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Willow Smith exudes 'Avatar' vibes in new EP, 'Heart'

Willow Smith channeled all that prana energy into her new EP, “Heart.”


Willow Smith releases three-song EP titled '3'

Fourteen years ago on Halloween, Willow Smith was born, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, Smith released a three-song EP, aptly titled 3.


Teen guru Jaden Smith raps over Pink Floyd

As the child of some of the most successful entertainers on the globe, Jaden Smith’s probably never had much contact with the real world. When he first stepped into the public eye, around the time of his Karate Kid remake, that made him seem like just another spoiled rich kid, but lately his otherworldliness has started to taken on a more cosmic quality—which he expresses through a koan-filled Twitter account, surpassingly outside-the-box fashion choices, and his burgeoning rap career, in which he often comes off like Lil B if he were in communication with some sort of extradimensional intelligence.

Smith’s latest rap dispatch, released (like his recent “Blue Ocean”) through his sister Willow’s SoundCloud, finds him rapping about his feelings over Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” from The Dark Side of the Moon, with Willow holding down backup vocal duty. Like Dark Side, “Melancholy” strains unabashedly for profundity, and has enough psychedelic buoyancy that it gets almost close enough to it to count.


Willow Smith returns with 'Summer Fling' video: Watch it here


While father Will and brother Jaden were off hanging with giant bird creatures and making choices about fear, Willow Smith got back to the business of her supposedly on-hiatus singing career.

Even though she’s only 12 years old and has yet to put out an album, Smith has already one legitimate hit (2010’s “Whip My Hair,” which peaked at no. 11 on the Hot 100) and several lesser singles (“21st Century Girl,” the Nicki Minaj-featuring “Fireball,” “I Am Me”).

Now, after dipping her toe in again with January’s “Sugar and Spice,”  she’s back with “Summer Fling.” The track, released under the name Melodic Chaotic (a duo consisting of Smith and a producer named MVSIC), is all Drake vibes and robo-bleats, and the video is full of questionable hair choices and trampolines. Watch it below.  READ FULL STORY

Listen to Willow Smith's 'Sugar and Spice,' then bawl your eyes out

“I sat in front of the TV screen / Sad he’s always screaming at me / They wanna puncture me and then wonder why I bleed.”

Lines from a morbid high school student’s poetry blog? Nope, just 12-year-old Willow Smith’s latest song, “Sugar and Spice,” which is, alas, not the ode to the Powerpuff Girls I thought it would be. (Does Willow even know who the Powerpuff Girls are?). Rather it’s a heartbreaking ballad about trying to be two things you’re not (for a boy, obviously). It’s actually a beautiful song that might have made me tear up a bit. Take a listen: READ FULL STORY

Jaden, Willow Smith star in 'Find You Somewhere' video -- WATCH

Get ready to whip your collective hairs back and forth!

The Smith siblings have put out a new music video together, and when we say Smith siblings, we actually mean all three of them. AcE (a.k.a. Trey Smith — Will Smith’s son with Sheree Zampino) tapped into the combined star power of his two younger siblings Jaden and Willow for “Find You Somewhere.”

The video is a full-on family affair — it was also directed by Jada Pinkett Smith. Check it out below: READ FULL STORY

Willow Smith teams up with Nicki Minaj for 'Fireball': Listen here!

Remember Willow Smith? Daughter of that guy from Wild Wild West and the singer from Wicked Wisdom? Of hair-whipping fame? After dropping her well-received first single “Whip My Hair,” Smith didn’t do anything for a while, probably because she had to prepare for a science fair or something. Then she unveiled “21st Century Girl,” which didn’t have the same kind of pop as “Whip My Hair” and didn’t receive nearly the attention of her first single. Was her journey to stardom over before it really got started?

Perhaps not. Yesterday, Smith’s third single made its way onto the radio. It’s called “Fireball,” and it’s a duet with Nicki Minaj, who certainly seems like an inspiration to Smith (at least in the hair department). Give it a spin below. READ FULL STORY

Will Smith making a new album? A producer says yes

Though he began his career as an international superstar in the hip-hop world, Will Smith hasn’t released any new music since 2005’s Lost and Found (and considering it’s difficult to remember exactly what was on that album, it feels like it has been even longer).

Admittedly, he’s been pretty busy starring in gigantic blockbusters and shepherding the careers of his offspring, but it appears as though the Fresh Prince might be making a return to the microphone. READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga releases new song 'Hair,' continues to survey '80s canon: Listen to it here

Can Born This Way just come out already?

It feels like we’ve already heard half the album, whether as fashion-show accompaniment, part of a Today show summer concert, or an iTunes promo.

Today the latest single off Born This Way, a fizzy novelty song called “Hair,” was released on iTunes and Vevo. Listen to it after the break: READ FULL STORY

Lady Gaga to receive special award at Logo's NewNowNext Awards next month -- EXCLUSIVE


Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/

EW has exclusively learned that pop star Lady Gaga will receive the Always Next, Forever Now Award at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards, which will air on the cable network April 11.

The special award, which has been awarded each of the three years the ceremony has been in existence, is intended to pay homage to a beloved pop icon; past recipients include Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and Paula Abdul.

The NewNowNext Awards have a history with Gaga: The icon’s first-ever television performance was on the program’s first airing in 2008. This year’s show is set to feature a performance by the Grammy-nominated Robyn, alongside Oh Land and Wynter Gordon.

Awards ranging from Brink of Fame: Actor to Best New Indulgence will be handed out; nominees range from Willow Smith and Glee‘s Darren Criss to The Good Wife‘s Archie Panjabi and the TV show Pretty Little Liars. The 90-minute special will be taped in front of a live audience at Hollywood’s Avalon on April 7 and will air Monday, April 11, at 10 p.m. on Logo.

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