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Governors Ball 2014, Day 2: Jack White, The Strokes, Sleigh Bells go big

At any weekend festival, Saturday is typically the most important day; it also tends to be the best attended. (Friday gets cut off because it’s still a work day; Sunday gets truncated because of exhaustion.)

With that many people going all-in, everything gets heightened: the weather hits harder, the choices made about who to watch and what to skip become more dramatic, and the pressure gets ratcheted up for everybody on stage, especially the closers.

Such was the case on Saturday, the second day of Governors Ball 2014, and luckily, headliner Jack White is no stranger to pressure. White has headlined many a festival before, so he’s an old hand at commanding the whims of tens of thousands at a time, and he stuck to the biggest meat-and-potatoes riffs in his catalog to keep the crowd stirred after a long day of baking in the sun.  READ FULL STORY

Soundtrack of My Life: Sleigh Bells on the songs that shaped them

In the wake of Sleigh Bells’ excellent new album Bitter Rivals, we sat down with singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller and asked them about the music they grew up with. Read on to find out how Sinead makes them cry, Ghostface helps them rage, and Alanis teaches them about sex.

The first album I ever bought

Alexis Krauss: Weezer, Blue album. I remember walking into town and going to [the record store]. There was this girl working there, this total grunge chick behind the counter. That was when MTV was still playing videos, and the video for “Buddy Holly” blew my f—ing mind! And then I heard “Say It Ain’t So,” and if literally ruptured my brain. So I went in and bought it, and we’d always blast it in my house and dance. One day, the creepy old woman who lived across the street came to the house and knocked on the door. We were terrified! So we just pretended we weren’t home.

Derek Miller: My first CD was TLC’s Oooh… On the TLC Tip. I was obsessed with “What About Your Friends.” It’s still a badass record, too.

The first song or album I obsessed with

DM: I saw La Bamba when it came out, and that movie opens with Santo and Johnny’s “Sleepwalk.” At the time, I thought it was Ritchie Valens. But I’m still obsessed with that piece of music — I’ve never met a music fan who doesn’t worship that. It’s incredible.

AK: Honestly, it’s probably Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill. Dude, like so obsessed with it. I remember, I used to sing, like, Disney songs, and Alanis Morissette was like the transition record for me. I remember listening to “You Oughtta Know,” and there’s that line “Would she go down on you in a theater/Does she speak eloquently?” So there were two really big learning lessons: the word “eloquently.” And then I literally asked my mom, “What does going down on you in a theater mean?” My mom explained it in a very good, mom way.


Sleigh Bells announce new album, single, and video, all called 'Bitter Rivals'


Because all the world’s movie trailers aren’t going to soundtrack themselves, Sleigh Bells announced they have a new album coming out on October 8. It’s called Bitter Rivals (not to be confused with the UFC event of the same name), and the first single is the title track.

Though “Bitter Rivals” begins with a little acoustic strumming, it quickly morphs into the best kind of Sleigh Bells song: Raw, jittery, loud, and replete with the awesome chorus “You are my bitter rival/But I need you for survival.”

The video, made in collaboration with the Vice/Intel partnership The Creators Project, features also contains a bunch of scenes of singer Alexis Krauss shadow boxing, which will hopefully lead to some sort of title fight against Katy Perry. Check it out below.  READ FULL STORY

Anthony Bourdain has drinks, gets tattoo with Sleigh Bells in 'No Reservations' premiere: Watch it here


Chef/author/general wild man Anthony Bourdain has been to some wild, far-flung locales on his No Reservations show. And in the Travel Channel show’s Sept. 3 third-season premiere, he drops in on one of the world’s most chaotic events: South by Southwest.

There, Bourdain finds Sleigh Bells playing their face-melting set at ACL’s Moody Theater and decides, “You know what, I’m gonna hang out with these kids today.” And hang he does! Bourdain tags along with duo Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller at their SXSW home base, a nice backyarded house away from the squalor of downtown.

The band’s friends join the party as well, and soon everyone’s enjoying a good crawfish boil, getting “drunk as s—” (Bourdain’s words) on avocado margaritas, and giving certain Reservation-ists permanent tattoos on their arm.

