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Pearl Jam, 'Backspacer': Stream the full album at MySpace today

Pearl Jam’s ninth studio album, Backspacer, doesn’t officially bow until next Tuesday, but MySpace is streaming the record in full beginning today; head to to hear it all.

In the meantime, what do you think of the band’s new Target commercial? Strange to see the ultimate Davids aligned with a corporate Goliath, or is the more alt-friendly Bullseye distinct from other big-box retailers?

Pearl Jam's Cameron Crowe-directed video: Are live videos awesome, or a cop-out?

If there’s one thing Pearl Jam is known for (besides, of course, all that ’90s grunge/flannel shirt business), it’s their live shows.

So it’s only fitting that the band’s latest video features a live performance, directed by a guy who has something of a soft spot for rock & roll, Cameron Crowe. The video is for the song “The Fixer” (watch below), a track off their upcoming album Backspacer, which they performed live at a secret show at Seattle’s Showbox in May.Granted, the clip is a little dizzying, but it is one of few music videos that actually captures the feel of a band when they perform live.

What about you, MusicMixers? Are you a fan of Pearl Jam’s live videos or do you think they’re a cop out? Does the video get you excited for the new album or are your days of deciphering Eddie Vedder’s every move long since passed?

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Pearl Jam debuts short film in anticipation of 'Backspacer.' Are you psyched?

“It’s like with oil painting… a friend of mine said, ‘Paint a hundred, see if you’re good at it. After a hundred, maybe you’ll know.’” That’s how Eddie Vedder kicks off this short look inside Backspacer, due September 20th. It’s not their hundredth album — really just their ninth — but as the band pulls into their 20th year of existence, it’s fair to say Pearl Jam has now been painting for a long, long time. Snippets of new tracks surface here: “Got Some,” which they premiered on the first night of Conan’s Tonight Show; “Just Breathe,” a ballad clearly inspired by Vedder’s solo work on the Into the Wild soundtrack; and first single “The Fixer,” which we learn was a Matt Cameron contribution, and whose calf-springing beat just keeps getting better and better. Intercut with loving footage of the band’s Seattle warehouse home — and one sweet John Hughes tribute — this video feels like the infamous PJ shell just creaked open a little bit wider in hopes of letting a few more people in. I’ve heard the whole album and can back them up when they say it’s a tight, concise piece of work. Based on what you’ve heard so far, what do you think, Mixers?

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Pearl Jam's new single, 'The Fixer': Who's ready for a dance party?

Pearl Jam’s new single “The Fixer” got shipped to radio this morning. It’s the second song we’ve heard off their upcoming Backspacer“Got Some” debuted at the same time as Conan’s Tonight Show — and it’s quite possibly the poppiest thing the band has ever done. Like, try not to bounce up and down in your chair.

Pearl Jam debuts 'Got Some' on Conan: Watch it here

Musical star power is a key part of any good late-night chat show, and Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show premiere last night was no exception. Pearl Jam dropped by Conan's new digs to play "Got Some," a song from their upcoming album Backspacer, for the first time ever. Check it out below (note: clip mislabeled as "The Fixer") and let us know: How do you like "Got Some"? Are you looking forward to a new PJ album?

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Pearl Jam to release new album via partnership with Target


Rumors started over the weekend on sites like Antiquiet and Stereogum that Pearl Jam had staged a secret show at Seattle’s Showbox theater Thursday night, where they shot a Target commercial with longtime buddy and filmmaker Cameron Crowe. After an interview with Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis, EW can confirm that the band has established a partnership with Target for the release of their next record, currently titled Backspacer, which is tentatively slated to drop September 22.

Curtis, who is in Los Angeles preparing for the band’s appearance on the premiere of Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show this evening, says he wishes this information could have stayed in the can a bit longer: "We wanted to announce this when we could talk about everything, who our partners are," he tells Music Mix. "It’s not just via Target. They’re obviously the big retail chain that we love and adore that’s going to release this record. We’re also going to release it through our fan club, and Target was cool enough to allow us to pick up little indie [stores], too. They’re taking care of the little guy. The little guy is not their competition."

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Eddie Vedder's solo tour: What other frontmen do you want to see without their bands?

Eddie Vedder will temporarily be leaving Pearl Jam behind, heading out for an 11-date tour that kicks off June 8 in Albany, NY. It’ll be Vedder’s second-ever solo tour (check out Whitney Pastorek’s review of one of Vedder’s gigs last year.) Tickets are going for as much as $75, and Ten Club members get first dibs on pre-sale (they are a dedicated bunch, so be prepared).

