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Willow Smith creates new civilization in '21 Century Girl' video: Watch here

With nothing but desert sands, Willow Smith turns nothing into everything in the video for her new single “21st Century Girl.” The pre-teen queen and her crew yank buildings out of the dirt and dance in streets during the clip. “I’m the type of chick that likes to rock the beat,” she sings in a Ke$ha-esque fashion. That she does.

Check out the video after the jump.


Willow Smith debuts new single '21st Century Girl' on 'Oprah'

Willow-Smith-OprahCelebrity-offspring royalty and pint-sized cutie Willow Smith showed up on Oprah today for the debut performance of her futuristic, synthy-delicious new single, “21st Century Girl.”

Just like when Willow went on Ellen last fall to perform her smash hit “Whip My Hair,” she proved to be quite the infectious, bubbly on-stage presence yet again—at a mere 10 years old. She’s 10, people! The same fun-loving, I’m-10-and-I’m-gonna-do-what-I-want attitude is still there. Personally, I find it hard to not love what this girl is serving up.

After watching this Oprah performance, does anyone else feel like Kids Incorporated should be revived with her at the helm? She’d be fantastic, methinks. Because videos from seem to be non-embeddable, you can catch the performance over on the daytime talk show’s website. But come back here to tell me if you liked it in the comments below.

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Viral video sensation Keenan Cahill strikes again with David Guetta mash-up: Are you over him yet?

Does the internet ever tire of tiny-little, lip-synching Keenan Cahill? Another of the 15-year-old’s videos hit YouTube on Monday—this time, he’s with famed DJ David Guetta, lipping to a montage of all his hits—and it’s only Thursday and the clip is already headed toward 6 million views. Cahill’s cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” just crossed the 28 million mark; his lip-dub of 50 Cent’s “Down on Me” is headed for 20 million (in part thanks to an appearance by 50 Cent himself); and his version of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” has just over 3 million views. Watch his latest hit here:


Willow Smith possibly remaking 'Parents Just Don't Understand': Good idea?

willow-smithImage Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosWillow Smith only has one hit single to her name so far, but she’s already thinking about remaking one of her dad’s signature tunes. The “Whip My Hair” mini-diva told Yahoo! that she’s considering covering DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince‘s 1988 classic “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” “There’s a possibility that I will,” she’s quoted as saying (h/t Idolator). “It’s a really great song.”

Indeed it is. Let’s salute young Willow for recognizing how awesome DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were, and not rolling her eyes just because the Fresh Prince is her old man. Would that every 10-year-old today had the same level of appreciation for lighthearted late-’80s hip-hop. (Watch the original video after the jump.)

And yet…how drastically would “Parents Just Don’t Understand” have to be retooled to fit on 2011’s radio playlists? Can Willow Smith actually rap? Would it be weird to hear her complaining about non-understanding parents, considering the fact that her actual parents are universally beloved movie stars?

So many questions for something that’s still just a vague “possibility.” For now, you tell us: Is this a good idea or not? Would you like to hear Willow Smith cover “Parents Just Don’t Understand”? READ FULL STORY

Willow Smith plans to tour with Justin Bieber in Europe

Willow-Smith-Justin-BeiberImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comWillow Smith, the 10-year-old singer of the hit song, “Whip My Hair,” is making plans to be in Europe this March. According to her official Twitter feed, Smith will join Justin Bieber on his tour. “Got news that my big bro @justinbieber invited me on his European Tour in exciting! Maybe I’ll let Jaden come..LOL”

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Willow Smith on 'Ellen': Watch her perform 'Whip My Hair' here!

Pint-sized cutie Willow Smith of “Whip My Hair” fame showed up for her very first daytime talk show appearance on Ellen today. Armed with quite the quaff of curly hair that—yes!—she whipped around very animatedly, Willow proved that she is indeed a very potent performer. And she’s only 9 years old! It’s impressive. Also impressive? Her familiarity with those who’ve come before her. Willow referenced obvious inspiration Rihanna at the beginning of her show: “You make me feel,” she yelled from the song “Only Girl” before busting into her own song, “like I’m the only girl in the world!” Now that’s how you start a performance! Watch it here:


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