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Radiohead on 'The Colbert Report': Way better than Radiohead on SNL?

Comedy Central

“Prepare yourselves, Radiohead. You’re about to meet Televisionface.”

That’s how Stephen Colbert introduced Thom Yorke and his group on Monday night during a very special hour-long episode of The Colbert Report that was almost entirely devoted to the band, and was also “presented by Dr Pepper, except for Radiohead, who present themselves because they’re nobody’s corporate tool.”

Wait… jokes? About the pioneers of “Serious Listening”? Yes, it’s true. Yorke was actually laughing, and the whole group seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves during the show.

Colbert accused the Brits of “stealing American rock jobs,” and when he chided them for their anti-corporate stance by sitting beneath a giant Dr. Pepper sign, Yorke quipped that the soda “tastes like that stuff you get at the dentist to swill your mouth out.”

“Well, Thom,” Colbert replied, “It is a doctor.”

Watching the entire show (which is available in its entirety here), it’s clear that Radiohead are way more comfortable here than they were during their disappointing SNL performance over the weekend. Where they were too cerebral on Saturday night, trying to cram the sweeping keyboard doodles and Hal 9000 bloops of “Lotus Flower” into a short-attention-span time slot, Colbert found them playing actual song-like songs, including “Little By Little,” “Bloom,” and a bluesy piano and horns version of the unreleased favorite “The Daily Mail” that was so warm, they played it beside an actual fireplace.

The night was, as Colbert promised, “a mind-blowing evening for the music nerds.” Of course, he scoffed, “If you were a real fan, you’d be watching this on vinyl.”

Watch a web-only exclusive of Radiohead playing “The National Anthem” (which is mislabeled as “Codex”) on Colbert after the jump.


Radiohead drop woozy 'Lotus Flower' and 'Staircase' on 'SNL': What did you think?

Saturday Night Live opened up its 37th season over the weekend with guns blazing. The show trotted out record-breaking, much-beloved host Alec Baldwin, whipped off their first funny political cold open since the 2008 election, and invited Radiohead, one of the most cultishly adored bands on the planet, to stand in as the musical guest.

In case you have forgotten, Radiohead actually put out an album this year. It’s called The King of Limbs, and it was almost completely forgettable. Objectively speaking, it’s another impressive sonic accomplishment, full of rumbles and hums and womb-like soundscapes. But once upon a time, the band used to write real songs, and those are nowhere to be found on The King of Limbs.

They didn’t do much to change minds on Saturday night, as frontman Thom Yorke and his collective of bleep-bloop obsessives twitched their way through a pair of tunes: the sinister b-side “Staircase” and the sorta-single “Lotus Flower,” the latter of which you can check out below. READ FULL STORY

Radiohead to play 'historic' one-hour episode of 'The Colbert Report,' two shows at NYC's Roseland


Comedy Central has announced that “show history” will be made on September 26 when Radiohead appear on a special one-hour episode of The Colbert Report.

The band will perform tracks from their recent King of Limbs CD as well as the song “The Daily Mail,” which they previously played at the U.K.’s Glastonbury Festival in June. The Report will start, as usual, at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT.


Jim Carrey covers Radiohead, becomes latest in long line of 'Creeps': See it here!

Is there an actor in the universe more ’90s than Jim Carrey? The guy rose from stand-up notoriety to national prominence on the sketch show In Living Color, which premiered in the spring of 1990, and then to international superstardom thanks to flicks like The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

He finished out the decade with a series of strong dramatic roles—including his turn as Andy Kaufman in the biopic Man in the Moon—but since the turn of the century, he has wavered between the broad stuff he used to be known for (Bruce Almighty, Yes Man) and down-the-rabbit-hole head-scratchers (The Number 23, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Really, the guy might as well be Billy Corgan.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that Carrey’s band played a gig in New York over the weekend and dropped in a pair of ’90s alt-rock covers into the mix. He channeled Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins during his read-through of “Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” but he really got into the groove during a version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” which you can check out below. READ FULL STORY

'120 Minutes': In honor of MTV2's re-launch tonight, host Matt Pinfield reminisces about his favorite 'Minutes' moments

An MTV classic is at last being let out of the vault. 120 Minutes, the long-running alternative-music series that spotlighted indie artists and bands not typically featured on the MTV lineup, is set to re-launch Sunday on MTV2 at 1:00am ET, with that chrome-domed font of encyclopedic musical knowledge, Matt Pinfield, back as host.

