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M83 set to score upcoming Tom Cruise movie 'Oblivion'

Two people on a roll right now: Tom Cruise and M83’s Anthony Gonzalez.

Cruise, whom you may remember from the widely loved Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol will be starring in Oblivion, an upcoming sci-fi epic that will be scored by Gonzalez, also known as the French dude responsible for your favorite Victoria’s Secret commercial.

Director Joseph Kosinski (who also helmed 2010’s Daft Punk-scored Tron: Legacytold the Playlist that he “was listening to [Gonzalez’s] music back in 2005 when I first wrote this story, so he was part of this from the very beginning in my mind, kind of creatively.”

Luckily, the synth-pop breakout was receptive to the idea of writing music for movies.

“I’m not afraid to do my first soundtrack on a big Hollywood movie, with a big budget and a lot of pressure,” he told the Playlist. “It’s a chance to create something big, and I’m ready for it.”

Continued Gonzalez, “This is a new adventure, so I’m going to push myself even harder and try to surprise people and move people with my music. My vision is really to have a combination of very electronic moments, very M83, and sometimes merge into something more soundtrack-y, but my kind of soundtracks.”

Sounds like good news for fans of the electro-phillic soundtrack of last year’s L.A. noir Drive!


Kanye West to premiere new short film at Cannes Film Festival

Part of Kanye West’s greatness lies in his ability to stand in two worlds at once. He’s both an impossibly rich frontrunner and a perpetual underdog.

And, of course, there’s this: In the same week he showed up in a trailer for the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Weezy will also debut his new short film Cruel Summer at the Cannes Film Festival.

The rapper announced today that he’ll present the film at the festival on Wednesday. West and his creative collective DONDA will screen the “short art film” out of competition in Cannes. The release promises “a fusion of short film and art installation” and an “immersive seven-screen experience.” It will remain open to the public for two days following its premiere.

Here’s the big question: People love to boo everything at Cannes, so if West’s latest venture doesn’t meet with their approval, will the notoriously thin-skinned rapper lose his cool? Either way, he did help sway the French presidential election. READ FULL STORY

French presidential candidate borrows Kanye and Jay-Z's 'N--as in Paris' for campaign video

With the national election getting ready for the long summer slog, we can look forward to a cavalcade of inappropriate song use. (Remember all the musicians who got upset about John McCain using their music during the 2008 campaign? Or when Jackson Browne sued the Republicans? Or earlier this year when Tom Petty asked Michele Bachmann to stop using “American Girl”? Prepare for a whole lot of cease-and-desist letters, Mitt Romney.)

Whatever famous names and songs Romney and Barack Obama end up co-opting for their causes, neither of them will be able to top French presidential candidate François Hollande, who is in the midst of a push towards a run-off vote on May 6 with incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. In a three-minute spot that plugs Hollande’s support of the Parisian suburbs, he chose Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N—-s In Paris” as a soundtrack. He even leaves in the wacky Will Ferrell sample.

As a piece of political propaganda, it succeeds, even with lyrical snafus (that “fish filet” line sounds especially goofy in this context). Watch it below. READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men': The 'Zou Bisou, Bisou' song is already available on iTunes and vinyl (!)

You have to hand it to Matthew Weiner: The man knows how to get people talking. Even though Sunday night’s long-awaited fifth season premiere of Mad Men was scattershot (as most two-hour episodes of television tend to be), it’s owning the water-cooler scrums this morning.

The thing that sent people diving toward their Google machines was the new Mrs. Draper’s performance at her husband’s surprise party. “Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo” was a huge Google trend around midnight, though for people of a certain age, that only inspired memories of this candy-colored nightmare from childhood. READ FULL STORY

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis cover Serge Gainsbourg song on new tribute album -- LISTEN

Here at EW, we try not to be too envious of Johnny Depp’s status as an all-time gene pool winner.

But it does seem a tad unfair that, in addition to his acting chops, good looks, and top-notch mustache-growing capabilities, the guy can sing as well, as he proved with the 2007 movie Sweeney Todd.

Depp has returned to the recording studio to duet with his better half (and pop star in her own right) Vanessa Paradis on a version of “Ballade de Melody Nelson,” which was originally recorded  by French singer and all-round reprobate Serge Gainsbourg. The cover can be found on a new Gainsbourg tribute album called From Gainsbourg to Lulu, which also features Scarlett Johansson, Rufus Wainwright, and Iggy Pop, amongst others.

In truth, “Ballade de Melody Nelson” is actually more of a showcase for Paradis than Captain Jack, who merely interjects the occasional bit of Depp-esque mumbling here and there. But as rock star releases go, we’ve heard much much worse. Check out the tune for yourself and tell us what you think:

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On the scene: Celine Dion live in Las Vegas. Holograms, Michael Jackson, and more!

