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R. Kelly's 'Trapped in the Closet' premiere: On the scene

Last night, R. Kelly introduced the new chapters of Trapped in the Closet wearing bright red leather gloves. Why? Because he can.

But that’s part of Kels’ draw as an artist: Most of the time, it’s impossible to tell his motivations for anything. Kelly is the rare artist who seems to exist completely outside of the realm of irony, thus making his motivations almost entirely mysterious. When it comes to one of his albums or the never ending fountain of joy and weirdness that is Trapped in the Closet, it’s best to just let it wash over you.

Such was the case Monday night at New York’s Landmark Sunshine Cinemas, where Kelly pulled back the curtain on the newest chapters of Trapped in the Closet (which air this Friday, November 23, at 9 PM on IFC). In front of a theater full of people eager to cast their eyeballs on a fresh batch of insanity, Kelly introduced the program by once again calling it “an alien,” as though the ideas visit him from another plane of existence. “I’m glad to be one of the astronauts to take this trip to a place unknown,” he told the rapt crowd.

After thanking everyone for coming out and apologizing for the five year gap between episodes of Trapped in the Closet (“I had to save up my money! A dollar a day!” he joked), he unveiled the new chapters. READ FULL STORY

Previously unreleased Whitney Houston song 'Never Give Up' hits the web -- listen to it here

Ahead of the release of the late Whitney Houston’s new greatest hits album, a previously unreleased song by the singer-actress hit the web Tuesday. The R&B song, called “Never Give Up,” recorded with producer Jermaine Dupri, was originally slated to be released on 2009 album I Look To You.

It’s an uplifting, motivational tune. “Never, never give up / Hold your head to the sky, look them right in the eyes / Tell them you will never quit until the day you get it right,” Houston sings.

The song is on the greatest hits collection I Will Always Love You — The Best of Whitney Houston, along with another posthumously released song, “I Look to You,” a duet with R. Kelly, which came out in September.

Check out “Never Give Up” in the lyric video below: READ FULL STORY

R. Kelly's 'Trapped in the Closet' returns Nov. 23 -- Watch 'Chapter 23' here!

It has been a few years since R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet left us hanging on a “To Be Continued” fade out. What would become of Sylvester and Twan? What was this “package” that everybody kept talking about? Does Pimp Lucius have more secrets? And what of Big Man?

These questions may get answers (which will probably lead to even crazier questions) when the next batch of Trapped in the Closet episodes return on Nov. 23 at 9 p.m. on IFC.

There are 10 chapters in the coming batch, though Kelly told Entertainment Weekly that there may be many, many more where those came from. Since Kelly sees this as his own self-produced soap opera, and because soap operas run for decades, it’s possible that Trapped in the Closet will run and run.

You can check out a sneak peak of “Chapter 23″ below.


Kanye West says 'Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax' on new 'Cruel Summer' track: Hear it here

Is Mitt Romney rap’s most beleaguered target? It’s starting to look that way.

Shortly after Nicki Minaj fake-supported the Republican on her “Mercy” redo, Kanye West has inserted a Romney reference of his own on his new G.O.O.D. Music album.

“Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax,” ‘Ye declares on Cruel Summer‘s opener “To the World,” which also features R. Kelly. The next line? “Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.” We thinks Kanye’s trying to tell us something!

West, of course, has a colorful history regarding leading Republicans, so this should make for a fun election year. And while it’s certainly headline-grabbing, the Romney line might not even be the most intriguing quote in the song. R. Kelly, for instance, sneaks in a gem with “The whole world is a couch / Bitch, I’m Rick James tonight,” while Kanye raises eyebrows with the line, “R. Kelly and the god of rap / S—tin’ on you, holy crap.” (If you recall, R. Kelly was once famously accused of urinating on women.)

Anyway, enough with the chit-chat. Listen to the song for yourself! Check out the video below and get back to us in the comments.


Bad day for R&B: Frank Ocean, R. Kelly cancel performances

Frank Ocean has really been on quite a roll: The news of his sexuality was embraced with almost universal acceptance and understanding, his album Channel Orange has put up some big sales figures in its first two weeks, and he laid out what might have been the best performance of this year’s Lollapalooza.

All that momentum makes today’s news especially disappointing, as Ocean has cancelled a handful of tour dates that included a run of European festivals and a 10-show stint as the opening act for Coldplay. “I feel like an a–hole right now,” Ocean said in a statement about the cancellations. “A tough decision had to be made in regard to my schedule over the next months.” READ FULL STORY

Some details on Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and R. Kelly's 'Sparkle' soundtrack, including that Whitney-Jordin duet

The trailer for the upcoming remake of the 1976 musical drama Sparkle (which stars Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston) features a few promising snippets of the movie’s music, including bits of “Hooked on Your Love” and “Something He Can Feel,” which Aretha Franklin sang on the original film’s Curtis Mayfield-produced soundtrack. Intrigued? We talked to Sparks and Sparkle director Salim Akil about what to expect from the soundtrack.

