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Liam Gallagher slams Radiohead: 'Writing a song about a tree? Give me a break!'

Liam-thomImage Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images; Nick Pickles/WireImage.comAs the lead singer of Oasis, Liam Gallagher was famous for speaking his mind even/especially if that meant sticking the boot in to his rock star peers. Has his attitude changed now that he is the frontman for Beady Eye? It most definitely has not.

The website Quietus has just published an interview with Gallagher in which he reveals his thoughts on the recent output of his fellow Brit rockers Radiohead—notably their single, “Lotus Flower”—although Thom Yorke fans may well question my use of the word “thoughts.”

“I heard that f—ing Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!'” Gallagher declared. “I like to think that what we do, we do f—-ing well. Them writing a song about a f—ing tree? Give me a f—-ing break! A thousand year old tree? Go f— yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern tree or one that was planted last week. You know what I mean?”

The debut Beady Eye CD—Different Gear, Still Speeding— was released yesterday. You can read Entertainment Weekly‘s own interview with Liam Gallagher in the current issue of EW. Check back to the Music Mix next week for a longer version our chat.

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Radiohead meets Beyonce in pretty much the only way possible: Internet mashup
Radiohead’s new album and single released early today: Watch the video for ‘Lotus Flower’

Radiohead meets Beyonce in pretty much the only way possible: Internet mashup

After Radiohead released the spastic-fantastic music video for their new single “Lotus Flower” — which features singer Thom Yorke doing an interpretive dance that appears to have been choreographed by an epileptic extraterrestrial — it took almost no time at all for the wish-granting genies of the Internet to set his King-of-Flailing-Limbs movements to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” The two sync up surprisingly well, which makes me want to see if the inverse works, with Beyoncé’s video set to “Lotus Flower.” Close the loop, Internet, close the loop.

See the original clip of Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”

Radiohead's new album and single released early today: Watch the video for 'Lotus Flower' here

Lotus-FlowerAll you had to do, Radiohead fans, was hurry up and wait.

Only days after announcing the imminent arrival of new album The King of Limbs—and three-plus years since their last, 2007’s In Rainbows—England’s indie-rock godheads have returned, releasing Limbs a full day early, along with a video for first single “Lotus Flower.” READ FULL STORY

Radiohead's new album coming out this weekend

radiohead-king-of-limbsNobody thought Radiohead would follow a conventional release model for the followup to their brilliant In Rainbows, but…this was unexpected, to say the least. This morning the band announced that their eighth album, The King Of Limbs, will be available for download on their site Feb. 19. That’s this Saturday! Between then and March 28, when the record will be sold in CD and 12″ vinyl form at regular outlets, fans can buy the album as is or a deluxe edition including two clear 10″ vinyl records.


Radiohead helps fans make 'Prague' concert DVD: Watch clips here

If you’re like me, the instant your favorite artist walks off stage is when you start wanting to relive their entire concert again. YouTube and portable camera technology have made that hugely easier in recent years, with the caveat that much of the live video out there looks shaky and sounds fuzzier.

Two things set the new fan-made Radiohead in Prague DVD project apart from those typical next-day online clips: First, it’s been carefully edited over a period of months from many fans’ flip cam footage of a show that Radiohead played in Prague on Aug. 23, 2009, so that only the best shots made the cut. Second, even more crucially, the band gave the project its blessing, providing high-quality soundboard audio files from the concert.

Radiohead in Prague is available for free download in a variety of formats, and streamable on YouTube. If you’re any kind of Radiohead fan, it’s really worth checking out. I’m lucky enough to have seen Radiohead in concert many times, and this captures something about that invariably thrilling experience. It’s a true fan’s eye view, putting you right there in the midst of your fellow devotees as the band works its magic.

Check out two highlights from the concert film, “Nude” and “Idioteque,” after the jump. Have you seen Radiohead in Prague? Which are your favorite songs from this show? READ FULL STORY

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway preps a surprising solo debut: The Music Mix Q&A

phil-selwayImage Credit: Kevin WestenbergMillions of fans worldwide know Philip Selway as Radiohead‘s drummer, the steady rhythmic anchor for the British band’s most daring experiments. But for the better part of the last decade, unknown to all but a select few, Selway has been quietly developing his own voice as a singer-songwriter. We first got an inkling of this side of Selway last year, when he contributed two mostly acoustic tunes to an album by 7 Worlds Collide, the supergroup led by New Zealand rocker Neil Finn. He’ll kick off his solo career in earnest on Aug. 31 with the release of Familial, a delicate folk-rock set recorded over the past two years in between his work with Radiohead. (The band is currently on a summer break from completing their eagerly awaited eighth album.)

I met Selway, 43, in a downtown Manhattan hotel yesterday to hear all about it. Click over to his official site to listen to “By Some Miracle,” Familial‘s excellent opening track, and read on for a lightly edited transcript of our full Q&A.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Are you excited about people getting to hear your album?
Yeah! I mean, it’s been a very guarded secret for quite some time from practically everybody. So that whole process of putting it out to people is exciting. There’s a deal of apprehension in it, as well. But suddenly, it makes it real in a way. There’s actually a record that people are listening to, and it’s finished. READ FULL STORY

Radiohead album coming this year? Maybe, maybe not, says drummer Philip Selway

Phil-SelwayImage Credit: John Shearer/Getty ImagesOne of the biggest mysteries in rock right now is when Radiohead will release their eighth album. Last month, guitarist Ed O’Brien said they were “at the finish line” after working on and off since at least March 2009. O’Brien even suggested, not for the first time, that the highly anticipated follow-up to 2007’s In Rainbows could be out by the end of this year. So when I sat down with Radiohead drummer Philip Selway today to talk about his excellent solo debut, Familial (out Aug. 31), I had to ask him how the band’s new album is coming along. “It’s not finished yet,” Selway replied immediately. “It’s still ongoing. We like where we are so far.”