Back in March, when Celine Dion’s new show “Celine” opened in Las Vegas, my colleague Tanner Stransky posed a very important question: Will you make it to Sin City to see it?

As a huge (non-closeted) Celine fan, I gave a resounding “yes!” and began my Celine countdown. To say I was excited would be an understatement. So I rounded up some travel partners (otherwise known as my mom and grandmother), and we left for Sin City with only one thing on our agenda—see Celine live at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. (Seriously. We had no other plans.)

Before the show started, I chatted with a publicist for The Colosseum who told me, “well, if you’re already a Celine fan you’re going to love the show. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. It will be great.” I figured I’d enjoy the show. But laugh and cry? Probably not. Famous last words…

I had seen Celine once before on her Taking Chances World Tour, and she sang only her own music, so I was pleasantly surprised that last night’s show included a number of non-Celine classics. She opened the show with Journey’s “Open Arms,” then took it way back to the basics with her “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” got the crowd to sing along at her request to “Because You Loved Me,” and then went right into “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.” I’m so used to botching this song during karaoke, it was refreshing to hear it as it’s meant to be heard. She finished off the first set of songs with “I’m Your Lady.” Yes you are, Celine. Yes you are. READ FULL STORY

The Black Eyed Peas' forgets lyrics, but cell phone saves his 'Party' verse

Imagine being a superstar, performing on stage in front of thousands nightly. You’d probably want to know the lyrics to your tunes like the back of your hand, right?

Well, the Black Eyed Peas‘, usually on-point with his rhymes when it’s go time, dropped the ball recently during a taped performance of “Don’t Stop the Party” on French television  show Taratata.

Luckily, his smartphone saved the day; still, points were definitely deducted from what could’ve been a great showing. Check out Will’s quick-save method after the jump.


Lady Gaga previews new song 'Government Hooker' at Mugler fashion show: Listen to it here!

Lady-Gaga-Mugler-ParisImage Credit: Francois Guillot/Getty ImagesLady Gaga’s entire career to this point may have been an audition for this. Today she made her runway debut at the fashion-show launch of Thierry Mugler’s new women’s-wear line in Paris. She also previewed a new track from Born This Way, the industrial-pop-inflected “Government Hooker.”

Gaga was the musical director for the event, a showcase for Mugler designer (and Haus of Gaga member) Nicola Formichetti. In January she debuted another Born This Way song, “Scheiße,” at a separate Mugler show. But this is the first time she’s been able to trip the light fantastique on the catwalk herself. Yesterday she tweeted, “I’m making my debut as a runway model, walking in the MUGLER PARIS FASHIONSHOW 3/2. I directed the show music, previewing Government Hooker.” Check it out after the break: READ FULL STORY

Phoenix takes flight at NYC's Madison Square Garden with surprise guests Daft Punk

Phoenix-and-Daft-Punk-encoreImage Credit: Anna Webber/WireImage.comPhoenix saved the best part of their concert at Madison Square Garden last night for the very end of the final encore. That was when the band’s French frères, Daft Punk, showed up out of nowhere and drove the already-excited crowd into utter frenzy. Clad in their signature robot helmets, the reclusive duo stood silently on stage at a console and began unleashing serious beats. These soon resolved into a version of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” with Phoenix crunching gamely along, then a tantalizing snippet of “Around the World.” Finally, Daft Punk hung around and added some space-age laser synth buzz to “1901,” Phoenix’s last song of the night. According to Stereogum, it was the first time Daft Punk has performed in public since 2007. That, folks, is how you do a proper encore. (Check out shaky YouTube video of the whole thing at Pitchfork.) READ FULL STORY

Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard pairs up with Franz Ferdinand; stream their new track

Obscenely jolie Parisian actress Marion Cotillard (she of the 2008 Best Actress Oscar and red-carpet mermaid-enhood) has paired up with arch Scottish post-punkers Franz Ferdinand on a new original song.

“Eyes of Mars,” created to promote a handbag for the vaunted French fashion house Dior, can be streamed here at

Cotillard, bless her coeur, is not really a chanteuse, her two numbers in the star-stuffed Nine notwithstanding; but she works out the sort of breathy, “zut alors! I am far too sexy for pitch control” coo that revered Gallic pop lizard Serge Gainsbourg coaxed from his own movie star muses in the ’60s and ’70s.

What do you think, Music Mixers—does France Ferdinand have a musical future? Or should Cotillard keep it on le silver screen?

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