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New 'Glee' music: Hear the cast cover 'Empire State of Mind'

The Glee season two premiere is a week away but the first song off the episode has leaked: a New Directions’ cover of Jay-Z’s and Alicia Keys’ blockbuster hit “Empire State of Mind.” Artie (Kevin McHale), Finn (Cory Monteith), and Puck (Mark Salling) appear to be tackling much of the rapping while the rest of the glee club, particularly Mercedes (Amber Riley), handle Keys’ incredible chorus. Listen below…

What do you think Music Mix-ers? Is this a cover Jay-Z would approve? Or reject?

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Lady Gaga road-tests new track 'Living on the Radio' at St. Paul concert

Lady Gaga songs usually take a few spins to grow on me. (Brace for impending blasphemy in 5, 4, 3, 2…) It took me at least a week to appreciate the pure pop perfection of “Bad Romance,” a ditty that has now become a sing-along staple of any car ride I take that lasts more than 30 minutes. But I’ve had no such issues warming up to “Living on the Radio,” a bittersweet ballad that Gaga debuted during a concert stop last night in St. Paul, MN. To put things in mathematical terms: One listen = me totally hooked. Yet according to YouTube user IamFree1974, who posted the concert footage, Gaga told the crowd that the track is unlikely to appear on her next album. To which I say: If “Living on the Radio” is destined for Gaga’s musical compost pile, she must have some pretty amazing material in the works, no?

What do you think of “Living on the Radio”? And is it time for a Gaga ballad to get served to radio, if for no other reason than to confirm her mad singing skills to the world at large? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss Leah Greenblatt’s review of the Gaga tour stop in New York City last month. READ FULL STORY

Kanye West's remix of Justin Bieber's 'Runaway Love' surfaces online

kanye-bieberImage Credit: Kevin Knight/Retna Ltd; Scott Legato/FilmMagicLess than a month after it was first discussed over Twitter, Kanye West’s remix of Justin Bieber’s “Runaway Love” has leaked online in rough form. As previously reported, the remix also features Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon, who told us it constituted “a historical moment for hip-hop.”

West laid Bieber’s “Runaway Love” vocals over a reworked version of the beat from the Wu-Tang Clan’s immortal “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F— Wit.” That song, incidentally, came out a year before Justin Bieber was born. The remix also features a quick verse from West (“Last name West and my teeth diamonds/She said, ‘What’s your occupation, crazy rhyming?'”), plus two verses from Raekwon. As promised, Rae kept his lyrics PG.

The only version of the remix that’s out there is smothered in “exclusive” DJ tags, and it may or may not be the final version intended for release. A Bieber rep says his label is trying to get it pulled from YouTube right now. In the meantime, have you heard this remix? Did it live up to your expectations? Will hip-hop ever be the same?

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Dr. Dre and Jay-Z's 'Under Pressure' leaks

jay-z-dr-dreImage Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/ “Under Pressure,” Dr. Dre’s collaboration with Jay-Z, seems to have leaked online this afternoon. The song’s imminent release was announced in early April before repeated delays tempered fans’ anticipation somewhat; just a few minutes ago, I was actually writing a post entitled “Whatever happened to ‘Under Pressure’?” Now it’s here, albeit in very unfinished-sounding form.

The leak, whose rough-take vibe I cannot stress enough, is not an immediate stunner. Dr. Dre takes the first verse, spitting some decently clever bars (presumably penned with help from Jay) over clubby bleeps and bloops. “Maybe I don’t want to stop, maybe I don’t want to quit,” he muses. “Maybe I’m crazy/Maybe I’m strapped right now, just bait me.” Dre raises his voice for some rousing words in Creole. Then, after a blank space where a hook might fit, it’s time for Jay-Z’s superior verse. Hov gets some snappy lines in, as when he informs us that life’s stresses have him “bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas.” And: “I’m in this party, I’m up to no good/And I should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods.” Given the timing of the two sports scandals he references, I wonder if Jay-Z recorded his verse any later than January. After another bit of negative space, Dre growls another partial verse. That’s it. Two and a half verses, no hooks, and this version of “Under Pressure,” at least, is out.

