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Justin Bieber being investigated for reckless driving, apparently also had altercation with former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson

Justin Bieber’s year continues to get weirder—and potentially more unpleasant.

Fresh off getting called out by the guy who sings “You Give Love a Bad Name,” Bieber was involved in yet another incident involving a motor vehicle on Sunday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, police were called to Bieber’s home in Calabasas, California, after several people complained that he was driving his Ferrari at reckless speeds through the gated community in which he resides.

Incidentally, one of those residents perturbed by Bieber’s alleged heavy foot was former NFL wide receiver and current TV personality Keyshawn Johnson, who reportedly followed Bieber home and confronted him.

Police attempted to speak to Bieber, but he declined. According to the LA County Sheriff’s office, the investigation is ongoing and Bieber could be charged with reckless driving. However, according to multiple reports, the person behind the wheel of the Ferrari was not in fact Bieber—it was actually his pal Tyler, the Creator.

This wouldn’t be the first time a hip-hop star got Justin into car-related trouble. Back in March, rapper Lil Twist borrowed Bieber’s Fisker Karma and smashed it into a handful of poles in a parking lot.

Bieber is currently on a break between tour legs—he wrapped up his international dates two weeks ago and will head back out on the road for his North American run on June 22. He remains one monkey down.

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Lauryn Hill asks for leniency in sentencing for tax evasion -- citing 'Threats to herself and family'

After pleading guilty to tax evasion last June, multiple Grammy winner and former Fugee Lauryn Hill is making one last ditch effort to avoid jail time.

In advance of her scheduled sentencing this Monday, April 22, Hill filed legal documents requesting that her sentence be limited to probation, as it would make it easier for her to pay back the bill she owes for the three years—2005, 2006, and 2007—she did not file taxes.

Over those three years, Hill earned a reported $1.8 million, but the documents explain she did not pay the IRS because she “withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.”

Hill made similar statements in a blog post when the charges were first brought against her, adding that she had largely disappeared from public view because of the “climate of hostility, false entitlement, manipulation, racial prejudice, sexism and ageism” in popular culture.  READ FULL STORY

LL Cool J on 'Accidental Racist': 'The song wasn't perfect' -- VIDEO

Now that Brad Paisley has taken his turn trying to defend the batty lyrics to “Accidental Racist,” it’s time for LL Cool J to make his defense.

Last night on The Tonight Show, LL addressed the conversations over the song from Paisley’s new album Wheelhouse, which contains multiple lyrics that some judged insensitive to the actual struggles against racism. Paisley wanted credit for starting a conversation about difficult issues, while LL took a different approach.

“I feel good,” the rapper told Jay Leno when asked about the Internet fervor over the tune. “The song wasn’t perfect. You can’t fit 300 or 400 years of history into a three or four minute song.”

He continued, somewhat turning on the song. READ FULL STORY

Mindy McCready committed for alcohol and mental health issues; read the revelatory profile of her from 2009

The sad tale of Mindy McCready got one chapter deeper yesterday. A judge ordered the embattled country star be committed to a treatment facility for issues involving her mental health and alcohol abuse. Family services also removed McCready’s two children from her care.

According to E! News, McCready may be committed for up to 21 days after her family initiated an emergency hearing to get her some help. Several sources noted that McCready was having a difficult time after the death of boyfriend David Wilson in January. His death is still under investigation, but the police have said that it appears his gunshot wound was self-inflicted.

Following a string of country hits in the late ’90s, McCready’s fall from grace has included multiple arrests, a handful of suicide attempts, a run on Celebrity Rehab, the exposure of a long-running affair with disgraced baseball player Roger Clemens, and two stints in jail. Her tragic tale was captured in this profile of her that ran in Entertainment Weekly in 2009.

In the piece, McCready was optimistic about the future, but since then her path has remained rough. In addition to Wilson’s death, she dealt with allegations of child abuse, a number of health issues, and a stumble of a comeback album.

“I don’t want to be a victim,” McCready told writer Whitney Pastorek in 2009. “I’m a fighter. That’s why I’m still alive.”

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Did viral 'Gangnam Style' star PSY once rap about 'killing Yankees' during an anti-American concert? UPDATE: PSY releases statement


Maybe there’s more to K-Pop breakout PSY than natty suits and goofy dancing?

According to, the “Gangnam Style” rapper performed a song called “Dear America” at a 2004 protest concert which contains the lyrics “Kill those f—ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/ Kill those f—ing Yankees who ordered them to torture/ Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers/ Kill them all slowly and painfully.”

Anti-U.S. military sentiment is not uncommon in South Korea, and the song was reportedly written and performed as a reaction to the death of a Korean missionary in Iraq. According to the report, this concert wasn’t PSY’s first time at the anti-military rodeo, either: He was apparently quite outspoken when, in 2002, a pair of American soldiers were accused of negligent homicide after their vehicle struck and killed a 13-year old Korean girl; the soldiers were  later acquitted of that crime.

