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'Lost' meets Weezer: Doc Jensen decodes the band's new album 'Hurley'

weezer-hurley4 8 15 16 23 42. To some, they are just numbers. To Lost fans, they are The Numbers, a sequence of digits seemingly imbued—or accursed—with great power. When Hugo “Hurley” Reyes (Jorge Garcia) played them in the lottery, he became a millionaire. He also became a magnet for bad luck, and his quest for answers ultimately led him to a mysterious island pulsing with maybe-mystical electromagnetic power, drawn by a reclusive and quirky guardian who assigned numbers to all of recruits. The numeral given to Hurley: 8.

What does any of this have to do with Hurley, the new album by alt-flavored pop rockers Weezer that features the beaming face of Jorge Garcia on its cover? READ FULL STORY

Jorge Garcia of 'Lost' on being the face of Weezer's new album: 'How awesome is that!'

weezer-hurleyEarlier this week, Lost fans roared with “Raditude” when they heard the news those impish pop-rockers in Weezer were going to call their new album Hurley and put Jorge Garcia’s warm and fuzzy mug on the cover. (Note: “Raditude” is the name of Weezer’s last album.) But of course, no one was more tickled by this news than Jorge Garcia himself. “How awesome is that! It totally put a smile on my face, to say the least,” the actor tells “It ranks right up there with getting my own action figure.” (For the record, Garcia is indeed a Weezer fan. Favorite song? “I’m a huge fan of the opening riff of ‘Hash Pipe’,” says Garcia. “It’s like the theme song to Peter Gunn times 1000.”)

Here’s the backstory on how Garcia found himself becoming Weezer’s cover boy. The actor says he met Rivers Cuomo backstage at The George Lopez Show on May 12 while doing press for Lost. They talked for a bit, and then Cuomo asked Garcia if he could get a photo taken with him. “And then two months later,’ says the actor, “I get an email from my manager saying, ‘Listen, Weezer contacted us and they want you to be on the cover of their new CD.” Garcia was then shown what he thought was a rough draft mock-up of the cover using the photo he took with Cuomo, albeit blown up and cropped to showcase just Garcia’s face. “But it wasn’t a mock-up. They wanted to use that specific photo,” says Garcia. “I thought that was really cool.”

Asked what he was thinking and feeling in the moment that’s captured in the photo, Garcia says: “It was just surreal. It’s always surreal when people come up to you and tell you that they’re fans of the show. So it was really kinda cool that in this case it was Rivers, because I had listened to his songs for so many years. It was just so surprising. And then it was over before I knew it.”

Garcia says he hasn’t heard any of the songs on Hurley, which according to Rolling Stone has a 1960s pop rock vibe. He hopes to get a sneak listen of the disc before the album’s release on September 15. He also hopes it will be successful enough to go gold or platinum and merit “one of those special award versions of the record that they give you when you sell a bunch of copies. Because I want one! I really want one to hang on my wall with the rest of my Lost stuff.”

FYI, according to AltPress, here’s the track list for Hurley. I look forward to mining all of them for Lost theories–especially No. 5.

Ruling Me
Where’s My Sex?
Run Away
Hang On
Smart Girls
Brave New World
Time Flies

Weezer names its new album after Hurley from 'Lost' and -- shocker! -- Doc Jensen has a theory

weezer-hurleyAs you may be aware, I happened to be a rather intense fan of the TV show Lost back in the day. What may not be as clear to you is that I happen to intensely enjoy other things, too. For example, I really like this “rock ‘n’ roll” music that the kids are listening to these days. One of my favorite bands is Weezer. I can’t look at a Jonas brother without involuntarily hum-muttering “My Name Is Jonas.” When I drive through Beverly Hills, I immediately start pounding out the stomping beat of the Weezer tune against my steering wheel. And “Troublemaker” demands that I stop what I’m doing, crank the volume up to 11, and scream along whenever and wherever I hear it.

