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Morrissey cancels U.S. tour due to health problems

After several health-related postponements, Morrissey has decided to cancel the remainder of his North American tour dates.

His publicist sent out a message last night, noting “The singer has suffered a series of medical mishaps over the past few months including a bleeding ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus, and double pneumonia.”

All told, the British singer is calling off 22 dates, including stops in Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. According to the press release, refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

Moz has been making quite a bit of noise during this particular jaunt. He stood up Jimmy Kimmel as a protest against his fellow Jimmy Kimmel Live! guests from the show Duck Dynasty, then called out artists like Beyoncé and Paul McCartney in a series of rants. Along the way, his health has betrayed him, though he did manage to pull off a high-profile show at Los Angeles’ Staples Center that featured almost no meat products for sale at concession stands. (Morrissey is a militant vegetarian.)

Check out the full list of canceled tour dates below.


SXSW: British buzz band Palma Violets bring fake IDs, real ruckus on their first trip to Texas


It’s the classic U.K. conundrum: an artist is old enough to drink (and sell records) back in Britain, but when they hit the States, they’ve got to stick to the ginger ale.

So it is for Palma Violets, a garage-rock band whose famously boozy live shows helped make the under-21 lads the toast of London. Those raucous performances earned them an NME cover and a record deal, which led to their stellar debut album 180 — all without them having recorded a demo.

So, how did the band — singer Sam Fryar, bassist Chilli Jesson, keyboardist Peter Mayhew, and drummer Will Doyle — deal with the prospect of spending SXSW sober? The same way American teens have been for years: “We’re using fake IDs,” Doyle told EW last night at Mellow Johnny’s, a Lance Armstrong-owned bike shop where the band played a KEXP live session. “Except for Pete, since he actually is 21. But yeah, we actually got them on our last trip [to America], because there was no way we were going to be in New York for two weeks without drinking.” [Ed note: We do not condone this behavior, kids! And Austin cops, please don’t arrest them.]

Reasonable enough. But alcohol aside, their show last night — the quartet’s first ever in Texas — was a tamer live experience than they’re used to, given the early-evening time and yuppie-ish location. The sound was unusually good (you can listen to much of it yourself over at KEXP), though, and the boys did get to cut loose at certain points of their set.


Spacehog return with 'Wish You Well': Hear it here - EXCLUSIVE

Back in 1995, Spacehog—four dudes from England who formed a band in New York City—landed on the rock moonscape with “In the Meantime,” one of the greatest alt-rock singularities of the post-Cobain radio universe.

Bathed in glammy goodness and sleek ’70s swagger, “In the Meantime” set the tone for Spacehog’s debut album, Resident Alien, which contained much more of the same. Along with the band’s sophomore release The Chinese Album, Spacehog crafted one of the most underrated discographies of the end of the last century.

They haven’t made an album since 2001’s The Hogyssey, and after a long hiatus and a handful of side projects, the group has returned with their fourth album As It Is On Earth, which will be released on April 16. In reuniting with producer Bryce Goggin (who helmed their ’90s output), the band has recreated the same kind of star-kissed energy that they brought on their debut.

Listen to “Wish You Well” exclusively below, and do your own judging:


Watch the 'Just a Ride' video from U.K. rockers the Virginmarys -- EXCLUSIVE

Thanks to their debut album King of Conflict and its propulsive single “Just a Ride,” British alt act the Virginmarys found their way onto Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. Now the band has an official video for “Just a Ride”– and you can watch it exclusively here.

The buzzy trio (guitarist/vocalist Ally Dickaty, drummer Danny Dolan and bassist/vocalist Matt Rose) trade in the kind of unadulterated, shouty, hard-edged guitar rock that has become increasingly rare these these days. The clip is a similarly uncomplicated, consisting largely of the guys and their gear making a whole lot of noise.

Bu it’s exactly that back-to-basics approach that’s whipped up excitement for their SXSW debut tomorrow. Check out their  “Just a Ride” video below:  


Mumford & Sons split four ways for 'Whispers in the Dark' video: Watch it here!


When people think of Mumford & Sons as a throwback act, they mean that they use instrumentation and an aesthetic that dates back to the roots of American folk, country, and bluegrass. But when it comes to music videos, they are similarly old-school, in the sense that they really seem to be trying to make the sort of clips one of the biggest-selling rock bands in the country is supposed to make.

For their last video, they went the auteur route and handed over the direction and acting reigns to Luther star Idris Elba. For their new video for “Whispers in the Dark,” director Jim Canty (who has also worked with Mika and Mark Ronson) split the screen into four quadrants and gave each band member his own on-his-way-to-the-show narrative. In essence, it forces you to watch the clip four times to truly follow everything (though really, you probably only have to watch it three times — in his story line, Marcus Mumford simply gets on a motorcycle and rides to the gig).