Watch all the high jinks go down in the video below:


TV Jukebox: 'Don't Trust the B-- in Apartment 23,' 'Magic City,' 'Girls,' and more music-on-TV moments

Behind every great lady there’s a great man singing behind her — at least that was the case for most of this week’s Jukebox. In one instance, there was even a man singing as a lady (welcome back, Glee!). This week saw one particularly untrustworthy B—- in Apartment 23, a new slew of Girls, a masseuse with a heart of gold (The Client List), and a Scandal-ous Beltway fixer with brass… well, you get where I’m going. To paraphrase the great Aretha Franklin, sisters were doing it for themselves — with the help of artists as diverse as The Clash, Sleigh Bells, Paddy Casey, and Otis Redding, of course. Check out our picks below, and make sure to click through to the last page to listen to all the songs in our customized Spotify playlist. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!) READ FULL STORY

TV Jukebox: 'Mad Men,' 'Supernatural,' 'Missing,' and more music-on-TV moments

Old-school tracks were the name of the game more often than not these past few weeks. Whether your definition of “old-school” translates to proper Mad Men-era tunes heard on the AMC hit, Scandal, and Supernatural, or ’80s classics as seen on Happy Endings and One Tree Hill, this week’s Jukebox offers up a retro rave fit for anybody. Of course there were plenty of contemporary jams, too: MCs from London and the Bronx on Breakout KingsCSI: NY, and 90210, TV darlings Sleigh Bells on The Vampire Diaries, and Portland indie rockers Novosti on Missing, plus “show tunes” from GCB and Gossip Girl. Check out our picks below. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)


Sleigh Bells rock out like 'Demons' at SXSW: Watch highlights from the show here

In a week full of mindblowingly huge rap stars, epic sets from rock legends, and rooftop robots, the Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells still managed to be one of my personal SXSW highlights.

Against a backdrop of Marshall amps, sex-kitten-in-Keds frontwoman Alexis Krauss and stoic guitarist Derek Miller killed it at the Vevo-sponsored showcase at ACL’s Moody Theater. Miller was joined by a second guitarist, but the real show belonged to Krauss, whose jumping, kicking, dancing, and singing-while-crowdsurfing antics pumped up the already pumped crowd.

I could tell you more about it, but Sleigh Bells shows are best when seen first-hand, so check out some of the show’s highlights — including songs from their debut, Treats, as well as a couple from the new Reign of Terror — with the videos below:


Sleigh Bells does Beyonce's 'Irreplaceable' justice: Hear it here

Hey, remember that time we were all wondering what it would sound like if R&B diva Beyoncé collaborated with indie-thrash duo Sleigh Bells?

Sadly, we never found out, but the next best thing has turned up. Sleigh Bells — who’ve recently released their heavy new record Reign of Terror and performed on Saturday Night Live — visited BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe to play a couple of songs, including a cover of Beyoncé’s to-the-left classic “Irreplaceable.” And it’s really good!

Typically, the band’s singer and headbanger-in-chief Alexis Krauss uses her enchanting pipes to yell demonic phrases like “burn the orphanage” and “when the birds start bleeding.” But Krauss also has a teen-pop background thanks to her Rubyblue days, so it’s actually not that surprising that she can find her away around a Top 40 single so well.

Check out the track below and let us know if you agree:


Album Sales: Adele, Whitney make up half the Top 10; 'We Are Young' rockers fun. debut at No. 3

Nine straight weeks. That’s how long Adele’s 21 has sat atop the Billboard 200 in 2012.

(The disc has been at No. 1 for 22 weeks total — the most since Prince’s 1984 album Purple Rain.) This week, the Grammy-winning, Brit Award bird-flipping, generally beloved diva, whose song “Set Fire to the Rain” was positively butchered last night on American Idol, moved yet another 297,000 copies of 21 this week. Its total now stands above 7.6 million. READ FULL STORY

Sleigh Bells unleash new single 'Comeback Kid': Hear it here

Need a pick-me-up after spending the morning watching (and rewatching) Lana Del Rey’s wooden SNL outing?

Sleigh Bells has the cure. The Brooklyn noise-pop duo hit the web today with “Comeback Kid,” the first proper single from their upcoming sophomore effort Reign of Terror, due February 21.

The track — whose optimistic title offers an alternative to the underachiever anthem “Born to Lose,” a previously released RoT cut — pleasingly fuses pummeling beats and grungy guitar heroics with Alexis Krauss’ sugar-sweet vocals.

You can buy the track on iTunes (it also comes free if you preorder the album), but first check it out below:


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