JUNE 17 UPDATE: Early this morning, Dr. Dre issued a statement about the leak. “I want to set the record straight for everybody who’s been waiting to hear my music,” he said through a publicist. “The song that’s on the Internet is an incomplete song that I’m still working on.  When it’s ready, you’ll be hearing it from me.”

Have you heard “Under Pressure”? What do you think?

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EW exclusive news: Leaked Eddie Vedder song 'Better Days' is his contribution to the 'Eat Pray Love' soundtrack

roberts-vedderImage Credit: Ebet Roberts/Redferns/Getty ImagesOver the past couple of days, the always-exciteable members of the Pearl Jam message board community have been scrambling to figure out the origin of an accidentally leaked Eddie Vedder-sung track apparently called “Better Days.” The song was hacked from the secure site of Monkeywrench Records, Pearl Jam’s label, and spread — as such things do — like wildfire across the web, with speculation ranging from “It’s a lost track from Riot Act!” to “It’s this year’s Christmas single!” (You can hear the leak here.)

How about: It’s Eddie Vedder’s contribution to the Eat Pray Love soundtrack! A source close to the band has confirmed exclusively to that the track is a new original from Vedder, intended to play during this summer’s Julia Roberts-starring odyssey. Lyrics like “My love is saved for the universe, see me now I’m bursting / on one planet, so many turns, different worlds” would certainly seem to jive with Elizabeth Gilbert’s story of global self-discovery, and there’s an exotic edge to the instrumentation that could happily live in Italy, or India, or Indonesia. Eat Pray Love star Javier Bardem and Vedder are friends, which may explain Ed’s participation. And considering 7 million people or something bought Gilbert’s book, it’s a savvy involvement for anyone.

Now that we know what the song’s for, what do you think, Mixers? (And you, Jamily friends?) A worthy contribution to the soundtrack? A worthy soundtrack for Vedder to contribute to? And if you’ve just now heard the leak, what do you think?

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Drake's 'Thank Me Later' leaks online

drake-the-rapperHip-hop’s summer has started a bit earlier than expected. The season’s most anticipated album, Drake‘s Thank Me Later debut, leaked onto the internet last night (June 1). It’s not scheduled to officially hit stores until June 15. Several tracks had leaked in their unfinished forms over its year-long creation. But in the past week, mixed and mastered versions of tracks like the Alicia Keys-assisted “Fireworks” and his Jay-Z “Light Up”  collaboration hit the blogosphere. The 23-year-old rhymer played it cool when he got word that his entire album leaked last night.

“I gave away free music for years,” he tweeted, alluding to the numerous mixtapes he made available for free download. So Far Gone, his stellar 2009 tape, was the offering that made him a favorite amongst hip-hop’s new class. “So we’re good over here,” he continued. “Just allow it to be the soundtrack to your summer and ENJOY! JUNE 15th!”

Leaks hardly benefit the artist. It’s safe to assume that his record sales will suffer a bit because many will download the album for free, opting not to buy the retail copy. But there have been some cases where it has not hurt as much. Back in 2008, Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Tha Carter III leaked two weeks early. It went on to sell 1,000,000 copies in its first week out. So maybe people will use Drake’s debut leak as a sampler and then buy the official copy in two weeks.

Have you heard Drake’s Thank Me Later yet? Like it? Do you plan on buying it when it hits stores on June 15th? Let us know.