–The film will include new versions of most of the original songs, including “Something He Can Feel” (which En Vogue scored a hit with in the early ’90s), “Look Into Your Heart,” and “Jump.” But not the classic title track? “No, not the song ‘Sparkle,'” says Sparks. “Which actually could change, because we’re still working on getting songs on the soundtrack. That could be a possiblilty. I was wondering about that too! I’m actually meeting with people who are working on the soundtrack today. You know what, I’m going to mention that.”

–In addition to some arranging work, R. Kelly wrote two brand-new songs for the movie. READ FULL STORY

R. Kelly confirms the return of 'Trapped in the Closet,' brings Sylvester, Twan, Big Man and the rest back into our lives

As the Transformers movies have taught us, there is such a thing as too many sequels.

Some series live on well past their expiration date, clinging to scraps of relevance: Those Sookie Stackhouse books keep happening; Meat Loaf still dusts off Bat Out of Hell every decade or so; The Office is still inexplicably on television. There’s an air of sadness in going back to the well, and it often kills the stature of the original great idea that spawned so many bad ones.

Then again, some series should never die, and will always be greeted as conquering heroes upon their return. This is a long-winded way of expressing the importance of and glee associated with the return of Trapped in the Closet, R. Kelly’s soap operatic R&B opus. READ FULL STORY

R. Kelly returns with new single 'Share My Love': Hear it here!

While R. Kelly has talked about rolling out dozens more episodes of his much-loved Trapped in the Closet series, his first order of business is his upcoming album Write Me Back, which is scheduled for release in March. This morning, Kels dropped that album’s first single, a creamy slice of seduction called “Share My Love.”

Though his late 2011 single “Shut Up” got back to the business of R. Kelly crazy-talking R&B (you know, like “Real Talk”), his new single “Share My Love” sounds like a logical extension of 2010’s Sam Cooke-inspired Love Letter. With its disco strings and easy-breezy beat, “Share My Love” has more of a mid-period Marvin Gaye vibe to it, which hopefully means that Kels is working his way through R&B history and will eventually end up back at his own career in a few albums or so.

Give “Share My Love” a spin below. READ FULL STORY

R. Kelly says his new album, 'Black Panties,' gets back to his nasty ways: Are you going to miss his sweeter side?


Last winter R&B icon R. Kelly dropped Love Letter, his most tasteful album in years. The ‘60s soul-inspired set was more about affection and courtship than threesomes and other R-rated exploits, which was the lane Kells had been cruising in for a while.

But yesterday on 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot, Kelly announced that he’s headed back to Nastyville on his forthcoming album, brilliantly titled Black Panties.

“I just did the whole Love Letter joint and everybody’s thinking, ‘ That’s the direction he’s going now,’” Kelly said on his Chicago hometown station. “No! That was a moment in time, just like ‘Ignition’ and ‘Bump N’ Grind.’ Now this Black Panties is the new 12 Play.”

Of course he’s referring to his classic album, one that’s warmed up many fans’ nights since it came out in November 1993. Kelly even confessed that he has three kids of his own thanks to it. Whoa.

Kelly promises that the first single from Panties, “10 Minutes,” is coming soon. Though he didn’t reveal any details about it, I imagine that what we’ll be hearing will be fit to soundtrack various bedroom romps.

But considering the success he had with Love Letter, is leaning on raunchiness the way to go?  Its first single, “When a Woman Loves,” scored him major points in the R&B adult-contemporary world. And let’s not forget that Kells is a grown man. He’s 44. I’m not sure I want to hear about him doing things that artists nearly half his age (hello, Trey) do.

What do you think? Looking forward to Kelly getting back to his explicit ways? Or should he “grow up,” so to speak?

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R. Kelly facing foreclosure on Chicago mansion
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R. Kelly facing foreclosure on Chicago mansion


Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter R. Kelly, 44, is in danger of losing his Chicago-area home.

Yahoo reports that the R&B artist has not made mortgage payments on the multimillion-dollar mansion in more than a year and that property lenders may seize it soon.

A foreclosure action filed in June states that Kelly has been delinquent on payments since June 2010. Kelly is currently headlining a national tour, supporting his latest album, Love Letter.

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R. Kelly, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, ‘Glee’s Matthew Morrison perform: On the scene at Clive Davis’s annual Grammy party
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