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Cyndi Lauper's 'She's So Unusual': An everlasting, once in a lifetime album

On the new deluxe 30th anniversary edition of Cyndi Lauper’s debut, the everlastingly saucy supersmash She’s So Unusual, you can hear the “Work in Progress Rough Mix” of “Time After Time,” in which Lauper sings the song the way people have now for years, across the globe: by mumble-humming nonsense syllables until hitting the chorus. Of course, she probably hadn’t finalized (or memorized) the lyrics yet. We just can’t resist picking up that hard-wired melody, even when we need words scrolling across a karaoke screen to nail them.


Mainstream country music all sounded the same in 2013 -- VIDEO


Popular country music got pretty derivative in 2013, and that’s the reason there’s very little of it on our 10 Best Country Music Albums of 2013 list. A few commenters weren’t too happy about the lack of mainstream acts in the rankings (though it’s not like they’re shut out: Brad Paisley, Kacey Musgraves, and Gary Allan all made the cut), and they were sure to let us know.

Well, this supercut should explain why some mainstream country didn’t make the cut:

Pharrell's 24-hour-long 'Happy' video will make your day


Bob Dylan, you have been served!

Sure, earlier this week Dylan released a video allowing you to click through different “channels” and see HSN anchors and Drew Carey lip-syncing “Like a Rolling Stone.” But today Pharrell released a video that not only layers a bunch of lip-syncing dancers for you to click between, but runs for 24 hours straight.

You’ve gotta go here to check out the video. (Please do; we’ll wait.) You might wonder why anyone would want to watch something that goes on for the equivalent of 156 plays of the “November Rain” clip. Well, there are two reasons to watch it for at least as long as it takes you to eat your afternoon snack:


Lost Kurt Cobain interview from 1993 features his thoughts on Aerosmith and feminism

Though he had all the makings of a proper recluse, Kurt Cobain actually submitted himself to a surprising number of interviews over the course of his too-brief career.

And no two were alike, because nobody ever knew which version of the Nirvana frontman would show up. The acid-tongued cultural critic? The in-joking goofball? The shy suffering artist? The sweet family man? They were all part and parcel to the Cobain experience.

In a recently unearthed interview from 1993 conducted by British journalist Jon Savage and animated by PBS’ new Blank on Blank shingle, each one of those Kurts shows up for a minute or two.

There’s some stuff that has come up in conversations in the past, like the idea that Cobain thought at one time that he might be gay, and details about his various stomach ailments. But there’s also a fun bit about looking for the roots of the name Cobain, what annoys him about Aerosmith records, and how he felt about becoming a father.

Listen below: READ FULL STORY

Mmm-SNAP: Zac Hanson calls loud fan a 'drunk b--ch' -- VIDEO

What a difference 17 years make. In 1996, Zac Hanson was an angelic 11-year-old who enjoyed taxi rides, cornrows, and frolicking on the beach with his equally blond brothers. Nearly two decades later, he’s a grown man with two children (!) and no qualms about calling an overly enthusiastic female fan a “drunk b–ch.”

While performing “Lulabelle” in Richmond, Virginia recently, Hanson was interrupted by a disturbance from the audience. Naturally, the incident was caught on video.


One Direction perform for biggest 'Today' crowd ever -- VIDEO

The boys were back — and did they bring a crowd with them! The horde of teens and at least one unemployed mother squatting in Rockefeller Center — who had to be wrangled according to NYPD crowd-control protocols yesterday, by the way — showed no signs of their literally dampened spirit this morning when Harry, Louis, (the newly engaged) Zayn, Niall, and Liam stepped onto the Today Show stage to perform their signature hit “What Makes You Beautiful.” If nothing else, click through to check out the 18,000-strong swarm that Today hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie both deemed “the biggest crowd we’ve ever had [in the plaza].”


Katy Perry's latest 'Roar' teaser lays her old image to rest -- WATCH

In an epic new teaser—at 24 seconds, it’s four times the length of a Vine—for her album, Prism (out Oct. 22), Katy Perry attends the burial of her old spinning-popsicles image. Just a few days ago, of course, she released a video of herself burning a blue wig. What’s next? Will she put a sweater on over a cleavage-baring dress?

All we know is that Katy’s not revealing anything about her album, or “Roar,” the hashtag and apparent song title flashed in each video. She’s only telling us what Prism will not be—another Teenage Dream. (Hopefully it won’t be Adult Reality either.)

This much is clear: Lady Gaga’s septum-piercing video is looking pretty lame right now. (To say nothing of her non-metaphor about applause.)


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