So I was doubly thrilled when I read the news today that not only has Weezer entitled its eighth album Hurley, but the cover art will feature the beaming mug of Jorge Garcia, the actor who portrayed the Numbers-cursed dude on Lost. Two of my favorite things come together — it’s like a pop culture Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! In an interview with Spinner, Weezer mastermind Rivers Cuomo says that his primary motivation for naming the album “Hurley” (due in stores Sept. 14 from Epitaph Records) wasn’t Lost fandom (he’s only seen two seasons of the show; he says he likes it) but rather his peculiar fondness for the Garcia photo. “It just had this amazing vibe,” Cuomo tells Spinner. “We didn’t want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as ‘the Hurley record’ even if left it without that title, so we just called it ‘Hurley.’ No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face.” READ FULL STORY

Weezer have not necessarily left Geffen! (and other news from Weezer World)

WeezerImage Credit: John Ewing/Retna Ltd.According to Billboard, the men of Weezer have left Geffen Records, their label home of 16 years, and plan to strike out on their own. “We’re always planning and scheming something,” bassist Scott Shriner told the trade mag. “We’re always working on some new music. I can’t really go into any detail about that yet, but we’re all writing and working on new stuff.”

But a rep for the band tells that although the band has fulfilled their contract with Geffen, they’re negotiating a possible new contract with the label, and nothing has been decided about their future at this point.

The band is planning a deluxe reissue of their so-underrated-at-the-time-it-almost-made-Rivers-Cuomo-lose-his-mind 1996 sophomore release Pinkerton, and pulling together an “Odds and Ends” collection of B-sides and rarities. “There’s so many cool things that we’ve recorded for records that never made the [albums], I think they had to get out there,” Shriner told Billboard. “Finally it’s going to happen.”

And in perhaps the best news of all, Cuomo is reportedly “100 percent again” after the horrifying Dec. 6 bus crash that broke three of his ribs and sidelined the band’s tour. They’ll be back on the road this summer, mostly playing festival dates (Bonnaroo!), and, one supposes, figuring out how to run their own record label.

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Weezer on 'Yo Gabba Gabba!': watch an exclusive clip of their upcoming performance here

Season 3 of everyone’s favorite music-crazy kids’ show kicks off March 8, and we’ve got exclusive video of one of the show’s most anticipated guests yet. Check out Weezer–in bug costumes!–playing the tune “All My Friends Are Insects.” And be sure to check out our full Yo Gabba Gabba! story in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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Weezer bus crash: Photos and chilling details

Weezer webmaster Karl Koch has posted photographs on the band’s website of the aftermath of yesterday’s bus crash, which left frontman Rivers Cuomo with three cracked ribs and what Koch describes as “minor but very painful internal damage.” Meanwhile, he offers more details about what actually occurred early on Sunday morning in a detailed and—when you consider how matters could easily have been so much worse—fairly chilling blog entry.

“The bus contained Rivers, his wife and daughter, their nanny, and Rivers’ assistant Sarah,” writes Koch. “Both Sarah and Rivers’ wife were pitched out of their upper level bunks onto the floor 5 feet below. Somehow Rivers’ wife was uninjured, but Sarah sustained 2 fractured ribs and a fractured lower vertebrae. The baby daughter was in her crib unit and was fine, as was the nanny who was sleeping near the floor in her bunk at the time. However in the back lounge, Rivers was tossed around violently, waking up as he landed back on his mattress.” Koch goes on to relate how EMTs rescued Cuomo from the bus by using the jaws of life to remove a rear window bar.

Koch, who arrived on the scene 20 minutes after the bus carrying Rivers and his family lost control as the result of black ice, describes “catching a glimpse of Rivers lying inside on his back surrounded by EMTs. I couldn’t believe what was happening in front of me.” Koch also confirms that Weezer’s remaining December dates have been canceled and thanks fans for “their kind thoughts and good wishes, we need them!”

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UPDATE (12/8): Rivers Cuomo’s condition has ‘stabilized’

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Carrie Underwood tops the albums chart

We’re well into the swing of the music industry’s all-important fourth quarter now, with major releases arriving in droves nearly every week. Carrie Underwood‘s Play On led the pack this week with a strong 318,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That was more than enough for a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200; last week’s winner, Michael Jackson‘s This Is It, dropped off to a still-solid 196,000 for a No. 2 finish.

