Watch James Franco's 'This Charming Man,' from his upcoming Smiths-inspired album

When James Franco isn’t starring in plays and writing poetry and frolicking naked in the woods, he’s making music. And he has a new music video to prove it.

Franco and friend Tim O’Keeffe formed a band called Daddy in 2012, and their latest album is an ode to the Smithsfeaturing one of the Smiths: Andy Rourke, who plays bass on the entire record.

James Franco digs up childhood footage for 'Can't Say Goodbye' video: Watch it here

It’s time to play everybody’s favorite game: Guess Who Said It! This week’s quote is a tricky one: “Like so many people that have gone to art school before us, we started a band for fun.” Is the answer A) James Franco, B) James Franco, C) James Franco, or D) All of the Above?

Well done, champ! Your prize, of course, is a brand new James Franco music video and interview, which you can redeem below.

“Can’t Say Goodbye” is the nostalgic Motown-y single from Franco’s Daddy EP, which was the result of the actor’s collaboration with artist Timothy O’Keefe. (As Franco tells it, the duo’s goal is to “push beyond the sonic space of music into the surrounding ecology. Daddy investigates the territories of film/video, installation, and performance while simultaneously exploring the connections that form between them.”)

And while the clip has neither the Lindsay nor the Lohan of the R.E.M. video Franco recently directed, it is full of fuzzy home video clips from the actor’s childhood.

Watch Franco get nostalgic in his “Can’t Say Goodbye” video below:


Lindsay Lohan stars in R.E.M. video directed by James Franco

Yes, you read that right. Two of Hollywood’s strangest individuals, LiLo and JFray (I just made that up), have teamed up for an incredibly bizarre R.E.M. video.

Directed by James Franco in true James Franco fashion (meaning it’s basically a total blur), “Blue” stars Lindsay Lohan as a sultry muse for Terry Richardson. Lohan bites her lip and musses her hair while shots of Los Angeles fade in and out with dizzying persistence. All I can say is: don’t watch this if you get carsick.


Today in 'What the Franco?': James records duet with Smokey Robinson

It’s the mark of an evolving life to learn at least one new thing every day.

Today, we learned that James Franco has recorded a duet with Smokey Robinson. The two met on a plane, Robinson told Page Six, and basically said “Why the heck not?” Robinson confirmed, “It’s as simple as that. There’s no deep dark secret.” READ FULL STORY

James Franco debuts music video for 'Love in the Old Days' -- VIDEO

Happy Monday! To celebrate, James Franco has debuted a new music video for his band Daddy’s song “Love in the Old Days.”

That’s right, kids — apparently, between riff-raffing and directing and fashion photographing and soap opera villian-ing and writing novels and making art and going to class and teaching class, he’s found the time to make yet another sensical music clip for your viewing pleasure.

Daddy, a collaboration between Franco and musician Tim O’Keefe, will release their first EP on Sept. 25. Until, enjoy the trippy “Love in the Old Days” music video below: READ FULL STORY

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