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Watch the video premiere of Kissing Cousins' 'In With Them'

All-female garage rock group Kissing Cousins started making music in frontwoman Heather Heywood’s bedroom in 2005. Ten years later, the Los Angeles-based band is celebrating a decade of making music—gritty rock with a Southern gothic flair—with the release of  7″/digital LP In With Them (Velvet Blue Music). The women decided to record the album directly onto eight-track tape—a fitting throwback given the band’s influences, like the lo-fi rock of early Black Sabbath and the doo-wop vocals of the ’50s.

The title track “In With Them” is sultry and tough, complete with haunting reverbs and the kind of catchy riffs that have landed Kissing Cousins’ singles on popular TV shows, most recently American Horror Story. The accompanying video, directed by Amanda Paganini, was shot on location in Temescal Canyon, Silverlake, and Malibu. Wandering through the forest barefooted in their long black dresses, the women appear like a clan of alluring witches, on their way to a Wiccan ritual.

Rap wunderkind Tunji Ige takes a late night walk in his 'The Love Project (Ooh Ooh)' video


There’s no shortage of Next Big Things in rap right now, but 19-year-old Tunji Ige is starting to rapidly pull away from the rest of the pack. After putting himself on the map with a well-timed collaboration with rising hip-hop eccentrics iLoveMakonnen and Michael Christmas, last week Ige released The Love Project, a full-length full of dark and moody post-Drake vibes whose luxurious build quality belie the fact that they were recorded in his dorm room.

The album’s latest single is “The Love Project (Ooh Ooh).” Its brand-new video turns up the song’s alienated and insomniac feel by sending Ige out to wander the deserted streets and empty bodegas of late-night Brooklyn.


Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Abbott star in Jesse Marchant music videos

Jesse Marchant’s music has an atmospheric, gentle sound, the kind that’s most appropriate set to long glances and wide landscapes—so it makes since that his new trilogy of music videos features lots of both contemplative long glances and stunning wide landscapes.

The trilogy stars actress Amanda Seyfried, who got her start in Mean Girls and is starring in Noah Baumbach’s upcoming While We’re Youngand Girls‘ Christopher Abbott, who are both friends of Marchant’s. They never directly interact with one another in the videos, but instead spend time alone staring into space, motorcycling, and walking.

Marchant and the rest of the crew, including director Houmam, shot the videos over a weekend in California’s 29 Palms desert, which he says has “a strange feeling.” “That weirdness lived within all of us for those days,” he said in a statement. “It felt as though we were all living in this strange dream together. The video conveys that dream, I think.” READ FULL STORY

Watch Run the Jewels' warped video for 'Oh My Darling (Don't Cry)'


Run the Jewels’ latest music video, for “Oh My Darling (Don’t Cry),” is relatively normaluntil it’s not.

El-P and Killer Mike start off by rapping in front of a camera with only a few colorful lights providing some atmosphere as graphics of geometric shapes flash on the screen. But at certain points in the video, the two’s images become warped as if they’re traveling through the craziest of funhouse mirrorsoh my, indeed. READ FULL STORY

Gwen Stefani rides on cartoon clouds in 'Spark the Fire' video


Gwen Stefani’s video for “Spark the Fire” is full of subtitles—that is, if you speak emoji.

The No Doubt frontwoman kicks off the video by flying over a colorful cartoon city on a cloud that faintly resembles the Snapchat ghost before finding herself in a dark club filled with dancers and jewel-toned lights. Speech bubbles pop up next to Stefani’s head every so often, with cartoons illustrating that she’s singing lyrics like “Get off my cloud” or “Let’s spark the fire. ” Lyric videos, take note. READ FULL STORY

Fifth Harmony becomes dancing silhouettes in 'Sledgehammer' video


Fifth Harmony goes full-on girl group in their “Sledgehammer” music video: The ladies wear white (not quite matching, but coordinated—like what your family wears on portrait day) as they sing into the camera and dance together.

When they’re not dancing, they’re wearing colorful gowns and swinging on swings as fans whirl behind them. Other highlights include some mysterious silhouette shots of the five dancing—and a random unicorn sculpture.


Bahamas unveils a video for the viral hit 'All the Time' (aka that song from the James Franco smartphone ad)

Canadian auteur Afie Jurvanen released his first album under his nom de rock Bahamas back in 2009, has shared bills with Wilco and Jack Johnson, and was nominated for his home country’s top musical awards multiple times, but it took a smartphone commercial for him to finally break through in the States. You’ve probably seen it–it’s the one where James Franco turns falling off a building into a typically Franco-esque exercise in irritatingly competent multitasking to an impeccably chill soundtrack of lilting falsetto vocals and a fuzzed-out staccato bass line.

That song, “All the Time” (from the new Bahamas album Bahamas is Afie) is finally getting its own Franco-free full-length visual. While it’s a low-key, no-frills affair, the buoyant slow-mo and unfussy aesthetic suit the song nicely. And if you only know “All the Time” from the Droid commercial, the full version’s expertly deployed vocal harmonies and guitar leads–which sound like lost moments from a late-era Beatles album–are a revelation.


Kindness talks 'lack of cynicism' in 'Who Do You Love' video

The video for Kindness and Robyn’s “Who Do You Love” features dozens of sometimes smiling, sometimes pensive faces. From the outside, it might seem like a completely random assortment of people, of unrelated extras — but they’re actually all Robyn and Adam Bainbridge’s friends and family.

“It just seemed so appropriate and perfect for this song,” Bainbridge, who goes by Kindness in the music world, tells EW. “Which, to myself and Robyn, was fundamentally about finding your own place and contentment in relation to the people you’re surrounded by.”

Bainbridge got Daniel Brereton on board to direct, and they filmed the video over a couple days in both the U.K. and Sweden. “It was a pretty amazing thing to see, to see your friends in this kind of sequence of faces,” Brainbridge says. “It’s a generous act for them, to put themselves out there to be filmed so intimately.” READ FULL STORY

Sunmonks take a desert trip in their new video


Sunmonks’ Geoffrey CK and Alexandra Steele reside in Auburn, California, a small town better known for its role in the Gold Rush than for producing eccentric pop groups. Starting out out with an interest in art-bent rock bands and a loop pedal, the pair has developed a sound that combines lilting melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and bits of musical styles from all over the globe, and their recent In the Desert of Plenty is a worthy successor to similarly inclined groups like Talking Heads and Vampire Weekend.

For the title track’s video, Geoffrey CK writes in an email, “We had a lot of different plans, but at risk of being overly heavy-handed, we ended up deciding to film in a literal desert.” The visual that resulted finds the band striking poses and generating mystical vibes. “Any excuse to drive out to the middle of nowhere to perform rituals and ceremonies, play with fire, and watch the sunrise is a good one,” he notes.


Ellie Goulding floats in Calvin Harris' 'Outside' video


Ellie Goulding spends quite a bit of time looking in a mirror in the “Outside” music video. Then again, she’s wearing a sports bra that shows off some impressive abs—so why wouldn’t she?

“Outside” is a track off Calvin Harris’ latest album, Motion. It features Goulding’s vocals. The two have teamed up before, for 2012’s “I Need Your Love.” And while “Outside” is his song, she’s the real star of the music video: The camera spends most of its time focused on Goulding as she sits on a sidewalk in front of two colorful houses, singing straight into the lens.

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