Selway added that Radiohead’s latest studio sojourns have been “very productive, very creative sessions. You don’t want to start summing them up, though, until you’ve actually finished. I think that’s when you get the real hindsight on it, and the real flavor of actually what went on.” As for that 2010 deadline that O’Brien mentioned? “Oh, I don’t know. We keep on hitting those points where you think, ‘We’re there.’ And then [later] you think, ‘No, it’s not.’ We’re having a break from it at the moment. I’ll be [promoting Familial], and then we’ll come back to it later in the summer and see where we are.”

So there you have it. LP8 may or may not be in your hands by New Year’s (hey, he didn’t deny it), but either way, sounds like things are going well. Anyway, considering the out-of-the-blue surprise release strategy Radiohead employed for In Rainbows, I wouldn’t count on too much advance notice whenever they decide the next one is done. When do you think that day will come? Are you looking forward to the next Radiohead album as eagerly as I am?

Also: Radiohead drummer Philip Selway preps a suprising solo debut: The Music Mix Q&A

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'The Social Network' trailer: Who's that choir covering Radiohead's 'Creep'?

SCALA-KOLACNY-BROTHERSThe latest trailer for The Social Network, director David Fincher’s Facebook movie, set the blogs afire yesterday — not least because of the eerie choral cover of Radiohead’s 1993 hit “Creep” that soundtracks its opening images of friend requests and status updates. So who’s that singing?

Reports have identified several contenders. A rep for Columbia Pictures confirms that the correct answer is Scala and Kolacny Brothers, an otherwise little-known Belgian women’s choir (pictured) headed by conductor Stijn Kolacny and pianist Steven Kolacny. “Creep” appeared on 2002’s On the Rocks, their first collection of rock and pop covers. Tunes by Nirvana, Muse, Kylie Minogue, and Wheatus also got the choral treatment on that disc.

Check out the full version of Scala and Kolacny Brothers’ “Creep” after the jump (brief NSFW language), followed by that Social Network trailer. An inspired choice, no? I bet Social Network co-star and noted Radiohead enthusiast Justin Timberlake was feeling it.


Radiohead 'at the finishing line' on new album, guitarist says

RadioheadImage Credit: Kevin WestenbergAccording to a BBC 6 Music interview with Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien, the UK brood-rock icons’ followup to 2008’s In Rainbows is nearly complete—and may be available by the close of 2010.

“Ideally, it would be great if it came out sometime this year. It has got to. I hope so,” he said. “We’re at the finishing line. When you’re making a record, a film, write a book for ages and ages you think the finishing line is miles away. Now it feels it’s in touching distance. But of course, it being a creative process, at the last bit also, you have bursts of energy, you achieve a lot of things in a small period of time and then you’re nearly there. It might slow down. But yeah, hopefully it will be a matter of weeks.”

The still-untitled release is, he says, “genuinely exciting” and “very different from what we did last time.It’s really nice to be doing this. It’s so good to be making music with the band that you feel is still as good as it’s ever been.” It also sounds like a better time than Rainbow‘s apparently taxing process: “It wasn’t fun making the record,” O’Brien admits. “Traditionally, Radiohead in a studio has been: Don your tin helmet, just see it out, like a war of attrition … We hear it all the time: ‘it sounds like you had a great time in the studio’. But, oh man… that [In Rainbows] was a slog. It was a really long process.”

“At the end, for instance a song like ‘House Of Cards’ has been recorded six times. Plus the fact: we had this genius idea in 2006 to go on tour and do 50 odd shows, play all these songs, go back to studio and record them. And that’s when we went back in with [producer] Nigel [Godrich]. We went in and recorded them having played these songs 50 times … And we got them down and most of them were rubbish. A lot of work in the creative process is rubbish.”

“We knew we had these songs,” he continues. “We really believed in these songs. So, we had to do it right. It just took a long time. And we basically decided then and there at the end of that record: ‘We are never doing this again this way’. That was kind of like the end of Radiohead, mark 2. We decided, the only way that worked for us to carry on was to do it in a different spirit. Enjoy it.”

No word yet on whether this more enjoyable outing’s digital and physical release will follow Rainbow‘s unorthodox release route. Readers, how do you think it should be done?

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Regina Spektor covers Radiohead's 'No Surprises' for charity

Regina-SpektorRegina Spektor has just released a cover of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. The 1997 original is very close to a perfect song, and for me it’s hard to imagine anyone but Thom Yorke singing it right. Spektor’s spare version, just her and a piano, has just about won me over, though. She’s smart enough not to distract from that heartbreakingly beautiful melody with any production tricks or vocal theatrics. Well done.

100 percent of the proceeds (both Spektor’s and Radiohead’s) are going to a very worthy cause: Doctors Without Borders provides crucial medical care to the victims of earthquakes, war, and other disasters around the world. So check out Spektor’s “No Surprises” after the jump (clip via Stereogum). Then, if you like it, please do consider spending $1.29 on it at iTunes. READ FULL STORY

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