There’s already a petition going about rescinding PSY’s invitation the National Building Museum’s Christmas in Washington concert with President Obama this Sunday, and neither PSY nor his camp have commented yet.

It’s unfortunate that this news comes hot on the heels of the revelation that “Gangnam Style”—which began as an in-joke lampooning a very specific sect of Korean culture—netted the rapper around $8 million in digital downloads and streams, and recently became the most-watched YouTube video of all time, beating out Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

UPDATE: Through his publicist, PSY released the following statement:

“As a proud South Korean who was educated in the United States and lived there for a very significant part of my life, I understand the sacrifices American servicemen and women have made to protect freedom and democracy in my country and around the world. The song I was featured in—eight years ago—was part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in Iraq and the killing of two Korean schoolgirls that was part of the overall antiwar sentiment shared by others around the world at that time.  While I’m grateful for the freedom to express one’s self, I’ve learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted. I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by those words.
“I have been honored to perform in front of American soldiers in recent months—including an appearance on the Jay Leno show specifically for them—and I hope they and all Americans can accept my apology. While it’s important that we express our opinions, I deeply regret the inflammatory and inappropriate language I used to do so. In my music, I try to give people a release, a reason to smile. I have learned that thru music, our universal language we can all come together as a culture of humanity and I hope that you will accept my apology.”


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Green Day cancel more tour dates, move up 'Tre!' release date

Fall 2012 was supposed to be the beginning of an extended victory lap for Green Day. With one album already out and a second on the way, they were meant to be in the midst of a club tour that would lead directly into a massive arena tour.

But frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s rehab stint has derailed much of that. Having already called off a bunch of appearances, the band announced this morning that they have canceled the remainder of their 2012 appearances and are postponing a total of 21 dates in January and February.

“Obviously the timing for this isn’t ideal, but Billie Joe’s well-being is our main concern,” Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt said in a statement sent out by the band’s publicist this morning. READ FULL STORY

Flava Flav arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Looks like Flava Flav might be a public enemy once again.

The rapper was arrested in Las Vegas early this morning, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced, with charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery hanging over his head. But the details get weirder: apparently, he committed these crimes again his own fiancee and her 17-year-old son.

LVMPD spokeswoman Laura Meltzer says that a woman made a disturbance call at around 3:30 a.m. to report that she and her fiance entered into a physical altercation, and that the fiance was threatening her son with a knife. The fiance, it turned out, was William Drayton, Jr. — known to Public Enemy fans and VH1 viewers as Flava Flav.


Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti charity is kaput, went out in a blaze of impropriety

In the wake of the massive earthquake that tore an already-troubled Haiti apart in 2010, Wyclef Jean—one of the island’s most successful sons—sprang into action to assist via his Yele Haiti charity.

But what we learned later was that the charity was run disastrously, and was the subject of a huge investigation regarding misuse of donated funds.

According to The New York Times, Yele Haiti essentially (and quietly) shut down last month, leaving a parade of upset creditors and angry would-be recipients in its wake.

The numbers reveal some pretty scathing stuff. Yele Haiti collected over $16 million in donations following the series of earthquakes the decimated the island’s capital city of Port-Au-Prince and ripped much of its already-tenuous infrastructure to shreds.

But the money rarely made it into the hands of those who needed it, instead going to salaries, travel, consultants fees, and eventually to the team dealing with the group’s building legal troubles.

It was merely the latest in a string of problematic economic decisions for the foundation. READ FULL STORY

Brian Wilson on being 'fired' from the Beach Boys: 'I was completely blindsided'

If there’s a lesson to be learned from the last few days in the saga of the Beach Boys, it’s that when dealing with conflict, it’s probably best to just sit down and talk about it, rather than release competing articles in the Los Angeles Times and make us feel sad for everyone involved.

Last week, Beach Boy Mike Love (who, like Axl Rose before him, controls the rights to the name of the band that made him famous) wrote a lengthy piece in the Times about how, contrary to the reports in the mean old media, he did not “fire” Brian Wilson from the group for a run of tour dates in the fall.

Not to be outdone, Wilson countered with a lengthy newspaper-hosted diatribe of his own this morning. “As far as I know I can’t be fired—that wouldn’t be cool,” Wilson wrote. “The negativity surrounding all the comments bummed me out. What’s confusing is that by Mike not wanting or letting Al, David and me tour with the band, it sort of feels like we’re being fired.” READ FULL STORY

Chris Brown explains Rihanna situation: 'I'm not trying to be a dog'

In the ancient Greek myth about Prometheus, the trickster Titan steals fire from the gods of Olympus to deliver to humankind. As punishment, Zeus chains the immortal Prometheus to a rock and compels a bird of prey (sometimes an eagle, other times a vulture) to eat his liver, which always grows back the next day. It’s a vision of eternal torment, just like Sisyphus pushing a boulder endlessly up a hill or George Orwell’s immortal image of a boot stomping on a face for all eternity.

We are all Prometheus, and Chris Brown is the liver that keeps growing back. READ FULL STORY

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