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Paloma Faith: Don't cry 'Amy Winehouse rip-off!' just because she's awesome

paloma-faith_lUpon hearing smoky-voiced British import Paloma Faith, it’s a natural first reaction to want to compare her to Amy Winehouse. Much like her beehive-wearing colleague, Paloma’s got that woeful, soulful style that—unlike so many artists out there today—makes you actually feel something. But I’d urge you to ignore the whole Amy Winehouse allegory. This j’adorable chic stands on her own.

You see, thanks to a mix a friend put together (thanks again, Ru!), I recently happened upon Paloma’s haunting single “New York,” and it simply blew me away. This lady can sing, wailing through this tune that seems to chronicle a lover choosing the world’s greatest city over her. The opening and closing of the song are fairytale sweet with their childlike music-box chords. But it’s her soaring voice that made my hair stand on end. Her delivery is, in a word, intoxicating.

The first time I listened to “New York,” I was walking down bustling Seventh Avenue here in NYC, so I thought maybe the in-the-moment circumstances were altering my experience, and, thus, making me love it. But I tested the song elsewhere: “New York” stands up on the subway, in my apartment, and waiting in line at Uniqlo. Basically, everywhere.

One thing that surely sets Paloma apart from Winehouse is her delicious style, which finds her donning everything from bunny ears to the flirty get-up above. And her video for “New York,” which you can find after the jump, illustrates that even further, with her in the most gorgeous, strapless bowling-inspired dress. Her hair, too, while also an attribute comparable to Winehouse, sure is divine.


Allison Iraheta's 'Just Like You' album cover: EW's exclusive first look!


Friday I will not be over this…no way in hell. In fact, the Idoloonie within may never quite be the same after getting an exclusive first  look at the cover art for Allison Iraheta’s debut album, Just Like You, due December 1 via 19 Recordings/Jive. I’d compare my current condition to someone who just dove into a swimming pool holding a plugged-in extension cord, except for instead of getting a lethal dose of electricity, I’ve been fried by pure joy. Call me crazy, but after watching Allison’s amazing season 8 trajectory — from that sizzling and unexpected first impression on “Alone” to that beyond-her-years take on “I Can’t Make You Love Me” to that gut-wrenching exit performance of “Cry Baby” — it’s a beautiful thing to see her dreams of music stardom on the brink of being realized. Also? That belt? A jangly delight! The hair? A perfect explosion from the fuchsia end of the Crayola box! And the slight hint of a smirk? I like to think of it as a not-so-subtle message to a certain Idol judge who never quite gave her the respect she was entitled to. (No, we will not sully this moment with his name.) What’s more, and as I’m sure is obvs to everyone, the heat of Allison’s music is melting the paint on the wall behind her. Yes? Yes. Now, let’s go straight to the slow clap.  Rocker saved. Rocker signed. Rocker pre-ordered. (To get first dibs on all my Idol news and blathering, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.) READ FULL STORY

New Thom Yorke hits the web: 'All for the Best' (Miracle Legion cover)

6a00d8341bf6c153ef0115720a1297970b-800wi.jpg With a new album still in the tantalizing hints phase and no U.S. tour dates forthcoming, this superfan was staring down the sad prospect of a Radiohead-free 2009. I was getting pretty worried there for a minute, let me tell ya. Luckily, word got out recently that Radiohead’s Thom Yorke would be helping with a tribute album for ex-Miracle Legion frontman Mark Mulcahy. It’s just one track, and it’s not quite the same thing as new Radiohead music, but whatever. I’ll take my fix however I can get it.

Even better: While Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy isn’t due til this fall, Yorke’s cover of Miracle Legion’s “All for the Best” hit the web today via Stereogum. It is, predictably, awesome in every way. Yorke translates the original tune’s wall o’ jangle into a sea of glitchy beats, punctuated by rusty guitar stabs — think The Eraser meets “Electioneering,” if that makes any sense. And his vocals are perfectly heartrending as always. How does he do that every single time he picks up a microphone?

So here I am, listening to Yorke’s “All for the Best” on infinite repeat. Somehow it’s only made me more desperate to hear the new Radiohead album that may or may not be coming our way in the vague future. In the meantime, you can head over to Stereogum to hear this cover yourself and let us know what you think. If you like it, be sure to pick up Ciao My Shining Star when it comes out in September: Proceeds will help support Mulcahy, who unexpectedly lost the mother of his two young daughters last year, and you’ll be guaranteed to get some great music, including contributions from Michael Stipe, the National, and Dinosaur Jr. along with Yorke’s song.

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Moby's new video with David Lynch: Wonderfully strange

Don’t call it a comeback. Actually, yes, let’s call it a comeback: Today, Moby released a new video for "Shot in the Back of the Head," a purely-instrumental song deliciously heavy on mood and atmosphere, and the first single off his forthcoming June 30 album, Wait for Me. (His official site will offer it as a free download beginning tomorrow.) To be fair, the man has been steadily making music since his 1999 breakout album Play and solid 2002 follow-up 18, though not all of it has been good.

The exquisitely animated black-and-white video boasts an impressive pedigree: It’s directed by David Lynch, the mastermind behind Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive. (Apparently, he and Moby are friends.) The dream-like tone of the track (reminiscent of French electro duo Air) matches perfectly with Lynch’s bizarro, Persepolis-style visuals, which center on a man in love with a floating head. Yes, you read that right: a floating head. Watch it below, courtesy of

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New Fiona Apple: The no-longer Sullen Girl covers a jazz classic

No one can blame Fiona Apple for taking quite a bit of time off after 2005’s Extraordinary Machine — an album that endured several release-date changes, two producers and an entire re-recording. So maybe absence made my heart grow fonder, but I am really digging her new cover of "Why Try to Change Me Now." The song, a jazzy standard from famed composer/pianist Cy Coleman, is soft, gorgeous and, above all, restrained. The lyrics seem curiously relevant to Apple’s personality too, as she croons about living in her own strange world and not being conventional. (That’s why we love you, Fiona: because you’re not.) The song is included in a Coleman tribute EP, Then Was Then, And Now Is Now, alongside covers from Patty Griffin and Nikka Costa, among others:


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