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Lady Gaga mourns teen fan's suicide, calls on Obama to institute an anti-bullying law

Lady Gaga was so upset about the news of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer taking his own life, she has tweeted her plans to meet with President Obama about ending bullying. READ FULL STORY

Gossip site accuses Christina Aguilera of child abuse, her lawyer responds accordingly

Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

Christina Aguilera’s lawyer sent a strongly worded letter to a celebrity gossip site after a photo of the singer holding her three-year-old son Max, who appears to have a black eye, showed up online with a more than suggestive headline.

The title above the photo on read, “CHILD ABUSE???? CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S SON IS PHOTO’D WITH A BLACK EYE!!!” without producing any real proof.

“To imply that she had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable,” Aguilera’s attorney, Eric Greenspan, writes in a letter. “Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself.”

MediaTakeOut has since removed the child abuse portion of the headline and added Greenspan’s explanation for the black eye.

Greenspan does not see the matter going any further, but has not spoken with Aguilera directly about the incident. “There are lines you’re just not supposed to cross, and that’s one of them,” he says exclusively to EW. “Accusing a mother—even hinting that a mother is guilty of child abuse, that’s a line you don’t cross.”

Bro-band feud! Eldest Hanson brother criticizes Kings of Leon for bad attitude

Two sibling bands, both alike in dignity, may have sparked a new family feud on the music scene: Kings of Leon (composed of the three brothers Followill and their cousin) vs. Hanson (three brothers, no cousin).

Isaac Hanson, 30, has called out the Kings for canceling their U.S. tour, saying the band has let their fans down. “The Kings of Leon guys are running some risks. They’re irritating people; you can’t do that too much,” Hanson told “Eventually the bad boy image affects fans’ willingness to show up.”

In case you wondered how he felt about it, Hanson added, “I have a hard time with musicians who act like pricks.”

“Everybody has their demons, everyone has their challenges,” he continued. “But you’ve gotta temper it because your fans are there. … I don’t wash my dirty laundry in public. I do my dirty laundry backstage.”

Kings of Leon famously cancelled their tour after frontman Caleb Followill suffered an onstage breakdown on July 29 in Dallas. Followill left the stage citing heat exhaustion, abandoning the show midway through performing; his brother Jared, however, later wrote on Twitter that there were “internal sicknesses & problems that have needed to be addressed.” Caleb has since been put on vocal rest.

Family band squabbles—internal ones, at least—are nothing new in pop music (see: Oasis, The Jackson 5, the Kinks). Still, though, a developing feud between musical clans? Better still, between two bands whose members, by curious coincidence, almost all go by their middle names? …You’ve gotta admit, it’s tantalizingly rife with tribal smackdown potential certainly an intriguing prospect.

Where do you stand, Music Mix readers? Team Hanson or Team Followill?


Kings of Leon’s woes: Can a band’s troubles stop the music for you?
Kings of Leon cancel remainder of their American tour following incident in Dallas

Chart Flashback: 1997 – Hanson’s “MMMBop”

Is Melissa Gorga's 'On Display' the worst 'Real Housewives' song yet? We may have a winner!

There are plenty of terrible pop songs out there. But there’s something especially gross about singers who revel in the public’s dislike for them, when, in reality, the public doesn’t care enough about them to even have an opinion.

Lindsay Lohan was already “tired of rumors starting” before any of them had. X-Factor contestant Cher Lloyd told haters to “get up out [her] face” on “Swagger Jagger“—her first single.

And now there is Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga, whose new single “On Display,” attempts to tell off her critics while explaining to them that Gorga is, in fact, famous. Ugh.

The worst in a long line of Housewives tracks, “On Display” celebrates Melissa’s shameless ploy for celebrity status, but, as if trying to awkwardly squeeze into the Rebecca Black-esque “Stop bullying me!” moment, also attempts to paint Melissa as a victim of relentless pop-culture persecution.

“Everybody want to steal my crown,” she whines, not realizing that we, too, could spend $3.93 at Party City if we actually did want a personal princess tiara.

Check out the tragic track below: READ FULL STORY

Morrissey compares Norway massacre to KFC, should probably stick to self-loathing

Oh Morrissey. Sometimes you just make it so hard to love you.

And we really want to! Your songs have gotten us through countless bad break-ups and rainy afternoons cleaning the apartment. Your work with the Smiths is legendary, and your solo career isn’t too shabby either (“Hairdresser On Fire” remains a favorite).

But you have a tendency to run your mouth at weird times, which is why we’re considering cutting ties with you after you compared the tragedy in Norway to the production of meat in fast food restaurants.