Andrea Bocelli bowed at No. 3 with 149,000 copies sold of his yuletide collection My Christmas. Glee: The Music, Vol. 1, rounding up many cover tunes from the Fox series that have already seen substantial digital sales, made it to No. 4 with 113,000. No. 5 went to NOW That’s What I Call Music! 32, which sold 102,000 with recent hits from the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Jay Sean, and more. (What, no Owl City?) Weezer hit No. 7 with 66,000 copies sold of Raditude — not an awful number in and of itself, but only about half of what their previous album sold in its first week last summer. Ouch. Down at No. 11, Foo Fighters sold 44,000 copies of their Greatest Hits. Slayer brought a World Painted Blood to No. 12 with 41,000.

And that was it for Top 20 debuts this week. Were you surprised to see how high or low any of these albums placed? Are you, like the record-buying public at large, suffering from Weezer Fatigue? (Sorry, Rivers! Hey, I really enjoy the single.) Weigh in below.

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Glambert and 'Gossip Girl' join the weird world of Weezer

What do Adam Lambert, snuggies, Lil Wayne, Gossip Girl, giant bug costumes and Kenny G have in common? More than they should: They’re all recent additions to the ever-expanding Weezer-verse.

Glambert and Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester are the latest celebrities to get pulled into the schizophrenic publicity cornucopia surrounding the renowned nerd-rockers’ latest album, Ratitude, which drops tomorrow. Frontman Rivers Cuomo brought Meester—the Gossip Girl star and occasional pop singer—onstage during their Halloween concert at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom for a duet on their latest single, “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To.” The fans tweaked out and you can check it out for yourself here:

Over the weekend it was also confirmed that the Cuomo-penned track “Pick U Up” is a last-minute addition to Adam Lambert’s obsessively anticipated debut album, For Your Entertainment. In the current issue of Rolling Stone Cuomo even joins the Glambert swooning bandwagon, stating, “He has the kind of voice I convince myself that I have.”

These Twilight Zone-esque turn of events might come as a shock to estranged fans who still associate the Weez with outsider angst. But for those who’ve been keeping score, this is probably the most normal thing they’ve done all year, what with their bizarre Lil Wayne collaboration, the jam session with smooth-jazz doofus Kenny G, their sinister plan to fill the world with Weezer-branded snuggies, or dressing up as bugs for a kooky children’s TV show they claim to know nothing about.

So Cuomo teaming up with an American Idol sensation who has the voice of Steven Tyler and the fashion of Limahl? As Weezer’s L.A. brethren once said, nothing’s shocking.

What do you think about Glamby and Blair Waldorf getting pulled into the realm of Weezer? Is it a trippy dream come true or a lesser-known circle of Dante’s hell?

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Weezer bugs out on 'Yo Gabba Gabba!': a Music Mix exclusive

Rivers Cuomo had never seen an episode of the surreal kid’s show Yo Gabba Gabba! before, but that didn’t stop the Weezer frontman from sporting a giant purple Spider costume and jumping around a stage filled with overgrown grass and giant acorns for his band’s performance of the original Gabba song “All My Friends Are Insects.” “It’s awesome here,” Cuomo told us during the recent taping (the show will air next year on Nick Jr.). “I love giant open rooms with tall ceilings. But here they have all this foam scenery and interestingly painted backdrops. It’s a cool fantasy land I’d like to inhabit.” After the jump, check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the band taping their performance, then let us know what you think about the band’s new tune (and costumes!). READ FULL STORY

Katy Perry and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo: music's new odd couple

Her heart may belong to Russell, but Katy Perry’s studio time goes to Rivers. Weezer frontman Cuomo announced recently in a buzznet interview that he’s gearing up for a collaboration with the girl-kissing, Vegas-loving pop tartlet: “We’re writing together next week. Can’t wait!”

Weezer’s upcoming November 3 release Raditude is, of course, already in the can, so whatever the fruits of their labor (and as we all know,  Perry hearts fruit), they’ll probably end up on her next album. And Rad already has a host of its own collabs, including Lil Wayne and members of All-American Rejects.

Who else would you like to see pair up in the pop and rock worlds, Music Mixers? Kelly Clarkson and her beloved Kings of Leon? Jack White and his Nashville neighbor Taylor Swift?

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