Check it out below.  READ FULL STORY

Today in Morrissey news -- messing with David Bowie, bringing back Rickrolling

Morrissey, mo’ problems!

After spending his past week or two starting tiffs with Duck Dynasty, Jimmy Kimmel, Paul McCartney, Madonna, and Beyoncé, the former Smiths singer is now taking aim at David Bowie.

As vintage-British-rock enthusiasts already know, Morrissey is repressing his 1989 single “The Last of the Famous International Playboys,” complete with new artwork. (His same-era album Kill Uncle, is also getting a reissue by its label.) And therein lies the problem. Morrissey had planned on using a previously unseen picture of Bowie on the cover, but the famously guarded Bowie denied Moz the right to use his image. (Unfortunately, Bowie forgot to also nix the cover art to his new album The Next Day.)

So, with his back against a wall, Morrissey went a different route: He rickrolled David Bowie, putting an image of “Never Gonna Give You Up” singer Rick Astley on the cover instead.

Take a look at the new artwork for the single, due out Apr. 8, below:


In latest rant, Morrissey goes after Beyonce

A few months ago, Morrissey had to postpone a handful of tour dates because of ill health. But perhaps he merely needed to take time out to restore his cantankerousness supply, as the habitual complainer has been extra prickly lately.

While on stage during a show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night, Morrissey paused to go after none other than Beyoncé, whose purses caused “the extinction of the rhinos.” The former Smiths singer is, of course, super-vegan — so much so that he lobbied hard to have the venue purge itself of meat products for his performance. (The concession stands were only mostly vegan, though Moz should probably consider that a victory.)

Beyoncé is the latest target in an incredible run for Morrissey. He previously canceled an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! because the cast of Duck Dynasty was also booked on the show (he takes umbrage with the whole idea of hunting, of course), and he later issued a scathing screed against Paul McCartney about his commitment to animals and his association with the royal family (who Morrissey finds more abhorrent than a bacon cheeseburger). READ FULL STORY

David Bowie's first new album in 10 years now streaming in iTunes. Worth the wait? The EW review

David Bowie is full of surprises. A few weeks ago, he announced that his first new album in 10 years was imminent. Though The Next Day wasn’t due to hit stores until Tuesday, March 12, the album is currently streaming on iTunes in its entirety.

The official EW review of David Bowie’s The Next Day is below, and a version of it will be appearing in the magazine on newsstands next Friday, March 8.

David Bowie
The Next Day
ROCK (Iso/Columbia)

Early in his career, David Bowie realized that reinvention came naturally to him, and soon the spirit of change became his prime persona. Through all of his alternate guises — space alien, drugged-out cartoon, machine-obsessed private detective, guy who just discovered the Pixies — he’s maintained a spectacularly consistent inconsistency, and while not all of it has worked, at least we always knew that another character was following right behind.

For the last decade, however, his chief guise has been Invisible Man. Following turn-of-the-last-century releases Heathen and Reality (which found him reuniting with classic-era producer Tony Visconti), he suddenly disappeared, cutting short a tour, ignoring music, and making only occasional appearances amidst rumors of failing health so persistent that the Flaming Lips recorded a song called “Is David Bowie Dying?” In the meantime,  pop stars like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé got rich crafting their own evil twins and countless bands co-opted Bowie’s fashionable bohemian androgyny. READ FULL STORY

Morrissey continues beef with Jimmy Kimmel, starts new one with Paul McCartney

And since that headline wasn’t vegan, Morrissey might soon start feuding with us!

It all began when the “Meat Is Murder” singer canceled his scheduled appearance on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, citing his moral qualms with being on the same program as the mallard-hunting stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. This prompted Kimmel to take some swipes at the former Smiths frontman in his opening monologue.

“While I respect his stance on this, I really do, there’s a very good reason why I didn’t dump the Duck Dynasty guys for Morrissey,” said the comedian. “And that’s because they have guns.” Kimmel also added, “He keeps finding new ways to depress us,” referring to Morrissey’s “Pope of Mope” reputation. On top of that, the host also aired a parody video for “a new Duck Dynasty product for vegans.”

Naturally, Moz was not amused by any of this and released the following statement:


Watch One Direction's Harry Styles get hit in the groin by a shoe -- VIDEO


An audience member at One Direction’s show in Glasgow threw not one, but two shoes at Harry Styles — and the second one hit him where it hurts.

And before you make the obvious Taylor Swift joke, Buzzfeed beat you to it.

Watch the video here. You probably want to turn the volume low:


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