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What's on 'New Girl' star Hannah Simone's iPod: Canadian classics and Compton covers

You probably know Hannah Simone best as Cece, best friend to Zooey Deschanel’s Jess on New Girl — but Simone got her first on-camera exposure as a host on Canada’s MuchMusic.

“The great thing about a job like that is you’re talking to people about their passion and about what they love, so I don’t think I ever had an interview that I didn’t really enjoy,” said Simone of her experience on the Canadian music network.

Not surprisingly, she has carried a lot of great Canadian artists around with her on her iPod, though there’s also room for Cat Stevens and a novelty cover of a Snoop Dogg song.

Leonard Cohen, “Bird On A Wire”
“I just spent the weekend with my family, and our whole conversation seemed to revolve around Leonard Cohen. I’m crazy about him, and I have been for a long time. I’ve bought every album he’s ever had and every book of his poetry. I went to Coachella once, and it was only to go see Leonard Cohen. I got in the car and sat through all the crazy traffic in L.A. to get there—instead of a two hour drive it takes like six hours. Then I watched his set and turned around and left. I just so wanted to see him perform in the desert.

The other time I saw him was when I was in Toronto, and a friend surprised me with tickets. I went on my own and sat by myself. It was like being at church. Everybody sat pin-drop silent. I love the song ‘Bird on a Wire’ — It’s an amazing lyric: ‘Like a drunk in a midnight choir.’ He’s so incredible, and a Canadian to boot.”


Leonard Cohen announces first album of new material in eight years -- hear new music here

Leonard Cohen puts out albums about as often as Thomas Pynchon guest judges on America’s Got Talent. But the singer-songwriter announced today on his official website that he will be releasing his first collection of new music in eight years on January 31.

Cohen’s twelfth studio album is called Old Ideas and “poetically addresses some of the most profound questions of human existence — spirituality, love, sexuality, loss and death.”

The deep-voiced Canadian icon — and, lest a thousand warbling American Idol hopefuls forget, the original composer and singer of “Hallelujah” — has also released an album teaser in the form of the song “Show Me the Place,” which you can hear below (it’s available as an instant download to fans who pre-order the CD):

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Leonard Cohen at Madison Square Garden: The master at 75

Last night, about a month after his 75th birthday, Leonard Cohen packed NYC’s Madison Square Garden to the rafters. Earlier in the week, he’d released Live at the Isle of Wight 1970, a CD/DVD package documenting a festival set he played when he was just shy of 36. And here’s the thing: Ask me which of the two performances was more compelling, more full of life, more can’t-look-away transcendent, and…I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Sure, Cohen had a certain bright-burning intensity 39 years ago. He waited til after 2 A.M. to go on stage in 1970, which I imagine he wouldn’t be as happy to do today. His voice could hit a few more high notes back then. But that’s about all the obvious advantage that young Cohen has over old Cohen.


Jonathan Lethem on The Godfather of Rock Critics: Paul Williams


Novelist (and unrepentant Music Mix fan) Jonathan Lethem (author of Motherless Brooklyn, Fortress of Solitude, and the forthcoming Chronic City) writes to tell us about a new website dedicated to the work of pioneering rock critic Paul Williams. We’ll let Mr. Lethem explain:

"My dear friend and mentor Paul Williams, the creator (at age 17) ofCrawdaddy! magazine, is one of the true Founding Fathers of musicjournalism. He’s also a kind of ’60s and ’70s countercultural Zelig– beginning with a phone call to his dorm room from Bob Dylan, and continuing with hisparticipation in a Doors’ recording session, his introduction topot-smoking (courtesy of Brian Wilson–in a tent in Wilson’sliving room!), and his presence at John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Bed-InFor Peace in Toronto (he was there as Timothy Leary’s campaign manager); he also squeezed in work asPhilip K. Dick’s literary executor, and wrote a hippie bible called Das Energi. In the ’80s and ’90s, Williams renewed his work asa music writer, adding volumes on Wilson, Neil Young, no less than fourbooks on Dylan, and one of the finest ‘rock-list’ books, Rock &Roll: The Hundred Best Singles.

In 1995 Paul suffered a serious brain injury in a bicycle accident, andhis condition’s gotten steadily worse. His wife, the terrific singer-songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill, has largely given up her ownwork due to Paul’s need for full-time care. Now some of Paul’s friends,including myself, have pulled together a website and support fund. The"Writings" section features a cascade of testimonials from people likePeter Buck and Lenny Kaye; some nice links to material like the originaltwo-years run of Crawdaddy and his legendary Rolling Stone interviewwith Philip K. Dick; and a guide to every book Paul ever wrote.Even if you can’t donate, drop in and sample Paul’s incredible legacy."

Among the treasures you’ll find linked on the site, and scattered around the internet? Click on the first issue of Crawdaddy here, and see the first page that innocuously started it all, with the words, "Youare looking at the first issue of a magazine of rock and rollcriticism…" There’s also this 1966 piece on Bob Dylan, which Williams described as his breakthrough, a 1975 profile of Leonard Cohen, and for science fiction fans, the Philip K. Dick story cited above. Take a look around, as you continue to marvel to yourself: this guy was the first.

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