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Kanye West's new song 'Power' disses 'SNL,' samples King Crimson

kanye-westImage Credit: Foc Kan/“I guess every superhero needs his theme music,” Kanye West says at the start of a newly leaked song called “Power.” This is, maybe, our first glimpse of the mysterious album he’s reportedly been working on in Hawaii all these months. Kanye West, back to save the day! Yet “Power” is something darker and more complicated than a rah-rah Superman theme. “No one man should have all that power” is the full line from which the title is drawn. That’s an ambivalent phrase to hook a potential single on. READ FULL STORY

Two new Arcade Fire songs surface online: Like 'em?

arcade_fireImage Credit: Kevin WestenbergHints and rumors about Arcade Fire’s next move have been replaced by something a little more tangible thanks to an eagle-eyed shopper in Glasgow. That record-store patron recently stumbled across what certainly looks like a new double-A-side, white-label 12″ vinyl single from the Canadian band. (Check out a pic at Pitchfork.) The two tracks therein, “The Suburbs” and “Month of May,” swiftly made it to BBC Radio 1 today, after which they were ripped and posted online. You can stream low-quality versions of both new songs over at Vulture.

So how are they? Pretty good! I like the way “The Suburbs” combines lyrics about ranch-house ennui with jangly guitars and honky-tonk piano. “Sometimes I can’t believe it/I’m moving past the feeling,” Win Butler sings — at least, I think that’s what he’s saying. These instant radio rips can be hard to follow. For that reason, I’m suspending judgment on “Month of May,” a jittery rocker whose fuzzed-out production could be energizing or annoying in the final mix. Until we get a higher-quality version, there’s no way to know.

When a band is as beloved as Arcade Fire, though, even early listens like this will inevitably be memorized and parsed over by fans. Give “The Suburbs” and “Month of May” a spin and let us know if you like Arcade Fire’s latest — and whether this makes you more or less excited for their next album, details of which have yet to be announced.

MAY 27 UPDATE: Arcade Fire announced today via press release that its third studio full-length, also titled The Suburbs, will arrive Aug. 3. The band also has a higher-quality stream of both tracks on its official website. Still not entirely sold on “Month of May,” but “The Suburbs” sounds even more awesome now. Whee!

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Limp Bizkit on their reunion album-and who exactly was to blame for their break up in the first place

Limp-BizkitImage Credit: Bernd Mueller/Redferns/Getty ImagesWhen Limp Bizkit revealed in February 2009 that they were reuniting the band issued a statement which explained the quintet were “more disgusted and bored with the state of heavy popular music than they were with each other.” Frankly, EW has heard more heartfelt declarations of brotherly love—and the historically troubled relationship between frontman Fred Durst and guitarist Wes Borland, who has departed from the band on a couple of occasions over the past decades, did not augur well. But more than a year on, they have finished a new album, Gold Cobra, and this week announced that they will be heading off on an extensive summer tour. After the break, Durst and Borland discuss the platinum-selling nu metal act’s fractious past, peaceable present, and the phallic implications of their new CD’s title. READ FULL STORY

Britney Spears' 'Telephone' demo: Producer confirms it's her

Britney-TelephoneImage Credit: Lauren Dukoff; Kevin Mazur/“Telephone” producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has confirmed that a widely circulated leak is, indeed, Britney Spears’ rough demo of what would later become Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s hit single. “I really don’t know who leaked the version,” Jerkins said in a live online video chat noted by MTV News. “It was an early demo stage of the version. It wasn’t even a mixed version. I would never leak something without Britney’s approval, without [her manager] Larry Rudolph, without Jive Records. That’s just not how I get down.”

The alleged “Telephone” demo hit the Web this weekend, occasioning much hubbub and speculation about its authenticity. Was that really Britney’s voice singing the words we associate with Gaga and Beyoncé? The producer’s comments answer that question pretty definitively. Jerkins also included a teasing mention of Spears’ future plans, promising to “put 200 percent of my focus into writing a new smash for Britney’s new album.” Spears’ label, Jive Records, has not responded to EW’s repeated requests for comment on this story.

What do you think of this revelation? Are you looking forward to Britney Spears’ next album?

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