So tell us, Music Mixers, what other frontmen should put together solo tours? And while you’re pondering, check out this video Vedder’s Golden Globe-winning "Guaranteed," from Into the Wild.


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Ron Wood collaborates with Eddie Vedder, while Al Jardine taps Neil Young, Flea

Woodvedder_lRolling Stones guitar legend Ron Wood has been collaborating with Eddie Vedder, according to At a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after-party Saturday night, producer Bob Rock confirmed that he had worked on a track for Wood’s forthcoming solo album More Good News that features the Pearl Jam frontman. Wood himself was quoted as saying that the collection "is gonna be great" (mind you, though my personal admiration for Woodie’s guitar-playing is pretty boundless, I also once recall him saying you could usually tell if a Stones album was bad if it featured an abundance of Wood writing credits). And the guitarist isn’t the only rock star who has sought assistance from a comparative whippersnapper for a solo album. also reports that Beach Boy Al Jardine’s new album Post Card From California will feature Neil Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Steve Miller, and Brian Wilson.

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Pearl Jam's 'Ten' reissue: Snap judgment... or not


I got home from SXSW last night and drove straight from the airport to the office to pick up my copy of the "Super Deluxe" Ten reissue — which was released today in a variety of different complexities — and then drove straight home to devour it, without so much as collecting dinner or bothering to take my suitcase out of the car. And here is my snap judgment:

I can’t make a snap judgment on this! WTF are you talking about? In my possession I now have the original remastered version of Ten, a remixed version from Brendan O’Brien that includes a bunch of bonus tracks, a demo cassette, a wax paper packet of photos and stickers and ticket replicas, a composition notebook that serves as a photo album, a DVD of the band’s MTV Unplugged show, and three vinyl LPs, including the 1992 Drop in the Park concert. The record sleeve for the latter depicts Vedder soaring over a flannel-drenched crowd. I spent 20 minutes staring at it last night. I also spent most of my week in Texas driving around with the O’Brien remix advance in the car stereo, and am still finding new and exciting tweaks to these songs I’ve known for half my life. Absorbing all of this is going to take some time.

Additionally — and perhaps more shamefully* — I don’t own a record player, and neither Best Buy nor my local music equipment store were able to sell me one this morning. (Apparently the only people still in the market for turntables are DJs, and I do not require the technology for "scratching.") So while I wait for a Craigslist transaction to go through in order to properly review this thing, I open the floor to you, M-Dubs: Who’s got a copy? Who’s got an opinion? Share it in the comments! And meanwhile, check out this phenomenal hip-hop cover of “Why Go,” which incorporates nearly everything this post was about!

*please do not take the time to write in just to troll me for not owning a record player. I KNOW. and I’d make excuses, but whatever. the situation is being rectified. thank you for understanding.

Pearl Jam hits today's top ten with a song from 1991


When this week’s Billboard charts came out, some here at Music Mix headquarters were shocked to see Pearl Jam’s “Brother” in the top ten of both rock lists — #4 on Modern, #8 on Mainstream (where, thank god, Nickelback’s “Something in Your Mouth” still reigns supreme). Your Aunt Whittlz, on the other hand, was not shocked in the least: Pearl Jam has always sounded great on the radio, and “Brother” is vintage brew, the first song released from the upcoming Ten reissue.

The track is an outtake from those long-ago sessions, until now available only as a bootleg or in instrumental form on 2003′s Lost Dogs. But as of March 24, the fancy Brendan O’Brien remixed version can be yours, along with other bonus remixes like “State of Love and Trust” and the band’s never-before-officially-ownable MTV Unplugged show. Those wishing to get a jump on things can stream “Brother” and more on the PJ MySpace page, or play this very angry-making online game to unlock additional content. My Super Deluxe version is apparently waiting for me back in LA, because I am a very lucky girl. I have never wanted SXSW to end so quickly.

We’re trying to get a band member on the horn to discuss all this for ya, but meanwhile — what do you think, Mixers? Surprised at PJ’s newest chart success? Do you think all that airplay is more a testament to the quality of the track or the power of Eddie et. al.’s enduring sound? Might this old-school radio success equal old-school sales success for the reissue, too? And can you think of any other remixed outtakes that have hit the top ten?

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