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New York Dolls at the Bowery Ballroom: Still fabulous after 40 years

While most of the music-loving world has descended upon the indie music mecca of SXSW in Austin, Tx., some of us poor souls are stuck tooling around in boring ole New York. What’s there to do in this city, anyway?

The answer to that was easy last night: see the New York Dolls. Even 38 years after their debut — which is still the most convincing argument that rock is best played loud, fast and in drag — the New York Dolls own the stage like they invented modern rock. Which isn’t that far from the truth anyway. READ FULL STORY

New York Dolls' 'Exorcism of Despair': Stream it exclusively at the Music Mix

Nydolls_lThree years after their first reunion album, New York Dolls are returning for another round. May 5’s Cause I Sez So, produced by the Dolls’ old partner Todd Rundgren, is only the fourth studio album the glam-rock gods have completed over thirty-plus years of ups and downs. And right now, the Music Mix is the only place where you can hear standout track "Exorcism of Despair." Stream this catchy little number below, then tell us what you think of the Dolls’ latest. Cause I Sez So is available for pre-order now.

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New York Dolls, Hold Steady go yum-o at Rachael Ray's SXSW day party

Rachael Ray’s second annual day party (sponsored, everyone should know, by Rose’s Mojitos) was set to kick off at noon on Saturday, and half an hour before the doors were scheduled to open, the line stretched literally around the block. I was about to write “inexplicably stretched literally around the block,” but it’s not hard to figure out how this event has become a SXSW powerhouse. You can start with the free food and drink — this year, chilaquiles shared stomach space with those infamous mini burgers — but then go ahead and throw in a consistently excellent lineup of bands that make it hard to dislike the lifestyle maven, despite her blatantly transparent agenda. I mean, her husband does front a rock band. And if you had the ability to let your husband’s rock band open for, say, New York Dolls and The Hold Steady, would you not use it?

Indeed, John Cusimano was the luckiest guy in Austin today, as his unfortunately named band The Cringe scored a prime slot on a patio packed with fans of those two better-known groups — though jury’s still out on whether he managed to do anything particularly memorable with it. The downstairs stage, meanwhile, played host to a flock of worthy up-and-comers including Ra Ra Riot and Airborne Toxic Event, smartly cross-programmed against NYD/THS in order to give the kidz something to enjoy. “If I’m drinking coffee at a show, isn’t that way too f—ing early?” asked Thermals singer/guitarist Hutch Harris during their opening set of repetitive but bouncy rock. The answer might be found in the way I recoiled at the near-dozen members of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: I like enthusiastic L.A. hipsters funnying about with the 1960s as much as the next girl, but they were way too merry for that hour, even if their expansive soundcheck (“Okay, now can I hear the trumpet?”) was decent entertainment in and of itself.

Details of New York Dolls — declared by Ray to be “possibly the greatest band on the planet” — and the Hold Steady after the jump…


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