Leona Lewis may or may not have stolen her new single 'Collide': Listen here and decide

Leona Lewis has had a hard time trying to get back to the Oprah-approved level of success she attained with her smash single “Bleeding Love” a few years back, and her latest single “Collide” isn’t going to do her any favors.

For one thing, it is not awesome: EW’s Tim Stack declared it “a misguided dip into dance-pop” that “lands with a major thud” in his review of the track, which appears in the forthcoming issue of the magazine. (In other words, it’s no “Buffalo Stance.”)

But the other thing that may stand in her way is the fact that she has been accused of stealing the track wholesale from dance artist Avicii. They have had a track called “Penguin” that has been circulating for a few months, and Lewis’ “Collide” is little more than her singing over their track. READ FULL STORY

Dave Grohl throws out an audience member at Foo Fighters show for being a fighting fool

Dave Grohl has a reputation for being one of rockdom’s more genial inhabitants, and certainly I’ve always found the Foo Fighters head honcho to be an utterly affable interviewee.

But everyone’s rope has an end! Grohl reached his last night while playing a show at London’s Roundhouse venue, during which he stopped the Foos mid-song and demanded that some poltroon in a striped shirt be removed for allegedly fighting. Except the ex-Nirvana drummer didn’t use the word “poltroon.”

You can find out what word he did use in the expletive-filled footage of the moment below: READ FULL STORY

Tom Petty asks Michele Bachmann to stop using 'American Girl,' joins long list of rockers unhappy with politicians

You know election season must be in full swing when rock stars are issuing public statements getting candidates to stop using their songs at rallies, speeches and events.

The inaugural music-related strike of the 2012 presidential race comes from Tom Petty, who issued a cease and desist letter to Michele Bachmann’s campaign to get her to stop using Petty’s 1977 hit “American Girl.”

This isn’t even the first time Petty has bristled at the idea that somebody from the right borrowed one of his tunes—he issued a similar letter in 2004 when George W. Bush used Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” as one of his campaign themes (like Bachmann, Bush complied).

Ever since Bruce Springsteen took umbrage with Ronald Reagan’s use of “Born in the U.S.A.” during his re-election campaign in 1984, it has become something of a tradition for rock musicians (many of whom, you may have noticed, have views that tend to skew to the left) to publicly disassociate themselves from right-wing candidates who borrow their music. READ FULL STORY

Rihanna furious with MTV Canada over erroneous Chris Brown report

Though they have both gone out of their way to put the incident behind them, neither Chris Brown nor Rihanna have been able to shake the long shadow of Grammy night 2009, when Brown assaulted his then-girlfriend.

The latest resurrection of the story comes care of MTV Canada, who felt the wrath of Rihanna after they reported on a tweet that showed up in her Twitter feed on Thursday morning.

The tweet (which was revealed to be fake) read, “I admit, I provoked Chris to hit me. It was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY.” A handful of sites reported on the message, but Rihanna zeroed in on the article posted on MTV Canada’s news site (which has also disappeared), tweeting “are u f—ing kiddin me?????? You’re supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bulls— u post?”

In response, MTV Canada sent out a defense tweet, saying “We were reporting on a story that was posted on several sites today. We had no intention to be salacious.”

This isn’t even the first Twitter-related incident involving Rihanna and Brown this week. A tweet recently showed up in Brown’s feed that was addressed to Rihanna and said “You got that pic I sent you?” Fans went crazy thinking that the two had been in contact, and the tweet was reported on several websites, but Brown later deleted the message and corrected people, saying “Don’t listen to the blogs. Stop tryna make a story out of nothing.” (That message has also been deleted.)

The lesson in all this? Both Rihanna and Chris Brown should let their tweeting fingers take a rest for a good, long while. All it seems to do is create problems for them, and if their feeds are that easily hacked, it’s probably not safe for them to continue using the service anyway. Don’t you think, readers?

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Justin Bieber gets tackled during fragrance unveiling in New York

Justin Bieber is diversified, which keeps the teen titan in the black but also apparently forces him to learn a little bit of jujitsu.

During an appearance at Macy’s in New York City to present his brand new fragrance (which is cryptically called Someday), he was accosted by a man who hopped a barricade outside the store.

According to the local New York ABC affiliate, Bieber was holding court inside the store but decided to head out onto the sidewalk to shake some hands and sign some autographs for the thousands of tweens who gathered to get a glimpse of the him but were denied entry into the store.

Bieber took a swing back at the man, who has not been identified, and was not hurt in the incident. UPDATE: According to new reports, the man in question was a plainclothes police officer who was attempting to help the singer and was restrained by Bieber’s bodyguards.

You can track the brief altercation in the video after the jump, but be warned that it’s taken from quite a distance (though it really captures the size of the crowd) and contains a lot of NSFW potty-mouthed narration from the knuckle-headed videographers.


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