Fans who’ve never forgiven MTV for abandoning music in favor of reality shows about the attention-seeking, fame-whoring, and alcohol-guzzling, were particular dismayed when Minutes was cancelled in 2003 after a 17-year run. But they can now take heart: the premiere lineup tonight includes Sleigh Bells, the Black Angels, and Das Racist. And future guests set to join Pinfield on the 120 Minutes set at the Lower East Side’s Arlene’s Grocery include Dave Grohl, Lupe Fiasco, Kings of Leon, and PJ Harvey.

To commemorate the launch of the new show, we asked Matt Pinfield to take a ‘90s nostalgia trip and give us his favorite moments from the old 120 Minutes, a list that includes early signs of friction in Oasis, a lyrical tribute from Perry Farrell, and, of course, a drunken Jon Spencer meltdown. Take a look at Pinfield’s favorite memories after the break: READ FULL STORY

Adele's 21 return to No. 1 on Billboard 200 albums chart, goes platinum

British siren Adele returns to the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week.

With 88,000 copies of her sophomore set, 21, sold this week, not only does she regain her No. 1 seating, but the set has now sold over a million records, making her the first artist to score a platinum album in 2011.

Last week’s No. 1, Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale, slips a slot to No. 2. Its sales dropped 73% for 75,000 sold, while Radiohead’s The King of Limbs comes in at No. 3 with 67,000 units moved. Check out the top 10 after the jump.


Liam Gallagher slams Radiohead: 'Writing a song about a tree? Give me a break!'

Liam-thomImage Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images; Nick Pickles/WireImage.comAs the lead singer of Oasis, Liam Gallagher was famous for speaking his mind even/especially if that meant sticking the boot in to his rock star peers. Has his attitude changed now that he is the frontman for Beady Eye? It most definitely has not.

The website Quietus has just published an interview with Gallagher in which he reveals his thoughts on the recent output of his fellow Brit rockers Radiohead—notably their single, “Lotus Flower”—although Thom Yorke fans may well question my use of the word “thoughts.”

“I heard that f—ing Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!'” Gallagher declared. “I like to think that what we do, we do f—-ing well. Them writing a song about a f—ing tree? Give me a f—-ing break! A thousand year old tree? Go f— yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern tree or one that was planted last week. You know what I mean?”

The debut Beady Eye CD—Different Gear, Still Speeding— was released yesterday. You can read Entertainment Weekly‘s own interview with Liam Gallagher in the current issue of EW. Check back to the Music Mix next week for a longer version our chat.

(Follow the Music Mix on Twitter: @EWMusicMix.)

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Radiohead meets Beyonce in pretty much the only way possible: Internet mashup
Radiohead’s new album and single released early today: Watch the video for ‘Lotus Flower’

Radiohead meets Beyonce in pretty much the only way possible: Internet mashup

After Radiohead released the spastic-fantastic music video for their new single “Lotus Flower” — which features singer Thom Yorke doing an interpretive dance that appears to have been choreographed by an epileptic extraterrestrial — it took almost no time at all for the wish-granting genies of the Internet to set his King-of-Flailing-Limbs movements to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” The two sync up surprisingly well, which makes me want to see if the inverse works, with Beyoncé’s video set to “Lotus Flower.” Close the loop, Internet, close the loop.

See the original clip of Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower”

Radiohead's new album and single released early today: Watch the video for 'Lotus Flower' here

Lotus-FlowerAll you had to do, Radiohead fans, was hurry up and wait.

Only days after announcing the imminent arrival of new album The King of Limbs—and three-plus years since their last, 2007’s In Rainbows—England’s indie-rock godheads have returned, releasing Limbs a full day early, along with a video for first single “Lotus Flower.” READ FULL STORY

Radiohead's new album coming out this weekend

radiohead-king-of-limbsNobody thought Radiohead would follow a conventional release model for the followup to their brilliant In Rainbows, but…this was unexpected, to say the least. This morning the band announced that their eighth album, The King Of Limbs, will be available for download on their site Feb. 19. That’s this Saturday! Between then and March 28, when the record will be sold in CD and 12″ vinyl form at regular outlets, fans can buy the album as is or a deluxe edition including two clear 10″ vinyl records.


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