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The Rap Genius team on their new $15M investment, becoming 'the internet Talmud,' and chasing Kanye

Until a short time ago, I was sure that the line from Notorious B.I.G.’s 1995 rap classic “Big Poppa” was “Living better now/Gucci sweater now.”

I was not alone in this assumption. But when I recently had to write something about Ready to Die for EW, I pulled up the song’s entry on Rap Genius — the popular Wiki-style site that not only lists hip-hop lyrics but also explains them — and was stunned to learn that after all these years, Biggie was actually wearing a “Coogi sweater.”

And while a number of lyrics sites could’ve corrected me here, only one provided an annotation telling me that Coogi was the Australian clothing brand responsible for the “expensive multi-colored sweaters” that were “first popularized in the U.S. by Bill Cosby in the ‘80s.”

Rap Genius wants to offer its brand of CliffsNotes to more than just hip-hop, though. The site’s new mission is to archive and explain everything from indie rock to poetry to Biblical verses. And now they have the money to do it: earlier this month, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz announced a whopping $15 million investment in the project.

As Marc Andreessen wrote, the funding will help Rap Genius “generalize out to many other categories of text … annotate the world … be the knowledge about the knowledge … create the Internet Talmud.” A tall order, yes, but the site’s founders — college friends Mahbod Moghadam, Tom Lehman, and Ilan Zechory — are confident that they can pull it off.

Very confident. “Five years from now, we’ll have 5,000 employees, we’ll have gone public, and we’ll be the biggest site in the world,” Moghadam tells me when I visit the Williamsburg penthouse-apartment that currently serves as Rap Genius HQ. Moghadam isn’t afraid to make grand pronouncements (sample quotes include It’s the reinvention of the printing press” and “I have this thing that is going to be the future of the written word”), speaking as though it was always obvious that the Internet’s future would come in the form of a rap-lyrics site.

“It’s changed the face of human knowledge,” he says of Rap Genius, before dialing it back just a notch: I mean, so far it’s hip-hop knowledge. But no question, soon it’s going to be all of knowledge.”


'Breakfast with Kreayshawn': A special presentation from Tumblr and EW -- VIDEO

Careful, Ron Swanson — rapper Kreayshawn might love breakfast even more than you do.

But don’t take our word for it: “I believe in energies, and ghosts, and fate, and luck, and eggs, and bacon, and girl power. And syrup power,” the artist reveals in this new video from Tumblr’s Storyboard blog. No wonder the second single from Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay, her major-label debut, is called “Breakfast (Syrup).”

A member of Tumblr’s team took Kreay — that’s pronounced “cray,” not “kree-ay” — and her posse to IHOP, where the group discussed music, nail art, and “just being a real-ass bitch every day.”

Though mostly, the conversation revolved around bacon. And while the result might not make you warm to the divisive California girl, it’ll definitely make you crave a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity. Check it out below, but only if you’ve already had a nosh:


It was inevitable: The 'Gangnam Style' lip-dubs begin, with U.S. Navy midshipmen -- VIDEO

Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, and the Today show crew have all gotten down with PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” so why not Navy midshipmen? Or the Oregon Duck? Or Deadpool?

After a summer chockablock with “Call Me Maybe” lip-dubs, it’s inevitable that the latest viral music sensation would get the same treatment. An added bonus: No pretense to matching the lyrics necessary!

Check them out below, and behold the pop-culture meat grinder at its finest:  READ FULL STORY

Watch this awesome house cat sing along to Collective Soul: VIDEO

If we could adopt any cat in the world, it would be the one that meows along to forgotten ’90s alt bands:


Stream Kanye's new single, 'Clique'

Kanye West isn’t always the easiest guy to like. He’s cocky. He was mean to Taylor Swift. He likes Kim Kardashian without being ironic.

And yet the man mints gold. It’s like he’s incapable of making bad music. Even 808′s and Heartbreak, which wasn’t that good, was pretty damn good. His new single, “Clique,” featuring guest appearances by Big Sean and new BFF Jay-Z, is no exception. Its off-kilter beat is fresh and invigorating, and West’s inventive lyrics are among his most clever: “You know white people / get money don’t spend it … I’d rather buy chains and go ign’ant.”

I won’t wax academic and call that poetry, but come on, it’s funny. It’s funny, and more importantly, it’s smart, because it’s self-aware and self-deprecating and comically accurate.

You win, yet again, Mr. West. You won with The College Dropout, the soundtrack to my sophomore year of high school. You won with Late Registration and the way my friends and I bonded over it like some kind of sacrament. You won with Graduation because you made pop music cool again. And you won with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because Pitchfork gave it a 10.0. (808′s and Heartbreak was a draw.)

I wish I knew how to quit you.

Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Russian busker sounds exactly like Kurt Cobain: Watch him here

Kurt Cobain’s vocal doppelgänger exists, and he’s Siberian.

Meet Nikolay Petrovsky, a young subway busker whose voice almost exactly replicates that of the late Nirvana frontman, down to the subtle breaks and distinct throaty grain. (via Russia’s Life News) reports that Petrovsky, who doesn’t drink or smoke or speak English, was trained as a sailor and has been playing in Russian subways since 2004.

In the videos below, watch him perform “Pennyroyal Tea” off of In Utero, followed by Cobain’s solo acoustic version from 1993′s MTV Unplugged.  The resemblance is uncanny: READ FULL STORY

Muse release video for 'Madness': Watch it here

Consider it a sign o’ the times: Muse are doing dubstep.

Well, not exactly.  The English rockers’ new single, “Madness,” does feature a bit of that inescapable wub-wub-wub, but it’s more of a subdued textural element than a trouser-dropping bass cannon.  The song itself is also more restrained than much of their catalog, a subtle, layered groove with yearning harmonies.

In the video, our leggy heroine navigates the London Underground as a riot breaks out around her.  Its shadowy hues of green and blue suggest melancholy and urban decay, and serve as a perfect palette for the tune’s understated resignation.  Watch it below:


David Byrne and St. Vincent release music video for 'Who': Watch it here

In one of the coolest collaborations in recent memory, David Byrne and St. Vincent have teamed up for an album, Love This Giant, which drops Sept. 11.

The duo just released a video for the record’s brassy second single, “Who,” directed by Martin de Thurah.  Shot in crisp black and white, it ostensibly tells the story of an alcohol-induced car accident; but more importantly, it features some of Byrne’s characteristically funky dance moves.  Check it out below.


New Music Tuesday, Diva Edition: Leona Lewis, Ciara, Nelly Furtado, and a mini-Spice Girls reunion


It’s a good week to be a pop music fan: Nicki Minaj might be joining American Idol, J. Lo is taking her tour into the third dimension, and Xtina’s shooting a video. Here a preview of just a few of the new lady-pop gifts delivered into our inboxes today:

Leona Lewis featuring Childish Gambino — “Trouble”
Leona Lewis has been a very bad girl. She drives her lover to drink, smoke and get belligerent in the bedroom, and all she has to say is “I told you so”  on the icy “Trouble.” Fortunately, Lewis gets by with a little help from her friends – Scottish chanteuse Emeli Sandé co-wrote the song, and Childish Gambino guest raps as the victim boyfriend, busting in like an unexpected Spotify ad. Hear it here.

Nelly Furtado — “Parking Lot”
When Nelly isn’t breaking out viral K-Pop video dance moves, she’s showing off new tracks from her upcoming album, The Spirit Indestructible. Like its predecessors “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)” and the album’s title track, the latest single is a Darkchild collaboration that buzzes like a bee while Furtado longs for her youthful days of killing time in parking lots and … mud-dancing in a barn? Normal teen stuff. Listen here.

Ciara — “Livin’ It Up”
Breaking news: Ciara doesn’t have a lot of friends — or so she sings on the carefree “Livin’ It Up,” which may or may not be from the upcoming One Woman Army. But that doesn’t seem to keep to CiCi down as she sings about her new-found P.M.A. over sprightly synthesizers. You have reason to be cheery, too — it’s a free download over at Cosmo, along with tracks by Karmin, Cher Lloyd and Paloma Faith. Hear it here.

Melanie C featuring Emma Bunton — “I Know Him so Well”
If a Spice Girls reunion is what you want, what you really really want, feel free to hold your breath. But in the meantime, you can hear two of the girls’ voices become one right now: Melanie C (Sporty) and Emma Bunton (Baby) spice up a cover of “I Know Him So Well,” a song from the musical Chess, written by ABBA’s Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus. Listen here.

Darren Criss and Team Starkid return to Hogwarts – VIDEO
Birdy’s ‘Just a Game’ video from ‘The Hunger Games’: Watch here – EXCLUSIVE
Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, USA Gymnastics’ Fierce Five present at VMAs

Gotye creates 'Somebody That I Used to Know' mega-mix from YouTube covers

“Call Me Maybe” has officially won the battle for Song of the Summer — but Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” may yet win the war. Case in point: The following video, which goes a step further than all the other Gotye covers and parodies on YouTube by mashing those clips together, forming an ear worm-y whole that’s much greater than the sum of its lo-fi parts. It’s like the Megazord of Internet culture, only not nearly as cheesy.

Best of all, the video was assembled by Gotye himself: “Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of Somebody That I Used To Know seemingly taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn’t resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered,” he says on YouTube by way of explanation. Gotye: songwriter, videographer, word-maker-upper (remixability?). Marvel at his handiwork below.


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